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Orgasm and after May 30, 2011

Posted by Leah in Fellatio, Fucking, Repeated hookups.

Saturday after rehearsal, most of my friends from the orchestra congregated at a pub to watch the football match. Instead of joining the crowd, I went home with Gi.

He fucked me twice — the first time in a sequence of positions ending with me rocking on hands and knees with his cock slicing through the wetness in my cunt, the second time in a sequence of positions ending with me riding him sidesaddle. When I sensed his orgasm approach, I lifted off the penis and scooted to my knees. Shucking the condom off, I pointed the cock to the ceiling and tongued his heavy balls. I took them into my mouth and kissed wetly. I applied a hard suction while my hand fisted rapidly down the shaft. My lips made loud slurping noises. I had his perspiration on my palate.

Gi panted heavily. The groans originated deep in his chest. His fingers clenched my shoulder in an iron grip.

Unlike the first time I sucked him, Gi warned me about his eruption.

I clutched the stem tightly and flickered my tongue atop the crown of his penis. The shaft foreshortened as I closed one eye and squinted along the axis. He twitched in my grasp. The come burst through the urethra and sloshed over the back of my hand, just above the row of knuckles and along the tips of my fingers and over my nails. During his orgasm, I jerked my hand up and down the stanchion. After he had finished shuddering, I lapped the semen dribbling down the side of the glans. Holding the cock vertical, my fingers traced the underside of the column — lightly, from the capital to the pedestal. I knew he was sensitive after coming.

Gi took in deep breaths as he recovered. The lids of his eyes were weighted down. His lips were drawn up in a languorous smile. His legs spread for me while I touched him.

I placed a soft kiss just beneath the circumcision scar.

Gi raised to his elbows to observe me. His hand brushed through my hair, and he caressed one cheek.

I stroked him first with one hand and then with the other. My hands daubed the semen over the shaft. Then I licked the white streaks that I had left in my wake. I lowered spit on the glans and sucked it from the sides. My lips kissed hungrily and carelessly over the flesh. Mouthing the head more carefully, I washed the knob. I let my lips open and close, stretching my jaws to allow the slender tendrils of whiteness to thin out and break.

He moaned.

Kissing down to the milky pool of come on his smooth groin, first, I ran the tip of my tongue through. Then I licked around its circumference. Last of all, I pressed my lips to skin. The kiss broke the sudden silence in the room. I vacuumed the semen up. The flat of my tongue swiped at the wet stain on his pubis. A drop of spunk adhered below my bottom lip, on top of my chin. I felt it.

I slapped his cock against my cheek and followed by swallowing him to the balls. I wanted to ensure that his penis was clean of semen. Though the flesh had lost its utmost state of hardness, it retained an erect condition.

Once I had lapped the come layered over the back of my hand, I laid myself between Gi’s legs and looked up at him. My nails scratched down his hairy thighs, to the knees, and shadowed the line of muscle to his feet. I grazed fingernails softly over his scrotum, the skin of which was now floppy instead of thick and tight and compressed. The backs of my fingers tickled the perineum. Angling the sac up, I smooched each lobe.

Gi gave low growls of contentment.

The penis was flaccid now. It drooped to the left. Playfully, I flipped it over to the other side. It dragged back.

Gi laughed, and I giggled.

He pulled me up and brought me over his body. We snuggled and whispered. My head was pillowed by his fuzzy chest. He cupped my buttocks.


1. Leah - May 30, 2011

redains: You guessed correctly. Gi is damn good at eating pussy.

2. Leah - May 31, 2011

Thanks, Fleshbot!

3. redains - June 1, 2011

Yes, the brass section has unique tonguing skills. This needs to be more widely appreciated. But your lovely long description of how you did him omits the details of how he did you. It would be fun to hear.

Is Gi pronounced “guy”? Is he English?

Leah - June 1, 2011

I can’t write about everything.

Gi is an expat. He came to the UK for his undergraduate and has stayed ever since. The name is pronounced Gee, with a hard “G” — but, of course, this is a pseudonym.

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