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Orgasm and after May 30, 2011

Posted by Leah in Fellatio, Fucking, Repeated hookups.

Saturday after rehearsal, most of my friends from the orchestra congregated at a pub to watch the football match. Instead of joining the crowd, I went home with Gi.

He fucked me twice — the first time in a sequence of positions ending with me rocking on hands and knees with his cock slicing through the wetness in my cunt, the second time in a sequence of positions ending with me riding him sidesaddle. When I sensed his orgasm approach, I lifted off the penis and scooted to my knees. Shucking the condom off, I pointed the cock to the ceiling and tongued his heavy balls. I took them into my mouth and kissed wetly. I applied a hard suction while my hand fisted rapidly down the shaft. My lips made loud slurping noises. I had his perspiration on my palate.

Gi panted heavily. The groans originated deep in his chest. His fingers clenched my shoulder in an iron grip.

Unlike the first time I sucked him, Gi warned me about his eruption.

I clutched the stem tightly and flickered my tongue atop the crown of his penis. The shaft foreshortened as I closed one eye and squinted along the axis. He twitched in my grasp. The come burst through the urethra and sloshed over the back of my hand, just above the row of knuckles and along the tips of my fingers and over my nails. During his orgasm, I jerked my hand up and down the stanchion. After he had finished shuddering, I lapped the semen dribbling down the side of the glans. Holding the cock vertical, my fingers traced the underside of the column — lightly, from the capital to the pedestal. I knew he was sensitive after coming.

Gi took in deep breaths as he recovered. The lids of his eyes were weighted down. His lips were drawn up in a languorous smile. His legs spread for me while I touched him.

I placed a soft kiss just beneath the circumcision scar.

Gi raised to his elbows to observe me. His hand brushed through my hair, and he caressed one cheek.

I stroked him first with one hand and then with the other. My hands daubed the semen over the shaft. Then I licked the white streaks that I had left in my wake. I lowered spit on the glans and sucked it from the sides. My lips kissed hungrily and carelessly over the flesh. Mouthing the head more carefully, I washed the knob. I let my lips open and close, stretching my jaws to allow the slender tendrils of whiteness to thin out and break.

He moaned.

Kissing down to the milky pool of come on his smooth groin, first, I ran the tip of my tongue through. Then I licked around its circumference. Last of all, I pressed my lips to skin. The kiss broke the sudden silence in the room. I vacuumed the semen up. The flat of my tongue swiped at the wet stain on his pubis. A drop of spunk adhered below my bottom lip, on top of my chin. I felt it.

I slapped his cock against my cheek and followed by swallowing him to the balls. I wanted to ensure that his penis was clean of semen. Though the flesh had lost its utmost state of hardness, it retained an erect condition.

Once I had lapped the come layered over the back of my hand, I laid myself between Gi’s legs and looked up at him. My nails scratched down his hairy thighs, to the knees, and shadowed the line of muscle to his feet. I grazed fingernails softly over his scrotum, the skin of which was now floppy instead of thick and tight and compressed. The backs of my fingers tickled the perineum. Angling the sac up, I smooched each lobe.

Gi gave low growls of contentment.

The penis was flaccid now. It drooped to the left. Playfully, I flipped it over to the other side. It dragged back.

Gi laughed, and I giggled.

He pulled me up and brought me over his body. We snuggled and whispered. My head was pillowed by his fuzzy chest. He cupped my buttocks.

The fountain May 28, 2011

Posted by Leah in Anilingus, Bondage, Cunnilingus, D/s, Fellatio, Fisting, Fucking, Masturbation, Repeated hookups, Spanking, Urine.

He has tie points installed into the headboard and the footboard of his bedframe. He looped rope through them and had me spread-eagled over the mattress. Using first a wooden spatula from the kitchen and then a riding crop, he spanked my cunt. He struck the pussy lips past the point of pain and into a state of numbness. The blows landed exactly and accurately over the distended and exposed clitoris. I had asked him to do this to me.

Afterwards, Amadeo spread himself in the space between my stretched apart legs and worked his mouth over pubis and pussy. His tongue threaded into the folds of the flesh and teased the wetness out of me. He licked the engorged lips. His fingers reached inside and pushed against the G-spot. The pressure there made the clit stand out. I felt my spine elongate and extend while he lapped at the clitoris. My arms lengthened as I tugged at the bonds around my wrists.

Attendant to my arousal, the blood throbbed in the flesh. The clit trilled under his ministrations.

Amadeo would not let me come. He brought me to the escarpment and deliberately backed me off. He simply wouldn’t touch me, neither with his fingers, nor with his tongue while I hovered at the edge.

He turned his attention to my breasts instead. He licked around the areolae. He sucked on the nipples, bit down on the nubs, and chomped. The nerve endings screamed their pain. Lips gave voice to their agony.

Amadeo kissed me intimately. He looked down on me and stuck his tongue out as far as he could.

“Suck it like it’s my cock,” he said.

Lifting my head from the pillow, I brought my mouth over the point of tongue. I compacted my lips and kissed wetly there. Applying a loud and persistent suction that pulled the tonguetip inside past the rows of teeth, I closed my eyes and spun my face by degrees.

His fingers touched over my much abused pussy lips. He smeared the wetness that had escaped my cunt over them. Two fingers pressed in. He fucked them in and out.

“You’re not allowed to come without permission,” he stated.

Amadeo returned to sucking my nipples, far more gently this time. A pair of his fingers stretched all the way inside my vagina and pivoted within. The knuckles of the other fingers brushed over my pubis. Five minutes of this and I felt loose and wet inside. My muscles tightened about his hand. My ankles strained at the rope. My knees bent, and my thighs lifted up. Amadeo pushed my center flat against the mattress and continued fingering me while he nursed.

After a time, Amadeo compressed my breasts together and slid his cock between them. After a time, he straddled my head and gave me the front half of his penis to suck. After a time, he lowered his balls into my mouth and turned himself around so that I could rim his ass.

I craned my neck up and buried my face in the crevice of his buttocks. Nose riding into the crease, my tongue lapped at the exiguous ridges that surrounded the anus. He spread his cheeks so that I could lap more easily at the pucker. Gingerly, the tip of my tongue poked past his sphincter. He let me lick for a while, then returned his penis to my lips. From this position, he spread his body over mine so his weight was on top and initiated sixty-nine. His tongue circled my clitoris. He kissed into my cunt. The two fingers dug in again. He scissored them apart and slipped his tongue between the digits, which he fucked in and out while he tongued over slit and clit.

I moaned around the cock in my mouth and sucked harder. This caused him to redouble the exertions of his tongue. My saliva streamed down the sides of his shaft and made my face sticky.

“Tell me when you get close,” he said. While he applied suction to the clit, he also jabbed his penis against the roof of my mouth.

I didn’t have to tell him. He knew how to read my body and backed off on his own. He turned himself, crawled between my legs, and dedicated his endeavors to bringing me repeatedly to the precipice of a soaring orgasm. He brought me there, and he held me back.

I begged him to let me come.

He steadfastly ignored my entreaties. The look on my face, the desperate want, my needy pleas — these amused him. He brought a vibrator out and pressed it against the clit while he licked my opening. He extended the index and middle fingers inside as far as he could manage and rotated his hand at the wrist. He finger fucked the digits in and out swiftly and then returned to a slow turn while he lapped at the folds.

I stared down at him while he brought me to the ragged edge. I held tightly to the rope. My legs struggled with their bonds while I squirmed in my torment.

I wanted to come. I told him this again and again. I verbalized my desire, explaining to him how much I wanted my parole. I tried persuasion. I asked nicely. I requested him to shove me over the edge of this cliff to which he had led me. I implored. I pleaded. I beseeched. It was in vain, for he wouldn’t allow it. After some minutes, I stopped importuning him for consent. Rather, I screeched epithets.

“Not till I say so,” he insisted. He laughed at the names that I invented for him.

In addition to a change of clothes, toiletries, and a couple of articles of lingerie that he likes, I keep a steel dildo in Amadeo’s apartment. He placed it inside and fucked me with it. Initially, the metal was cold to the touch, but my body heat warmed it up. It felt extremely heavy — far more so than any cock. It filled me up. My muscles stretched to accommodate the unbending steel, especially when Amadeo angled it against the sides of my cunt. It was long enough that the massive rounded knob prodded at sensitive places deep within. To the reconnaissance of pussy, he supplied torque to twirl the metal inside me, which he knew I enjoyed. Mostly he fucked me with the dildo, using the strength in his powerful upper arm to control the depth and the velocity of the movements.

I panted hard. He diddled my clit. Looking down at my stretched out body, I focused my attention on my toes, how I wiggled them, on the grain of the footboard of the bed and the color of the oak, on how my legs stretched apart, bound as they were by rope. My eyes scrunched shut with the effort of concentration. Sweat beaded on my forehead and streamed down the sides of my face.

Under ordinary circumstances, I would have creamed hard repeatedly by the time we had arrived at this point in the evening. I could not come without permission, however. I inhabited a submissive place. I determined to play this game to its conclusion. My imperative was to obey his instruction. I would come only when he assented to my orgasm. I rationalized that it would be his gift to me.

Amadeo didn’t offer me his permission. But neither did he torture me for long. He extracted the dildo and laid it over the mattress of the bed. Cupping my tits with his large hands, he kissed me gently and for the longest time. His saliva lowered into my throat. His tongue explored the inner surfaces of my mouth and made my cheeks bulge. He sucked and nipped and nibbled and chewed upon my bottom lip. He touched the pussy lips with a profound softness and with infinite care. Not for the first time, Amadeo made love to me.

This interlude of gentleness was followed by partial fisting. Amadeo squeezed four fingers inside me and folded them on top of each other and located the thumb parallel and facing down in the valley of the digits. He turned the hand at the wrist and screwed the fingers in to their bottom bend. The knuckles pressed at me from below the cunt. My juices coated his hand in a thick grease.

I could have come at any instant. He needed only to give the word. But he didn’t. So I contained my orgasm. I was a bitch held at bay not by the ropes that restrained me, but by dint of willpower.

The bastard wouldn’t produce the order to let go. Instead, he rolled a condom over himself and provisioned me with his penis. He laid on top of me with the cock ensconced to the balls. He fucked my cunt with short rabbit thrusts. But mostly, he remained motionless over my body with his shaft embedded fully within. His massive frame crushed my breasts flat. He reached above my head and tugged the rope about my wrists. He gnawed at the cartilage at the top of my ear and spun his tongue around my earring. His cock lunged in and out in concise and punctuated bursts.

I gritted my teeth. I shook my head from side to side. I thought of mundane aspects of life to distract myself.

He didn’t complete. “I don’t come, you don’t come,” he said, and pinned me to the mattress with his cock.

He left the fuck unfinished, departed the bedroom, and returned from the kitchen with fruit that he fed me and water to rehydrate my parched throat. He sat on the mattress and read to me from Sade.

I needed to pee. He loosened the bonds and followed me into the bathroom. While I urinated from a sitting position, Amadeo had me spread my legs wide apart. He directed the flow of his piss at my pussy. The two streams joined. His urine and mine fell with a splash and tinkled together in the toilet. He pointed his penis higher and stepped closer to me. The urine fell over my belly and sheeted down my pubis. At the end of it, when our bladders had emptied, he gave me his glans to suck. I closed my eyes and took the crown into my mouth. My tongue blotted the tip of the residues of piss.

I went to my knees before the toilet and sucked Amadeo with a wet mouth and the consistent application of pressure. Droplets of pee dripped onto the floor from the lips of my pussy. After his thick and milky semen had barreled into my stomach, he ran his big toe along my slit, then helped me to my feet.

It was late. Amadeo said that he was spent. Rather than letting me masturbate myself, he promised to fuck me to orgasm in the morning. My disappointment was evident, but I acquiesced with as good grace as I could muster. We curled up naked beneath the covers and spoke in whispers. I fell asleep with his chest spooned against my back and one of his hands covering my breasts.

I woke at four in the morning. The latex sheathed penis fumbled at the gates of my cunt. My arms encircled Amadeo’s back. I raised my legs into the air and pulled him down by the shoulders. The instant he was in me, I was wide awake. The sex was uncomplicated. Amadeo pounded me from above. The shaft pistoned in and out with speed and metronomic precision.

“You can come,” he had stated when we started. He gathered my wrists in one his hands and lifted my arms high above my head. He kissed me.

The denial of orgasm in the hours previous left my nerves confused. I wasn’t on the edge any longer, and it took me long minutes to work up to a state of frenzy. When I was there, my pussy fountained.

The orgasm began deep in the walls of my vagina. It rippled from the interior out to the periphery. Every one of my nerve endings thrilled. First it was in my cunt exclusively. Then it was everywhere. I blinkered my eyes shut and saw the stars of the galaxy in supernova. Watery ejaculate gushed explosively from my pussy. It made an arc and sprayed onto his belly and rained back over my thighs and onto the clean, white bed linen. The penis slipped out of my cunt. Amadeo maneuvered it back in at once. He fucked me through the flood now. The liquid issued forth in waves and left the bedsheets sodden.

The inundation stilled momentarily. Then the paroxysms commenced again. My pussy spilled. Under such stimulation, Amadeo could not suppress his instinct to spew. The shaft convulsed, which set the walls of my vagina to quaking. The orgasm poured out of me one more time to match his eruption.

Wales in 100 words, or Leah lays Cardiff May 25, 2011

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I have been in Cardiff since Friday. Tuesday night isn’t the best for picking up a guy, but I managed to snag a Frenchman at the pub. Oral sex made up for the deficiencies in the fucking.

“I like how your beard is dripping with my juices,” I explained. The gray whiskers prickled against my sensitive bits while he feasted.

Donnes moi ton sperme. Mettes dans la bouche d’une salope. Je veux ton orgasme,” I told him, hunched between his legs. I looked him in the eyes, rolled my tongue around the knob, and took the penis into my throat.

Tales from between the stacks May 18, 2011

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It was my freshman year in college. Though the study area of the library stayed open all night, the main stacks closed at 10 pm. It was a Thursday, the beginning of the weekend parties. Jack and I went into a less traveled section of the stacks around 9:30. I had removed my panties beforehand in the toilet. I remember the loose fitting brown corduroy skirt I wore. He unfastened his belt, then lowered his shorts and boxers. The cock sprang free. He placed a condom over it. His hand followed my thigh into the skirt. He discovered the river delta at the top of my legs. I propped one foot atop the next shelf to show and spread myself. He fucked me against the books, spine up against spine. The stacks rocked behind me as Jack thrust his penis into my heat.

The chance of being found out, of someone walking by in search of an obscure text on Mayan poetry, of librarians stumbling upon us, of a referral to the university administration, or worse to the police, of the simple and unfortunate possibility of coitus interruptus: these all heightened my senses and the responses in my pussy. I moaned and heard the echoes. The sounds of fucking, the liquid slide of cock in cunt, the clap of our bodies, the balls rebounding off my thighs, the noises of sex, the grunts and guttural exhortations: these filled me with fear. The scents of arousal accompanied the fusty smell of old books. My arms wrapped Jack’s back. I felt his heart beating madly against mine. I don’t imagine that we were at it for more than ten minutes before he spurted. He pulled off the condom and hurriedly covered up. I hadn’t come from intercourse. He went to his knees and licked me out. At some point during cunnilingus, the speakers above announced the imminent closure of the stacks, the need to check out all material at the circulation desk several floors below, the warning to vacate the area within minutes. Hastened by necessity, I came in his face with my skirt draped over his head.

I was a library vixen once.

On other occasions during my education, I have fucked in the toilet and in the study rooms of the library. Once I gave an under the table blowjob in the special collection. But the stacks were the first and the best.

Library Vixen in capital letters and bold font requires no long introduction. She is among the signal lights of contemporary erotica. I adore her prose and find much to learn from it in improving the quality of my own writing.

Let me use an example to illustrate what I like.

Library Vixen employs second person and makes it work. You are a part of the story, the subject of her considerable talents.

She writes: But I opt for a slow fill, allowing [my] pussy to spread and take you in, like she too, is trying to put to memory every inch and girth of your cock. Looking at you as [you] fill me, I feel my eyes begin to slit, and my head fall to the pleasure your cock is giving me. I always want to start slow and do, but then something happens to me and I am fucking you, trying to get you inside of me as deep as I can. Wanting your cock to fill me so much it hurts, I want to feel it.

She ensures that the reader has a complete knowledge of what she experiences and how. There is also the well observed detail: how the eyes begin to slit. As is a recurring theme in her writing, Library Vixen accords special importance to the act of memory, how she recalls every inch and girth — which, incidentally, I consider a remarkable juxtaposition of nouns. She chooses her phrases well.

It is an art to tell so much with so few words. In this case the dialogue and the tags suffice.

“Bone me daddy.” yeah I say daddy…

“[You’re] gonna make me cum, if you keep doing that.”

“Do you want to cum daddy?”

Yes. He does.

There are also the evocative images she marries to her words. Despite minor technical imperfections, each post appears as a small masterpiece.

I am deeply and resolutely smitten.

Playing an instrument May 16, 2011

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I play flute in an amateur orchestra. We perform in public ten times a year. We are not a large ensemble, nor musicians of stature or importance. Many of the people who come to hear us play are our friends. The concerts are followed by an after party, featuring drinking and merriment. These are often the prelude to sex. Musicians have a reputation for sleeping around. It can be a fun exercise to see who pairs with whom at the end of the night. When the head rush, elation, and kinetic energy of a performance fills up the arteries and veins, the tension often demands a sexual release.

Gi, who plays French horn, extricated me from a tedious conversation with a violist’s friends. The pub we had chosen for the night’s festivities opens to a street from which various side alleys deviate. I wanted air, and as it was a lovely night, we took our bottles outside. Gi needed to piss, so he found a shadowy place and irrigated a stone wall. When he finished, before he could cover up, I went to my knees and took his cock into my mouth. He protested, though his penis stiffened almost at once. The coating of urine over the eye added a tinge of sharpness to the taste of his perspiration.

Working the trousers open, I lowered Gi’s pants. He passively let me. But he was alert to our location. Fretfulness and worry weighted his carriage. His eyes had a nervous lateral movement. Anxious about our surroundings, he looked as though he would flee at any moment. My fingers reached up into his shirt and smoothed softly down to dissipate the tenseness in his muscles. Gi kept his pubis and balls shaved. I lapped the sensitive skin on either side of his cock.

With the cloth pooled around his ankles, I turned my hand about the shaft and bobbed over the front third of his penis. Elevating my tongue against the underside, I washed the glans with mouthfuls of saliva.

Gi exhaled an expressive sigh.

Briefly withdrawing the erection from my lips, I licked wet stripes parallel to the veins along the bottom surface of the shaft, lapped especially at the frenulum, and returned to sucking him. My cheeks bowed inward. My tongue circled the crown and tasted precome there. Lips exerting pressure all around, I rotated my face to a 4/4 beat.

No longer nonplussed, he reached a hand into my bra and cupped my tits. His fingers also played with my ponytail.

He liked it when I held the cock vertical and sucked the balls beneath. Because the contact of my tongue with the perineum elicited such powerful moans, I concentrated my attention there, sweeping the flat tongue from side to side over that responsive patch of skin. The front of the tongue lifting to make a cup, I applied the point to the crease between the groin and the leg.

Gi collected stray tendrils of hair behind my ears. When he lowered the cock and held it out to me, I rubbed my nose along the pubis, planted a kiss over the groin, and returned to sucking the shaft with a simple up and down motion. My arms wrapped his legs, and I raised my eyes to him. Spit leaked from the circumference of my lips. The cobble in the mews bit into my kneecaps, but I cared not at all. Hands twisting over the base of the cock and on his balls, I straightened my posture and continued.

As I sucked him, I mused about how much I loved this act. I procure pleasure from having a lover’s shaft resident inside my lips. It is intrinsically a submissive gesture for me to be on my knees this way. Head lowered, I do my obeisance.

I hummed to a distant unheard music. It was a fugue in D minor. I stepped through the variations, modulating the tempo, accelerating, decelerating, employing more tongue, employing less, tightening the seal of the lips, sucking louder, sucking softer, sucking harder, sucking wetter. My movements became slurred. My movements were discrete and precise. My fingers played counterpoint over his balls. I pushed two fingers up against the perineum and rocked my hand from the wrist to apply a generous vibrato there. Letting his earnest sighs give me accompaniment, I gently raked teeth over the helmet. I scratched the insides of his thighs and performed a glide, eliding the notes as I did.

The penis slipped out of my lips with a plop. I swirled my tongue around the crown and placed little kisses over the lobes before swallowing him again. While I could throat Gi’s cock easily, I didn’t, dedicating myself only to the front part of the shaft and to the engorged head.

He came without warning me. The precipitate lurch of the flesh meant that the penis escaped my mouth. A volley of semen landed on my cheek. Quickly, I snatched the stem and snapped up the glans to capture the remainder of his come. The shaft pumped and extruded the semen, which layered over my tongue as a warm, salty, and welcome presence. I spread my jaws to exhibit it to him. Closing up again, I tongued the knob and sucked on it hard to extract the last drops from the aperture. My head swayed fractionally from left to right.

I swallowed and stuck out my tongue to show him that the semen had vanished into my esophagus. He helped me to my feet and pulled up his trousers. I took a swig of the beer. Because I like the texture, I smeared the semen that had striped my face into the skin. We rejoined our friends inside.

I had Gi’s scent in my nose through the night. I washed it away only in the shower the next morning.

Cunt & ass May 14, 2011

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I part the lips of my cunt with the splayed fingers of one hand so that the entrance gapes at him. Amadeo extends his tongue into the maw. He reaches inside as far as he can manage and then replaces the tongue with fingers while his lips snatch up my clit. I grip the leg of the table that I am lying on and spread my legs wider if that is even possible. Amadeo is not content with fucking only my pussy with his fingers: the thumb sinks into my asshole and he rubs it against his other fingers through the intervening muscles. He looks up at me from his knees as he snaps up the labia and shakes his head vigorously from side to side. It is the tongue lashing about the clitoris that gets me though. My thighs are a guillotine on his neck when the little death strikes me down.

He takes my buttocks after that.

His hands pry the cheeks apart and the fingers tug on either side of the opening. The head batters past the sphincter. Amadeo inches backward and presses forward again claiming more territory each time. Lubricant trickles down the backs of my thighs. It feels as though I am being ripped apart from the interior. First, I squeal at the intrusion into my rectum. Next, I squeeze my eyes tightly closed and gnash my teeth. Lastly, resigning myself to the incipient fact of the sodomy, I remember that I want this, breathe deeply, and force myself to relax the muscles in order to let it happen. There is the familiar searing burn in my bowels as I am skewered by his cock.

The pressure on my back forces my shoulders to the surface of the table and raises my buttocks; he improves the angle of penetration this way. Head hanging low, hair swinging wildly, the blood rushes to my face. From beneath, I observe that one of his muscular legs roots him to the ground while the other kicks his weight from the table. The cock stabs into me without respite. The movement of his hips withdraws the penis until the sphincter is a tight ribbon about the thick glans. He spikes himself in again. The muscles of the anus are like bellows — they expand to accommodate the shaft as he impales my ass and contract in the vacuum that he leaves behind when he pulls away. The fucking hurts, but the fullness of the cock inside, the pleasure I take and the knowledge of the pleasure I give subsume the pain in my ass.

The balls slap against my buttocks, and he augments this sound with vicious spanks that set my flesh to rippling. Amadeo jams his fingers in my cunt and relays that he feels his cock moving on the other side of the thin membrane. Reaching behind, I grip his thigh and encourage his movements with thunderous moans. I want his orgasm. I am his ass bitch. So I beg for it.

After he has come, his penis droops inside latex. I peel the condom off, invert it, and smear the semen that fills the tip over his shaft. I slurp the come from his skin. I lick it from where it tangles in the hairs of his pubis, catches the light, and shines.

Two one night stands May 9, 2011

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— 1 —

Friday, friends and I went barhopping in Covent Garden. I ended the night in the apartment of a mid-twenties South American guy who studies at the London School of Economics.

We didn’t make it to his bedroom before getting started. He reached into my short puffy skirt while we made out. His fingers stroked the lips of my cunt through the underwear. He was naked first, and he had me straddle his lap. It took him several tries to release the clasp on my bra, but once he did, he fed on my breasts. I rode his erection through sheer black bikini panties.

He was reluctant to wear a condom, but I insisted. We fucked in several positions. I laid on my back, knees in the air, shins horizontal. The impact of the thighs and cock transferred his momentum to me and made my body inch upward. The leather of the sofa stuck to my skin. Knees on either side of his hips, I leapfrogged on top of his erection. My fingers played at the clit with my muscles taut about the shaft within. I knelt clutching the high sofa back as he pummeled me from behind. First he held me by the thighs to open me up, then he held me by the breasts to bring me back. Both of us came this way.

Luis didn’t like to be sucked and wasn’t one for eating pussy either. In the bedroom, it was more of the same: competent fucking and nothing else.

— 2 —

After orchestra rehearsal, I went to a party that one of the violinists was having. I hit it off with a friend of the host and departed the festivities around midnight.

We took the bus back to my apartment and secreted ourselves in the bedroom. My roommate fucked her fiancé in the next room. We heard them. They heard us. The bed banged rhythmically against the wall.

Between our two rounds of fucking, I masturbated myself with an empty beer bottle. I wet the rim and pressed it against the lips of my pussy. The neck of the bottle dropped in almost at once. I held the thick cylinder below the neck and spun the bottle within myself. (I have often remarked what a pity it is that the human penis doesn’t rotate.)

Tony sunk to his knees on one side of the bed and watched me up close. His fingers touched over the clitoris and the lips where they flared around the glass.

Using both hands to clutch the bottom of the bottle, I wielded the vessel like a dildo and fucked myself with it hard. I harbor the private suspicion that beer bottles are designed with alternate usage in mind. They are resilient objects.

Unfortunately, Leffe Brune was my lone orgasm of the night.

Play in one act May 5, 2011

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While I kneel at the foot of the bed, a man, my dominant lover, towers over me. He knots a blindfold over my eyes.

AMADEO: Can you see?


AMADEO: Good. You don’t speak unless you are spoken to, Leah. Do you understand me?

LEAH: Yes.

AMADEO: Good girl. Now open your mouth. Stick your tongue out. Say “Ahhhh.”

LEAH: Ahhhh.

The spit lands on target and cascades into my gullet. I make an ostentatious noise as I swallow.

AMADEO: Suck me, pet.

He feeds me his erection with purpose. It goes in too swiftly for my comfort. I fight against his grip and choke up spit around the shaft. My resistance is an exercise in futility. The head caroms off the roof and muscles a way through. The pressure at the back of my head forces his glans into my throat absent any preparation. I battle for air and cough.

AMADEO: Choke on it. Good girl. I want to hear you gag.

He fucks my face. My lips pout beneath the shaft. His big hands gather huge clumps of hair. I am aware of the tension in the roots as the fists pull at the scalp. A rope of saliva dances from my chin. It coats my throat. I make drowning noises. From above, a gob of his spittle lands deliberately over the bridge of my nose.

AMADEO: That’s it, fuck face. Keep going.

I struggle to take him deeper. My knees slide under his legs.

AMADEO: Oh, that’s it. Do you like it when I am in your mouth?

He points my face up and slaps my cheek.

AMADEO: Answer me.

LEAH: Yeah. I do.

My words come out in gasps. I pant, taking in deep draughts of oxygen.

AMADEO: Say it in a sentence.

His voice maintains an equilibrium that does not waver. It is uncompromising. He is the voice of authority in his bedroom. His words have an air of command, a ring of control, the aspect of power.

LEAH: I love sucking your great, big cock.

My hands span the shaft. I grip the base tightly and, in my blindness, find his balls and mouth them. The heel of his hand dashes my forehead. A hard shove sends me toppling. My hands land behind me to cushion my fall.

AMADEO: Not without permission.

I return to my knees and lower my head to him.

LEAH: May I please lick your heavy, hairy balls?

He slaps the opposite cheek. He captures a nipple and twists.

AMADEO: You speak only when spoken to. Filthy fucking bitch.

He has named me “bitch” before, and I don’t mind. This time, he spits it out with unexpected venom. The words hit me like a slap. They stun me into silence.

AMADEO: Kiss my feet.

I do. My tongue drags from the outer arch to his toes on one foot. I repeat on the other, and after that, crouch on the floor and wait.

AMADEO: What are you?

LEAH: A filthy fucking bitch.

The words come out softly. I squirm internally at the phrasing. My eyes well up. A small part of me wonders what it is that I am doing here. But the larger part accedes. I inhabit my role. A door opens to a submissive place.

LEAH: I am a filthy fucking bitch.

The silence stretches out.

AMADEO: What is it that you want to be?

LEAH: A scrotum licking twat.

I suppress a smile at the locution.

AMADEO: Hmmm. Say sorry.

LEAH: I am sorry.

AMADEO: What are you sorry about?

LEAH: I am sorry for speaking without permission.

He hauls me up by the hair, to my knees, and squats on the floor before me. His fingers play idly along the curves of my breasts.

AMADEO: You are not going to suck my balls. Instead, I am going to use your mouth for my cunt. How do you like that?

LEAH: I want you to.

He slaps my right breast, then he stands. His fingers press against my lips. I kiss them.

AMADEO: Ask me.

LEAH: Please, Amadeo. I want you to fuck my face with your cock.

AMADEO: Do you want me to throat fuck you?

LEAH: I want you to use my throat for a cunt.

AMADEO: And why should I do that?

He strokes my hair paternally.

LEAH: Because it pleases you.

AMADEO: Will it please you as well?

LEAH: It always pleases me to give you pleasure.

AMADEO: But you want it, too? For yourself.

LEAH: Yes. I want it. I am wet for it. My cunt is dripping.

AMADEO: You’re a dirty little whore. Say it.

LEAH: I’m a dirty little whore.

AMADEO: No, you’re not. Whores get paid. You do it for free. So what does that make you?

LEAH: It makes me a slut.

AMADEO: And just whose slut are you?

LEAH: I’m your slut, Amadeo.

AMADEO: You’re the thing I use to get off. You’re my possession. You belong to me.

The hush in the room extends uncomfortably. I wait for him to speak or act.

AMADEO: Say it. Say: “I. Belong. To. You.”

LEAH: I belong to you.

The words flip a switch. I am crying under the silk. My vagina accomplishes a somersault. I heave for breath.

AMADEO: Open your mouth for me, cunt.

He sends his cock into my throat again. My gag reflex is less pronounced now than before. He gives me hard use. I gurgle around the thick shaft. As he fucks my face, my lips become swollen. My index finger circles my clitoris while the glans sounds my throat. He notices and plucks my hand away. A claw tightens over the transgressing forearm.

AMADEO: Did I tell you you could do that?


AMADEO: Then don’t do it.

He holds my wrists over my head the next time, and when he releases his grip on them to bring his hands around my throat to constrict the passage of air, I brace myself against his thighs. Pussy slick fingers bat at his balls.

AMADEO: I feel my cock moving under your neck.

He squeezes my head, flares his pelvis out, forces his cock the whole way in, and he holds position there. His balls dangle from my chin. My jaws are spread so wide that it hurts. I fight back incipient tears. To distract my thoughts I stretch my tonguetip to the lip of his scrotum. When the glans withdraws from my throat, I bend over and wheeze. He compels me up by the hair. He seats his cock between my lips and thrusts hard and fast. I take it.

Every so often, he brings his hand down to cup my breasts, to tweak a nipple, to screw it around. Every so often, he cuffs the side of my face. Every so often, he punctuates his dominance by maintaining himself deep within my throat. Every so often. And then he returns to fucking me with his demanding rhythm. I emit a hollow glugging sound.

AMADEO: I am getting close. Lay down. I am going to sperm your body. You’re going to be my come dumpster.

I am on the carpet. I lie supine and look up at him from under the blindfold. He plants his feet, one on each side of my torso. I run my hands over them. My grip tightens over the ankle and relaxes as I follow the arch down to his toes. The veil of darkness heightens my other senses. I have his scent in my nose. I taste the spit in my mouth. It coats my neck. I feel it on tits and thighs. I am perspiring heavily from the effort of sucking his penis. Sweat mats the hair to my forehead. I hear his hand shucking over the shaft. His breathing intensifies. I remember that I should not speak. I remember that I should not touch myself. I break his rules willfully.

LEAH: Come for me. Give me your sperm. I am your filthy fucking bitch. I want your come over me. I want to wallow in it. Please. Give it to me. I need you to.

He continues to jerk. My saliva lubricates the movements of the hand on his shaft. It gives it an audible liquid slide. I know my words are arousing to him. His expectorate dirties my face. My fingers rub over my moist pussy. I transfer this wetness from my cunt to his feet.

LEAH: I am a dirty little girl. I am a cocksucking bitch. I’m a slut. I’m your slut. I am a willing zero pound whore. In your bedroom, I belong to you. Give me your come. Mark me with it. Show me that you own me. I’m yours.

AMADEO: Oh. I am coming, Leah. I am coming.

The semen rains onto my breasts and my shoulder. It streaks my face, and it gets into my hair. I release a contented moan. When he finishes, I smile out of accomplishment.

LEAH: Thank you.

I smear the come over my chest into the skin. I use the side of my finger to gather it from my cheek and lick it up. He sits on the ground next to me, also collecting the semen from my body. He gives me his fingers to suck clean.

AMADEO: Look at you.

LEAH: Take off the blindfold and bring me a mirror, and I will.

AMADEO: I am the dom here.

He loosens the blindfold anyway. I flash teeth, beaming him a blinding grin, then plant my lips atop the jut of his shoulder. My teeth gnaw playfully at the skin. I raise his arm and lick underneath. The athletic smells smother me.

AMADEO: Goddamn. Are you beautiful!

He kisses me, the thick tongue chasing his own spendings. His lips latch on to my tits, and he laps at the skin over which I have slathered his come. Before long, his mouth occupies the space between my legs. I clutch the hair, which he keeps short, and elevate my hips to amplify the contact with his lips. He bites on the clit causing me to wince, then licks and fingers both pussy and anus. It is my turn now for oral. It is my turn now to come. In his bedroom, I belong to him. My dominant lover takes care of his fuck-toy.