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Play in one act May 5, 2011

Posted by Leah in Anilingus, Breath play, Cunnilingus, D/s, Fellatio, Repeated hookups.

While I kneel at the foot of the bed, a man, my dominant lover, towers over me. He knots a blindfold over my eyes.

AMADEO: Can you see?


AMADEO: Good. You don’t speak unless you are spoken to, Leah. Do you understand me?

LEAH: Yes.

AMADEO: Good girl. Now open your mouth. Stick your tongue out. Say “Ahhhh.”

LEAH: Ahhhh.

The spit lands on target and cascades into my gullet. I make an ostentatious noise as I swallow.

AMADEO: Suck me, pet.

He feeds me his erection with purpose. It goes in too swiftly for my comfort. I fight against his grip and choke up spit around the shaft. My resistance is an exercise in futility. The head caroms off the roof and muscles a way through. The pressure at the back of my head forces his glans into my throat absent any preparation. I battle for air and cough.

AMADEO: Choke on it. Good girl. I want to hear you gag.

He fucks my face. My lips pout beneath the shaft. His big hands gather huge clumps of hair. I am aware of the tension in the roots as the fists pull at the scalp. A rope of saliva dances from my chin. It coats my throat. I make drowning noises. From above, a gob of his spittle lands deliberately over the bridge of my nose.

AMADEO: That’s it, fuck face. Keep going.

I struggle to take him deeper. My knees slide under his legs.

AMADEO: Oh, that’s it. Do you like it when I am in your mouth?

He points my face up and slaps my cheek.

AMADEO: Answer me.

LEAH: Yeah. I do.

My words come out in gasps. I pant, taking in deep draughts of oxygen.

AMADEO: Say it in a sentence.

His voice maintains an equilibrium that does not waver. It is uncompromising. He is the voice of authority in his bedroom. His words have an air of command, a ring of control, the aspect of power.

LEAH: I love sucking your great, big cock.

My hands span the shaft. I grip the base tightly and, in my blindness, find his balls and mouth them. The heel of his hand dashes my forehead. A hard shove sends me toppling. My hands land behind me to cushion my fall.

AMADEO: Not without permission.

I return to my knees and lower my head to him.

LEAH: May I please lick your heavy, hairy balls?

He slaps the opposite cheek. He captures a nipple and twists.

AMADEO: You speak only when spoken to. Filthy fucking bitch.

He has named me “bitch” before, and I don’t mind. This time, he spits it out with unexpected venom. The words hit me like a slap. They stun me into silence.

AMADEO: Kiss my feet.

I do. My tongue drags from the outer arch to his toes on one foot. I repeat on the other, and after that, crouch on the floor and wait.

AMADEO: What are you?

LEAH: A filthy fucking bitch.

The words come out softly. I squirm internally at the phrasing. My eyes well up. A small part of me wonders what it is that I am doing here. But the larger part accedes. I inhabit my role. A door opens to a submissive place.

LEAH: I am a filthy fucking bitch.

The silence stretches out.

AMADEO: What is it that you want to be?

LEAH: A scrotum licking twat.

I suppress a smile at the locution.

AMADEO: Hmmm. Say sorry.

LEAH: I am sorry.

AMADEO: What are you sorry about?

LEAH: I am sorry for speaking without permission.

He hauls me up by the hair, to my knees, and squats on the floor before me. His fingers play idly along the curves of my breasts.

AMADEO: You are not going to suck my balls. Instead, I am going to use your mouth for my cunt. How do you like that?

LEAH: I want you to.

He slaps my right breast, then he stands. His fingers press against my lips. I kiss them.

AMADEO: Ask me.

LEAH: Please, Amadeo. I want you to fuck my face with your cock.

AMADEO: Do you want me to throat fuck you?

LEAH: I want you to use my throat for a cunt.

AMADEO: And why should I do that?

He strokes my hair paternally.

LEAH: Because it pleases you.

AMADEO: Will it please you as well?

LEAH: It always pleases me to give you pleasure.

AMADEO: But you want it, too? For yourself.

LEAH: Yes. I want it. I am wet for it. My cunt is dripping.

AMADEO: You’re a dirty little whore. Say it.

LEAH: I’m a dirty little whore.

AMADEO: No, you’re not. Whores get paid. You do it for free. So what does that make you?

LEAH: It makes me a slut.

AMADEO: And just whose slut are you?

LEAH: I’m your slut, Amadeo.

AMADEO: You’re the thing I use to get off. You’re my possession. You belong to me.

The hush in the room extends uncomfortably. I wait for him to speak or act.

AMADEO: Say it. Say: “I. Belong. To. You.”

LEAH: I belong to you.

The words flip a switch. I am crying under the silk. My vagina accomplishes a somersault. I heave for breath.

AMADEO: Open your mouth for me, cunt.

He sends his cock into my throat again. My gag reflex is less pronounced now than before. He gives me hard use. I gurgle around the thick shaft. As he fucks my face, my lips become swollen. My index finger circles my clitoris while the glans sounds my throat. He notices and plucks my hand away. A claw tightens over the transgressing forearm.

AMADEO: Did I tell you you could do that?


AMADEO: Then don’t do it.

He holds my wrists over my head the next time, and when he releases his grip on them to bring his hands around my throat to constrict the passage of air, I brace myself against his thighs. Pussy slick fingers bat at his balls.

AMADEO: I feel my cock moving under your neck.

He squeezes my head, flares his pelvis out, forces his cock the whole way in, and he holds position there. His balls dangle from my chin. My jaws are spread so wide that it hurts. I fight back incipient tears. To distract my thoughts I stretch my tonguetip to the lip of his scrotum. When the glans withdraws from my throat, I bend over and wheeze. He compels me up by the hair. He seats his cock between my lips and thrusts hard and fast. I take it.

Every so often, he brings his hand down to cup my breasts, to tweak a nipple, to screw it around. Every so often, he cuffs the side of my face. Every so often, he punctuates his dominance by maintaining himself deep within my throat. Every so often. And then he returns to fucking me with his demanding rhythm. I emit a hollow glugging sound.

AMADEO: I am getting close. Lay down. I am going to sperm your body. You’re going to be my come dumpster.

I am on the carpet. I lie supine and look up at him from under the blindfold. He plants his feet, one on each side of my torso. I run my hands over them. My grip tightens over the ankle and relaxes as I follow the arch down to his toes. The veil of darkness heightens my other senses. I have his scent in my nose. I taste the spit in my mouth. It coats my neck. I feel it on tits and thighs. I am perspiring heavily from the effort of sucking his penis. Sweat mats the hair to my forehead. I hear his hand shucking over the shaft. His breathing intensifies. I remember that I should not speak. I remember that I should not touch myself. I break his rules willfully.

LEAH: Come for me. Give me your sperm. I am your filthy fucking bitch. I want your come over me. I want to wallow in it. Please. Give it to me. I need you to.

He continues to jerk. My saliva lubricates the movements of the hand on his shaft. It gives it an audible liquid slide. I know my words are arousing to him. His expectorate dirties my face. My fingers rub over my moist pussy. I transfer this wetness from my cunt to his feet.

LEAH: I am a dirty little girl. I am a cocksucking bitch. I’m a slut. I’m your slut. I am a willing zero pound whore. In your bedroom, I belong to you. Give me your come. Mark me with it. Show me that you own me. I’m yours.

AMADEO: Oh. I am coming, Leah. I am coming.

The semen rains onto my breasts and my shoulder. It streaks my face, and it gets into my hair. I release a contented moan. When he finishes, I smile out of accomplishment.

LEAH: Thank you.

I smear the come over my chest into the skin. I use the side of my finger to gather it from my cheek and lick it up. He sits on the ground next to me, also collecting the semen from my body. He gives me his fingers to suck clean.

AMADEO: Look at you.

LEAH: Take off the blindfold and bring me a mirror, and I will.

AMADEO: I am the dom here.

He loosens the blindfold anyway. I flash teeth, beaming him a blinding grin, then plant my lips atop the jut of his shoulder. My teeth gnaw playfully at the skin. I raise his arm and lick underneath. The athletic smells smother me.

AMADEO: Goddamn. Are you beautiful!

He kisses me, the thick tongue chasing his own spendings. His lips latch on to my tits, and he laps at the skin over which I have slathered his come. Before long, his mouth occupies the space between my legs. I clutch the hair, which he keeps short, and elevate my hips to amplify the contact with his lips. He bites on the clit causing me to wince, then licks and fingers both pussy and anus. It is my turn now for oral. It is my turn now to come. In his bedroom, I belong to him. My dominant lover takes care of his fuck-toy.