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Waking up to one last fuck January 24, 2012

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Frank and I hooked up on Saturday. We wandered the Wallace Collection in the late afternoon and then shared an early dinner at a Greek restaurant, after which we happily retreated to a hotel room, where we messed around until two thirty in the morning, at which point we fell asleep out of sheer exhaustion from too much fucking.

I had spent the previous night with the cellist. The sex had been phenomenal for a one night stand, but Frank knew my body in a way that a new man could not. As we couldn’t guess when or if we would meet up again, he and I applied ourselves to sex. The night generated a monumental catalog of sexual positions.

Surprisingly, Frank awoke earlier than I did on Sunday. My first memory of morning was a pair of hands lightly scratching my shoulders. My vision unblurred. Sleepy eyes focused to see my lover’s face looming over me. The heavy lids drooped shut. I moaned contentedly and turned onto my side. His mouth fastened over mine. The lips applied soft pressure. The tip of his tongue coaxed mine out to play. My hand reached up and grabbed the back of his head. His fingers trailed over my breasts and belly.

I rolled onto my back and spread my legs open for him. He fingered my cunt. The tips of fingers feathered over the labia. The pussy lips petaled apart under the gentle pressure. The kisses were interrupted by smiles and laughter.

Frank untangled the blanket from my feet. Pillows at my shoulders, I propped myself to a sitting position. He tongued my pussy. My left hand clutched at the hair on the back of his head. Then my right hand did the same. They alternated. Hand turned up, he slipped the index and middle fingers into the cunt. He thrust them in and hooked them out and tapped at the walls inside. The tongue circled my clit. His nose rubbed my bare pubis. He worked the pussy steadily and patiently. Neither of us were in any hurry. I wanted these moments to last. The bedsheets were wadded in my hands when the orgasm finally claimed me.

To reciprocate the oral attention, I sucked his cock. As it was morning, the erection was thick. I maintained a loose grip over the bottom of the shaft. My little finger curled around the front of the scrotum. Lips made a tight seal about the glans, and I sucked wetly and slowly. He caressed my buttocks as I fellated the penis. His fingers grazed over the crease of the ass and manipulated my pussy from behind.

Frank cupped the side of my face in his hands, pulled me off his penis, and brought me up for a long and deep kiss. He had a condom at the ready. His fingers stumbled over the wrapper, so he bit it open with his teeth.

He knelt on the mattress. My right calf draped over his left thigh. The inside of my other leg was flush with his hip. The cock slipped into me easily. He swallowed a breast in his hand while the shaft dragged slowly in. My feet elevated from the bed. Hands on his back above the ass, I cajoled his body onto me. I wanted to kiss. He supported his weight on his forearms while he fucked me. When the cock slipped out, both of our hands went at once to the shaft to return it to my pussy, where it needed to be.

My ankles crossed over the small of his back. Hands clutched at his muscular arms. I compelled his mass on top of me so that the breasts squashed flat. The penis stabbed into me with short, powerful jabs. I came undone.

After orgasm, we switched positions. I went to hands and knees with my ass tilted in the air. Frank stood next to the bed and entered my cunt from behind. He palmed one hemisphere of the ass while he fucked me. My right hand pushed off the bed, and I twisted my head laterally to catch Frank’s eyes. I wanted it to feel tremendous for him. I made it a point to remember my kegel exercises. My vagina tightened around the shaft. The pace of the fuck was exceedingly slow. I did a grind with my hips and spun my pussy as Frank’s penis reached into me. The extension of my rump kissed his groin. Soft feminine grunts echoed the louder baritone sounds that escaped his throat.

Frank sighed, and his endurance gave way. The cock pulsed within my cunt. I clamped my muscles over the shaft at once. My fingers strummed at my clitoris. As I wasn’t expecting him to come so suddenly, I couldn’t time a coincident orgasm. This did not matter. I let my elbows buckle so that the front part of my body sunk against the mattress, raised my ass to him, and reversed to take the penis deeper within me. When the convulsions had finished, I remained motionless on the bed. I wanted to keep Frank ensconced for as long as possible.

Back to Blighty December 19, 2011

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I am in the UK again from December 31st to January 17th. I will be crashing with my former roommate and her husband. They are renting a one bedroom flat near Hampstead Heath. I get the plush new sofa in the living room. I expect I won’t be at their place every night. After all, I have friends to see and be done by.

Amadeo has proven to be a generally poor correspondent. We Skype now and again. Frank writes a long e-mail every couple of weeks. These arrive unexpectedly. The letters are warm and funny and inevitably make me wish I had considered doing an undergraduate degree at Oxford or Cambridge. His missives and my replies are interspersed with frequent text messages. The salacious SMS exchanges happen when one of us endures an incomprehensible seminar. I like to think of Frank growing hard in his seat in public and hiding the erection in his pants with A4 paper. In the back of the auditorium, I squirm in my chair from arousal. My panties become moist. I miss these men.

For the past six weeks in Boston, I have been seeing someone. In his early thirties, David is a newly minted assistant professor. I like him very much so far. We are still in the process of discovering each other, sexually and otherwise. I have no expectations for how long the relationship will last. We aren’t exclusive. My colorful sexual life isn’t a secret to him either. He has seen the marks that other men have left on my body. He disapproves only on aesthetic grounds. He is especially proficient at applying pain without leaving bruises. David and I met through OkCupid. Like my own profile, his indicates an interest in casual sex. Naturally, in the bedroom, he gets off on his dominance and my submission. He is adept with rope. I am his bondage whore. He has made my body contort in positions I didn’t know were possible for me and taken me hard while I was tied. Sometimes he wants a brutally fast orgasm from a skull fucking. At other times he has me between his legs worshiping his phallus for most of a lazy Saturday afternoon. The Venn diagram of our kinks overlaps considerably, but there are also significant exclusions.

Because we have common friends, the ex-boyfriend and I run into each other socially. We haven’t fallen into bed. I have only been back to the old apartment once, to pick up my stuff. It’s over. I think of him less and less. But sometimes, when I am meandering through an art gallery, for example, I play the conversations we could have had in my mind. The abundance of memories I have makes me smile. He is happy. I am also, in my own way, content with the rhythms of my days and nights.

I hooked up with both of my regulars from before shortly after returning to the US. Though we do not play often, the most exciting sex I have had was a gang bang with five men organized by one of these fuck buddies. One by one, I sat on the men’s laps, naked. Wearing business suits, they kissed and touched me. The men toyed with my breasts and fingered my pussy. They affixed clothespins to my body. I brushed my ass over the erections that tented their trousers. We shared bottles of wine. Because I wanted to walk comfortably the next day, we decided that only three of them would fuck my ass. The men conducted a lottery for the privilege. I was doubled up, back and front. Once, briefly, I was tripled. My openings were made watertight. I held a penis in each hand and stroked the shafts. The men tied me to the sort of bench that is typically found in the locker room at a gym. The rope knotted my wrists beneath the plane of the thick wooden plank. It wrapped over my back to hold me in place. My tits were squashed flat. Knees on the floor, my legs were held apart by a spreader bar. My ass extended over the edge. They took my anus and pussy. My chest rode hard against the oak. Frequently, I fellated a man who straddled the bench and fed me his cock while another fucked me. The sex was continuous. It went on for two and a half hours. My friend had me first and last.

A few other encounters may be worth mentioning. I had bareback sex on a single occasion. At a bar, I picked up an eighteen year old, who looked like he was in his early twenties. I didn’t know he was a virgin until he confessed his virtue in my bedroom after we were already naked. Probably, I should have guessed his inexperience from the way he kissed. He departed my apartment having come in a woman. To start, I gave him a blowjob to take the edge off. He erupted almost at once, filling my mouth with the consummation of all of his adolescent daydreams and night tremors. Despite obvious inexpertness, I liked that I was his first taste of cunt. When we fucked, I squealed aloud in ecstasy before he expelled his seed. While I thought of introducing him to my toy box, I ultimately decided against it. I have long fantasized about training up the ideal dom starting from a tabula rasa. He isn’t the one. I haven’t seen him again.

At the other end of the age spectrum, I indulged my Electra complex over Thanksgiving. On Black Friday, I posted an ad on Craigslist and hooked up with a man in his mid-fifties. He is over twice my age and, in fact, said he had a son a year older than me. We met for coffee and then proceeded to a no tell motel at the outskirts of town. The clerk gave us a knowing look when he handed over the key. The man palmed my ass possessively. I never learned his name. I insisted that Daddy place his great, big cock in his little girl’s tight, wet cunt. Fucking and sustained cunnilingus drowned the bedsheets in my flood. I asked Daddy to sperm on me to close because I wanted to wear his semen. He straddled my chest and, punctuated by small licks over the glans, masturbated himself. He blasted over my tits to make them grow.

Lastly, I went to a conference in Pennsylvania at the beginning of October. I took a rental car and drove from Massachusetts. Around two thirty in the morning, I needed a pit stop, coffee, and a bite to eat. I stopped at a diner along the highway. A man seated alone invited me to join him at a small table. Rather than eating by myself, I accepted. He was a trucker and got to talking about life on the road. Intrigued, I asked for a tour of the truck. The living quarters of the eighteen wheeler were claustrophobic. A bunk bed occupied much of the space. Neatly stacked plastic storage containers lined the top bunk. The bed below was immaculately made. He didn’t wear a wedding band, I noticed. I took a chance and kissed him. His tongue dipped into my open mouth. He leaned his weight toward me; my back bowed backward. My fingers worked his belt buckle apart. I shed my jacket and divested myself of clothes. The cab was chilly. He turned the heat up for me. I sat on the edge of the mattress and sucked his penis to hardness. When I was satisfied with how it shined, I tossed the condom I unearthed from my purse at him. He nursed at my teats and lowered his weight atop my body. My arms wrapped his broad shoulders. I spread my legs in the air. The bedsprings gave a metallic creak. The floor seemed to shift slightly, but I may have imagined this. I sprawled in his arms after sex. We had breakfast in the same diner in the morning. I bought a fresh box of condoms from the convenience store at the gas station nearby, and we had a quickie for the road.

These episodes are exceptional. The majority of the sex during the past three months has been pedestrian. Craigslist is less effective than I remember. It has gotten me laid, yes, but the men I have met in Boston through the agency of the casual encounters board have exhibited little promise. Random hookups still happen, but the frequency has diminished since London. Ideally, I want more than another one night stand. The unrepeated fucks are temporary expedients and stopgap measures. Save for David, sex constitutes only a physical release. It lacks an intellectual or emotional connection. The dildo is sometimes more satisfying than a man. I haven’t been on the hunt as regularly as before. This is just as well. Research and grading papers have kept me busy this semester. Marking exams is a bitch. I expect to defend my thesis in May. The dissertation needs much work this spring.

I still play flute when I can with a chamber group. We don’t perform. We rehearse challenging music for fun. Nearly every morning, I spend an hour at the gym. On Friday nights, I go dancing — usually at gay clubs. Liz and Sophie, two close friends, like making out with girls. We have done a fair amount of kissing and fondling bodies through club wear. It hasn’t ended with tongue circling clit and my mouth imbibing cunt or thighs clamping a head in a viselike grip with fingers pulling the roots of hair and making indentations in the scalp as my pussy fountains against the touch of lips. We haven’t tribbed. Perhaps one day we shall.

I will most likely be in a new city next fall. Where? I don’t know. The job applications are out. I enjoy what I can of Boston while I am living here. I keep busy.

The first hour September 2, 2011

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Unfortunately, I don’t have time to compose a full report. These are highlights of the first hour or so on Wednesday night. I will write up Thursday later.

• Amadeo’s apartment has a large bathroom. He made me go to the floor there and strip. I took off my top and my bra and wriggled out of the curve hugging, little black skirt I had worn. The polka dotted cotton panties followed. Amadeo had been holding his bladder in check for quite a while. He told me he needed to go when we entered the tube and already shifted his weight on each foot. He did the same now, except this time his fly was open. He held his cock in his hand. When I was naked aside from thigh high black stockings, he kicked my legs apart and pissed onto my cunt.

• He straddled my body with knees bent. The arm I had behind me supported my weight. My right hand stroked his thigh. I sucked cock. To start, my tongue circled the foreskin, which had the sharp and pungent taste of urine. Within a few minutes, I had the crown embedded. I squeezed with the muscles of my throat just how he liked. The floor was now slippery, so I slid as I fellated. The still warm liquid wet my thighs and buttocks.

• Amadeo sat on the edge of the bathtub. I stood, turned away from him, and, bending at the waist, grasped my shins and asked him to fuck me with his foot. He manipulated the labial folds. The pads of his toes skated along the slit. He squeezed his big toe past the entrance of my pussy. I gripped my ankles, which lowered my center of gravity. He fucked me harder. Eventually, I laid recumbent on the floor, with my hair in his cold piss. His toes masturbated me to orgasm.

• He fucked my cunt in four positions: (1) up against the door, my foot on the floor, his arm hooking under the other knee and holding me against the wood by the throat with his cock buried to the hilt; (2) on top facing away while he laid in the puddle of his own urine and fingered my clit; (3) on hands and knees as he plugged me from behind until my elbows buckled, after which he took me on shoulders and knees; (4) on my back, on the cold and clammy floor, my thigh up against his chest as he slammed me while lying on his side below my body.

• He stood straddling my chest and jerked himself off. From my perspective, the columns of his legs lifted like skyscrapers. I smoothed my hands over the shins and calves. Some part of the semen landed on my face as he had intended. Some of it also fell to the floor. The last drops, which he shook free of the cock, rained on my tits. He held my neck to ground while I dragged my tongue over the floor and sucked the ejaculate from the tiles. He tilted my head to the ceiling with a violent tug on the hair and kissed me after I had swallowed.

Names I have been called August 25, 2011

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Bitch, bitch dog, bitch whore, ass bitch, bondage bitch, dirty bitch, filthy bitch, fucking bitch, little bitch, mongrel bitch, submissive bitch, well-trained bitch, blowjob bitch, cocksucking bitch, cocksucker, cock slave, mouth, cunt, fucking cunt, greedy cunt, little cunt, owned cunt, silly cunt, stupid cunt, pussy, used pussy, twat, scrotum licking twat, fuck puppet, fuck-toy, sex toy, favorite toy, plaything, glove for his fist, slit, slut, anal slut, ass slut, beautiful slut, goddamned filthy slut, good little slut, horny slut, kinky slut, Miss Slut, piss slut, pain slut, come slut, submissive slut, superslut, willing slut, urinal, whipping post, sub, whore, whore mouth, dirty whore, purchased whore, piss drinking whore, shameless whore, slutty whore, willing zero pound whore, ass, arse, asshole, dirty asslicker, little girl, naughty girl, bad girl, good girl, idiot girl, sub girl, three holes, come catcher, come receptacle, place where he comes, territory, marked property, possession, his body to use, his, all his.

These are some of the terms he uses for me — the descriptions in English anyway. The names are endearments. Amadeo may have unloaded half his arsenal of expletives on me last night.

He wrapped scarves about my wrists and ankles, looped a noose of yellow rope about the red silk on each limb, and tied me to the four corners of his bed. Once I was spread-eagled this way, he whipped my breasts and toyed with my pussy, using fingers, a vibrator, kitchen implements, and his tongue. The ball gag muffled my screams. The fisting was exquisite agony. The tension in my arms and legs when he smothered me with his body and fucked my long tormented and cock deprived cunt was unendurable ecstasy. I soaked his sheets.

I scent the morning air August 19, 2011

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The first thought that forms in the light of morning is the compulsion to suck. I like how the constitution of penile flesh alters within my lips, going from an inchoate, bendy, pliable state, to a finished product, inflexible and rigid and unyielding. The springiness of the skin belies the strength beneath.

Amadeo moans sleepily as consciousness returns to him. I smile when his eyes flash open and work to seat the glans within my throat. Though his hands tangle in my hair, he lets me fellate him at my own pace. Interrupting the pure sucking movements to tongue the sides of the shaft, leave small kisses over the underside, and nose his pubic hair and the meeting of his legs and groin, I start slowly but steadily ramp up the velocity. At first, I concentrate on the front half of the penis, but pay homage to it all before long. Cocksucking is an act of worship. I exalt the man when I adore his penis.

As I work him, my hand reaches between my legs. Fingers press on the smoothly waxed pubis and rub in taut circles.

His hips pitch up from the mattress. I tighten the seal of my lips, furnish saliva, and swallow fluently as the cock sinks deeper. Finding my rhythm, I fuck his cock with my face. At the base, my cheeks collapse, my throat swallows, and I add a clockwise twist of my head. At top, my lips have a loose hold on the helmet, I take in a draught of air, and then I am headed downward again. The spit sheets down his balls. With scrotum sucking divertissements, we continue in this manner.

The ragged quality of his breathing communicates his nearness to completion some minutes later. How long, I can’t say. I am in a trance. I haven’t been paying attention to the time.

“Where do you want to come?” I ask him. My nose nuzzles down his length.

After a moment’s contemplation, he answers. “In your pussy.”

I roll a condom over the shaft and position it at the opening and lower my body. The tension at the entrance and in the walls as he penetrates feels numinous to me. I feel my muscles stretch to accommodate the thickness of his cock. Once the penis is ensconced, Amadeo clutches my breasts and lets me do the work of fucking him. I use the runner’s muscles in my thighs to control lift and drop. I remember my kegels and tighten about the shaft.

Playfully, I balance myself on top of the glans and hold position, hovering. The muscles just inside the entrance clench tightly then relax.

Amadeo growls. His hands cinch upon my hips, the fingertips making the flesh indent, and bring me down. The powerful muscles of his arms lift my weight up his erection. He hauls me earthward again while his pelvis rockets up from the mattress. I rebound off his pelvic bones.

We change positions so that I lie on my side, one hand pushing off the bed, the other from his thigh. From behind, one of his enormous hands clutches my shoulder and covers a breast. Fingers digging into my hip, the other hand holds me by the waist to improve his leverage. His cock is the complete toolbox: it hammers, it screws, it saws into my cunt. He fucks me with innate authority, strength, and speed. The movements are effortless, rhythmic, natural, fluid, and easy. The hand on my hip angles my body backward in the direction of his groin as the cock evacuates. I list forward as the cock sinks into me again. When he bottoms out inside, I feel the impact in my thighs and buttocks.

Amadeo calls me a good little slut and corrects himself. I am his good little slut.

I groan at his name for me and respond with wordless speech. The pistoning motion of the shaft against the walls of my vagina feels damn good first thing in the morning. Ten minutes of fucking, and I am nearly there.

We don’t manage to synchronize our orgasms, however.

As it happens, Amadeo doesn’t come in my pussy. He pulls out, snatches the condom from his penis, rolls onto his back, and lifts me on top of him. Cock between my legs, he finishes by jerking himself off. The semen lands between my belly button and the arch of my pubis. It puddles there in thick and viscous lakes. When he has finished trembling, my hand replaces his over the shaft. While he clutches my knees and wings my legs open, my fingers curve, and I rock my palm along his length in order to shake the last dregs of semen out.

The ejaculate is sticky on my body. My fingers gather the opaque fluids, and I suck them clean of his spendings. The wet spot on my skin feels cool in this air. He smells like the Mediterranean before sunrise.

“Bitch didn’t come?” The inflection of the sentence indicates this is a question though Amadeo and I both know the answer. His hands clap, one upon each of the buttocks.


“Do you want to?”

“Yeah. I do.”

“Turn around and masturbate for me. Come on me like I came on you.”

Straddling his waist, I sit on top of him. My fingers trace the slit up to the clitoris, and I diddle my fingers on top. The glans brushes my ass, which is pink, but unblemished.

Amadeo presses the pillows under his back and props himself up on his elbows to observe. I take the wetness from inside my cunt and smear it over the clit. The tips of my index and middle fingers grab hold of the little bundle of nerves and give it a vigorous shake. Amadeo lowers so he is horizontal and drags me up on top of his chest so he can see me from up close when I come. I finally rotate the clitoris between the thumb and index finger while I rut my pussy against the hard plates of his chest. I feel loose inside.

“Can I?”

“Are you a dirty fucking cunt?”


“Are you my submissive bitch?”


“What else are you? Tell me.”

“I am a fuck-toy.”

“More precisely, you are my fuck-toy. Isn’t that right?”


“Keep playing with yourself then, fuck-toy.”

“Please. I need to come.”

“Are you a good girl?”


“Then you can come.” His finger flicks a nipple as though activating a switch.

Orgasm seizes me. The muscles in my legs go stiff and my toes curl up. My head is thrown back. Oxygen comes to me in shallow gasps. The perspiration plasters my hair to my forehead. High pitched sounds sail to the heavens. The window is open. The air is cool. It’s a psalm of thanksgiving I sing. The muscles of my vagina collapse.

There is some wetness on his chest when I get off of him and pillow my head atop his sinewy arm. I lap the juice from his chest and share it with him through languid kisses.

Dirty words August 13, 2011

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I have plugged Liz Doherty‘s blog as the best resource on the web for learning the mechanics of the casual encounters board on Craigslist. It additionally features high quality erotic writing. I admire the honesty and frankness with which Liz recounts her experiences. She writes about a few of the more memorable ones.

Some stand out: the guy who brought me to screaming, squirting orgasms with his hands alone. The one who made me come just by pinching my nipples. The one who first fisted me, bringing me to a kind of climax I’d never experienced before. The one who fucked me all night long, until I was a limp rag doll, splayed on the bed, exhausted and spent. The one who brought a ruler with him so I could measure his cock, because he said he’d never done so. The one so short he needed a stool to climb up on his bed. The one who pulled and pushed me into positions I didn’t know my body could reach, and then fucked me until I thought I’d explode. The one who demanded I kneel before him and “pray” to his huge cock. The one who pounded me into the floor until I had rug burns on my nose and forehead. The one who wanted only to paint my toenails. The one who wouldn’t touch me at all, just forced his cock into my mouth, exploded and left. The one who wore a cock ring and fucked me all the way across the bed and onto the floor. The one I sucked before an open window while the people across the street watched. The one who showered first and flooded my bathroom. The one who took me on a motorcycle ride and fucked me on the hill at Twin Peaks.

I am envious of her adventures and long for the good old days of Craigslist when such things happened with frequency.

I like the evocative particulars in Liz’s stories. The steaminess of the foreplay fogs up my computer screen.

“May I kiss you?” I finally asked.

“That would be good.” I straddled his lap, and took my time getting to know his sweet and tender mouth, slowly exploring it with my own, licking and sucking his lips, nibbling the end of his tongue, feeling the moisture in my mouth increase as I threaded my fingers through his tight curls. Deeply drawing in the smell of his neck, I stretched his t-shirt out to smell his chest before lifting it off him, raising his arms so I could bury my nose in first one then the other of his armpits, taking in his mildly musky scent as I felt myself growing wet. Dropping lower, my nose found his belly button and I buried it there, drawing deeply. He moaned quietly as I opened his jeans and his cock found my mouth. I knelt before him there in front of the couch, my mouth wet and ready, and took him all the way in in one movement, holding him deeply there, against the back of my throat. I was filled. I slowly pulled my mouth back up his shaft, then down again and again, relishing each time he met the back of my throat, offering no resistance. We took his jeans all the way off, and he lay further back on my couch so I could take his balls in my mouth, rolling each separately then together in my mouth, enjoying the scent, texture and flavor of this part of him.

I hardly ever masturbate while I am reading blogs. But images sometimes insinuate their way into my skull and become imprinted there. Sentences linger. Late at night, I might picture the scene while lying in bed, inventing the details I do not remember or that were not originally present. A girl pulls a tight fitting t-shirt taut. The nipples leave tiny bumps in the fabric. Their darkness is visible through the thin, white cotton. It’s not any girl who does this — it’s me. I nuzzle into hairy, masculine armpits. Lips peck over the solid torso. My tongue demarcates the shapes of muscles. I leave his hard and hairless chest shining in the dim bedroom light. I have the taste of his skin in my mouth. The progression continues, constantly lower: raspberry kisses on the navel, a tongue there, then on the cock, then on the close-set and substantial balls. The sac is soft as leather and full of semen for me. I want to kiss it.

I suck the cock, and then I fuck it. I see it happen through slitted eyes. The images are redolent. I smell this man. My hand is inside my maroon sweat shorts. Fingers press atop the pubis. I pinch the pussy lips shut and shake them energetically from side to side. My cunt transudes. At this point, the initial fantasy is forgotten. My fingers move only to magnify the sensation I experience. I kick the drawstring shorts from my feet. I fuck myself with a purple cock made of aluminum. I hear as well as feel my wetness. My head rolls on the pillow. I thrash and moan and stab the dildo faster and harder. In pursuit of a little death, I am killing myself. I am not quiet about the pleasure I take. I don’t mind that I am overheard. I want my orgasm, and I don’t care who knows it.

I am a sexual scavenger. I use the exploits of others, whether erotica or porn, as a jumping off point in my private play. Liz Doherty’s dirty words arouse me.

Hard and pleasant use August 5, 2011

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Because of work commitments, I only had sex once this week, with Amadeo. It was another hard session. This is how it went.

• Amadeo tied my panties about my ankles and had me kneel on the sofa. I bent over the couch with my arms stretched horizontally along the back while he flayed my buttocks with his belt. I screamed through the ball gag.

• While I squirmed over his lap, he held my wrists firmly in one of his hands, forced my legs apart with his thighs, and spanked my pussy. As I haven’t waxed since before my vacation, I have a soft cushion of hair on my pubis. Amadeo used this as an excuse to spank me ten extra times.

• We employed restraints that passed over the door to bind my arms above my head. Amadeo attached nipple clamps to my breasts and whipped my tits as they had so far been left out.

• Finally, he slipped his fly open to expose his cock. I sat on the edge of the coffee table and sucked him off. I was conscious of the ache in my chest and how my ass smarted while I fellated him. Holding the sides of my face, he used my throat for a cunt. The saliva ran in rivers over his cock. The fluvial excess left puddles on the carpet.

• Amadeo didn’t come in my mouth. He peeled off his clothes and fucked me in the ass. I was on the floor, on knees and the balls of my toes with breasts flattened against the cushions of the sofa. He had me hold my cheeks apart for him as he battered his way into me. My buttocks were an angry red. He slapped them again with his bare hand as he fucked me. He told me that he liked to see the flesh ripple.

• A few fingers of whisky, and we were ready to go again. I slouched on my back with my head propped up against the back of the sofa. My feet hooked around his waist. Amadeo squeezed my tits as he probed my cunt with his cock. He jabbed his fingers into my mouth. I brought his hand to my throat. He clutched my windpipe and slipped his tongue past my lips. I enjoyed the kisses as much as I enjoyed his cock.

• He flipped the condom inside out and tipped the semen into the cup of his hand. I lapped the come from his palm. I played with it, stretching long strands between my fingers and breaking them as the triumphant runner tears the tape at the end of a race.

• After all this, Amadeo rested. He reclined on the sofa with his head cushioned by throw pillows against the side. My naked architect leafed through the correspondence of Vincent and Theo Van Gogh. He read aloud to me while I sucked softly on his scrotum and penis. We set the alarm on his iPhone. He wanted me to continue in this way for an hour. As he had come twice, a shifting touch of fingers and lips allowed him to last so long. My jaws were sore. I looked up at him as he finished himself off by masturbating.

• He shot his sperm into my panties. He took the semen wet cloth and rubbed it over my face. He anointed my forehead with his come. It moisturized the pores on my cheeks. To consume the leavings, I sucked hard on the fabric and twisted it until I could taste no more of Amadeo. I decided I would wear the same panties in the morning.

• He ordered me to masturbate in bed. I did so using the steel dildo that I keep in his apartment. He rubbed ice cubes over my breasts. He licked the melted water from my nipples. After the orgasm, he had me do it again because I had climaxed without seeking and acquiring his permission. He kept me going without coming for minutes after I asked, until I begged. Taking the dildo from my pussy, he slipped the ice cubes into my cunt and lapped the slit. When he told me to come, I did so on command. He bit my clitoris. The sharpness of his teeth fused pleasure with pain and augmented the intensity of the orgasm and the volume of my screams.

• In the bathtub in the morning, he blasted the shower at maximum heat and full pressure at my clitoris. I diddled myself until I climaxed, remembering to receive his consent first. Afterwards, we fucked in the hot stream. I went to my knees and drank the contents of his bladder. He hosed me down with it, my face and breasts. I spread my thighs so he could aim the flow at my cunt. I washed it in my hair as though it was shampoo.

• He drove me to the university and sent me to work wearing a buttplug in my anus. It remained in my ass until after lunch.

Fingered to orgasm July 30, 2011

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I had on white denim shorts and a bright blue tank top. Thin beige bra straps left lines on my shoulders. Gi wore the t-shirt of a band he likes, an incongruously loud pair of shorts, and red socks. Neon Bible played at low volume on the speakers.

We nestled together on the sofa. I lifted his shirt and deposited kisses on his chest. I mouthed the nipples, sucked and licked until they were hard pebbles. My tongue followed the line between the ribs, up from the belly to the midpoint of the torso and back down again. The kisses were audible.

Gi had me raise my arms and removed my top. He struggled with the hook on my bra but succeeded in freeing my breasts, which he then proceeded to suck. Lips on top of the areola applied pressure while the tongue flicked over the nipple at high velocity.

I gasped at the attention.

My hand reached for the tent in his shorts. Having outlined the extension of the shaft through the cotton, I pressed the heel of my palm against the cylindrical bulge and rolled over it.

Gi continued on my breasts. I pulled his head up for a kiss. I inclined my body backward, and Gi lowered on top of me. I liked his body heat as our bare chests made contact. Our tongues fought a boundary skirmish between lips. Occasionally, one of us made incursions through the gap between teeth, only to be chased out.

I loosened the shorts and reached into the boxers to extract his cock. The head stuck out the top. I bent at the waist to lower my lips onto the swollen crown.

Gi smoothed his hand over my shoulders and back. A hand slipped through the dip at the small of my back into my jean shorts. Gi feathered his middle finger into the cleft of my ass. He cupped the buttocks possessively.

He didn’t let me suck him long. He pulled me up for a kiss. His tongue lapped at the saliva on my chin.

I undid my belt buckle and tugged the buttons of my fly open. The yellow panties I wore had a mesh panel in the front. My arousal had seeped into the fabric. Gi placed his hand on top. The fingers made a curve as he followed the depression in the center. I bent my right leg at the knee and pressed it flush against the cushioned sofa back. Hooking my left leg between his, I separated my thighs as far as the denim allowed.

The tips of the fingers tweaked my pussy lips, which were thick and swollen and still sensitive after the workout that Amadeo had administered two days before. Gi rubbed the digits along the slit. The mesh abraded lightly along the flesh. It made me squirm.

I had one arm behind his back. My hand tilted his face down to meet my lips. He gave me his tongue to suck.

The hand slipped under the elastic waistband of the panties. He extended a digit to hold a long note on my slit. The flesh of my pubis sloshed from side to side like a liquid as he shook his fingers laterally.

I moaned with the pleasure of it through open mouthed kisses.

As he stroked my cunt, I reached for his cock so that I could hold some part of him. My fingers tightened over Gi’s scrotum and massaged it through his shorts. I gripped the short hairs on the back of his head as the already intense kisses became still more so.

At moments, a finger dipped past the lips into the entrance of my vagina. Mostly, he stroked the labia and circled the clit. The movements were slow and steady, but they were firm. My leg twitched.

As my need became more urgent, I stopped kissing him. My eyes screwed shut, and my cheeks winched up. Knowing that I would come, I grimaced at the acuteness of the sensations below. My buttocks pressed against Gi’s thigh as my body shifted nearer to him. The wetness leaked from me. My pussy made soft sucking sounds.

My eyes flashed open, and I saw Gi looking down, staring intently at my face. A loud sigh escaped my lips as he touched a sensitive nerve exactly that way.

He rubbed me harder. He took hold of a tit and covered the nipple with his mouth. I squeaked and giggled with the pleasure of it. My body wriggled from my waist down to my toes.

I squeezed my breasts and compacted my legs about his hand. The clit shuddered. The pussy imploded and turned inside out. The orgasm exuded out of me. It wet my thighs and left my panties moist. His hand was slick in my spendings.

Gi kissed me once I had finished writhing. He went to the floor and removed the shorts and the panties and feasted on my cunt. Before long, his tongue and lips had me coming again. My fluids drenched the cushions of his couch.

Short takes July 22, 2011

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Catching up on work and life takes priority over blogging. Therefore, I have no long post to give. Here are short takes on catching up with my stable of lovers in London.

• Amadeo brought me over his thighs and tugged my jeans and panties down to my knees. I had to keep track of the number of times each buttocks was hit and say the number aloud. He confused me by striking the cheeks at random.

• After he came in my mouth, I spit Amadeo’s semen onto my breasts. It left a sticky trail in its wake as it ran through my cleavage.

• Face lowered to the mattress, I was on knees and shoulders as he wrenched my arms behind me and hauled me backward by the wrists. Pussy yielded to cock. One of his knees dug into the mattress. He planted his other foot to my face. I kissed Amadeo’s big toe.

• Frank stood behind me, cock to one side. He held my hair in a ponytail as I sucked him. While I deepthroated the cock, my fingers splayed on the outside of my cunt. The digits diddled my clit. He came over my face. The stuff got into my hair. Frank isn’t shy about his semen. We shared messy kisses afterwards.

• I clutched the yellow pillow and the side of the mattress. Frank clutched each foot just above the ankle. I stared up at the ceiling and took in measured breaths as his thick glans penetrated my anus.

• Fingers laced with his, I gripped his hand long after my knuckles turned color. Frank ate my cunt with ravenous intent. I came over his face, too.

The fountain May 28, 2011

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He has tie points installed into the headboard and the footboard of his bedframe. He looped rope through them and had me spread-eagled over the mattress. Using first a wooden spatula from the kitchen and then a riding crop, he spanked my cunt. He struck the pussy lips past the point of pain and into a state of numbness. The blows landed exactly and accurately over the distended and exposed clitoris. I had asked him to do this to me.

Afterwards, Amadeo spread himself in the space between my stretched apart legs and worked his mouth over pubis and pussy. His tongue threaded into the folds of the flesh and teased the wetness out of me. He licked the engorged lips. His fingers reached inside and pushed against the G-spot. The pressure there made the clit stand out. I felt my spine elongate and extend while he lapped at the clitoris. My arms lengthened as I tugged at the bonds around my wrists.

Attendant to my arousal, the blood throbbed in the flesh. The clit trilled under his ministrations.

Amadeo would not let me come. He brought me to the escarpment and deliberately backed me off. He simply wouldn’t touch me, neither with his fingers, nor with his tongue while I hovered at the edge.

He turned his attention to my breasts instead. He licked around the areolae. He sucked on the nipples, bit down on the nubs, and chomped. The nerve endings screamed their pain. Lips gave voice to their agony.

Amadeo kissed me intimately. He looked down on me and stuck his tongue out as far as he could.

“Suck it like it’s my cock,” he said.

Lifting my head from the pillow, I brought my mouth over the point of tongue. I compacted my lips and kissed wetly there. Applying a loud and persistent suction that pulled the tonguetip inside past the rows of teeth, I closed my eyes and spun my face by degrees.

His fingers touched over my much abused pussy lips. He smeared the wetness that had escaped my cunt over them. Two fingers pressed in. He fucked them in and out.

“You’re not allowed to come without permission,” he stated.

Amadeo returned to sucking my nipples, far more gently this time. A pair of his fingers stretched all the way inside my vagina and pivoted within. The knuckles of the other fingers brushed over my pubis. Five minutes of this and I felt loose and wet inside. My muscles tightened about his hand. My ankles strained at the rope. My knees bent, and my thighs lifted up. Amadeo pushed my center flat against the mattress and continued fingering me while he nursed.

After a time, Amadeo compressed my breasts together and slid his cock between them. After a time, he straddled my head and gave me the front half of his penis to suck. After a time, he lowered his balls into my mouth and turned himself around so that I could rim his ass.

I craned my neck up and buried my face in the crevice of his buttocks. Nose riding into the crease, my tongue lapped at the exiguous ridges that surrounded the anus. He spread his cheeks so that I could lap more easily at the pucker. Gingerly, the tip of my tongue poked past his sphincter. He let me lick for a while, then returned his penis to my lips. From this position, he spread his body over mine so his weight was on top and initiated sixty-nine. His tongue circled my clitoris. He kissed into my cunt. The two fingers dug in again. He scissored them apart and slipped his tongue between the digits, which he fucked in and out while he tongued over slit and clit.

I moaned around the cock in my mouth and sucked harder. This caused him to redouble the exertions of his tongue. My saliva streamed down the sides of his shaft and made my face sticky.

“Tell me when you get close,” he said. While he applied suction to the clit, he also jabbed his penis against the roof of my mouth.

I didn’t have to tell him. He knew how to read my body and backed off on his own. He turned himself, crawled between my legs, and dedicated his endeavors to bringing me repeatedly to the precipice of a soaring orgasm. He brought me there, and he held me back.

I begged him to let me come.

He steadfastly ignored my entreaties. The look on my face, the desperate want, my needy pleas — these amused him. He brought a vibrator out and pressed it against the clit while he licked my opening. He extended the index and middle fingers inside as far as he could manage and rotated his hand at the wrist. He finger fucked the digits in and out swiftly and then returned to a slow turn while he lapped at the folds.

I stared down at him while he brought me to the ragged edge. I held tightly to the rope. My legs struggled with their bonds while I squirmed in my torment.

I wanted to come. I told him this again and again. I verbalized my desire, explaining to him how much I wanted my parole. I tried persuasion. I asked nicely. I requested him to shove me over the edge of this cliff to which he had led me. I implored. I pleaded. I beseeched. It was in vain, for he wouldn’t allow it. After some minutes, I stopped importuning him for consent. Rather, I screeched epithets.

“Not till I say so,” he insisted. He laughed at the names that I invented for him.

In addition to a change of clothes, toiletries, and a couple of articles of lingerie that he likes, I keep a steel dildo in Amadeo’s apartment. He placed it inside and fucked me with it. Initially, the metal was cold to the touch, but my body heat warmed it up. It felt extremely heavy — far more so than any cock. It filled me up. My muscles stretched to accommodate the unbending steel, especially when Amadeo angled it against the sides of my cunt. It was long enough that the massive rounded knob prodded at sensitive places deep within. To the reconnaissance of pussy, he supplied torque to twirl the metal inside me, which he knew I enjoyed. Mostly he fucked me with the dildo, using the strength in his powerful upper arm to control the depth and the velocity of the movements.

I panted hard. He diddled my clit. Looking down at my stretched out body, I focused my attention on my toes, how I wiggled them, on the grain of the footboard of the bed and the color of the oak, on how my legs stretched apart, bound as they were by rope. My eyes scrunched shut with the effort of concentration. Sweat beaded on my forehead and streamed down the sides of my face.

Under ordinary circumstances, I would have creamed hard repeatedly by the time we had arrived at this point in the evening. I could not come without permission, however. I inhabited a submissive place. I determined to play this game to its conclusion. My imperative was to obey his instruction. I would come only when he assented to my orgasm. I rationalized that it would be his gift to me.

Amadeo didn’t offer me his permission. But neither did he torture me for long. He extracted the dildo and laid it over the mattress of the bed. Cupping my tits with his large hands, he kissed me gently and for the longest time. His saliva lowered into my throat. His tongue explored the inner surfaces of my mouth and made my cheeks bulge. He sucked and nipped and nibbled and chewed upon my bottom lip. He touched the pussy lips with a profound softness and with infinite care. Not for the first time, Amadeo made love to me.

This interlude of gentleness was followed by partial fisting. Amadeo squeezed four fingers inside me and folded them on top of each other and located the thumb parallel and facing down in the valley of the digits. He turned the hand at the wrist and screwed the fingers in to their bottom bend. The knuckles pressed at me from below the cunt. My juices coated his hand in a thick grease.

I could have come at any instant. He needed only to give the word. But he didn’t. So I contained my orgasm. I was a bitch held at bay not by the ropes that restrained me, but by dint of willpower.

The bastard wouldn’t produce the order to let go. Instead, he rolled a condom over himself and provisioned me with his penis. He laid on top of me with the cock ensconced to the balls. He fucked my cunt with short rabbit thrusts. But mostly, he remained motionless over my body with his shaft embedded fully within. His massive frame crushed my breasts flat. He reached above my head and tugged the rope about my wrists. He gnawed at the cartilage at the top of my ear and spun his tongue around my earring. His cock lunged in and out in concise and punctuated bursts.

I gritted my teeth. I shook my head from side to side. I thought of mundane aspects of life to distract myself.

He didn’t complete. “I don’t come, you don’t come,” he said, and pinned me to the mattress with his cock.

He left the fuck unfinished, departed the bedroom, and returned from the kitchen with fruit that he fed me and water to rehydrate my parched throat. He sat on the mattress and read to me from Sade.

I needed to pee. He loosened the bonds and followed me into the bathroom. While I urinated from a sitting position, Amadeo had me spread my legs wide apart. He directed the flow of his piss at my pussy. The two streams joined. His urine and mine fell with a splash and tinkled together in the toilet. He pointed his penis higher and stepped closer to me. The urine fell over my belly and sheeted down my pubis. At the end of it, when our bladders had emptied, he gave me his glans to suck. I closed my eyes and took the crown into my mouth. My tongue blotted the tip of the residues of piss.

I went to my knees before the toilet and sucked Amadeo with a wet mouth and the consistent application of pressure. Droplets of pee dripped onto the floor from the lips of my pussy. After his thick and milky semen had barreled into my stomach, he ran his big toe along my slit, then helped me to my feet.

It was late. Amadeo said that he was spent. Rather than letting me masturbate myself, he promised to fuck me to orgasm in the morning. My disappointment was evident, but I acquiesced with as good grace as I could muster. We curled up naked beneath the covers and spoke in whispers. I fell asleep with his chest spooned against my back and one of his hands covering my breasts.

I woke at four in the morning. The latex sheathed penis fumbled at the gates of my cunt. My arms encircled Amadeo’s back. I raised my legs into the air and pulled him down by the shoulders. The instant he was in me, I was wide awake. The sex was uncomplicated. Amadeo pounded me from above. The shaft pistoned in and out with speed and metronomic precision.

“You can come,” he had stated when we started. He gathered my wrists in one his hands and lifted my arms high above my head. He kissed me.

The denial of orgasm in the hours previous left my nerves confused. I wasn’t on the edge any longer, and it took me long minutes to work up to a state of frenzy. When I was there, my pussy fountained.

The orgasm began deep in the walls of my vagina. It rippled from the interior out to the periphery. Every one of my nerve endings thrilled. First it was in my cunt exclusively. Then it was everywhere. I blinkered my eyes shut and saw the stars of the galaxy in supernova. Watery ejaculate gushed explosively from my pussy. It made an arc and sprayed onto his belly and rained back over my thighs and onto the clean, white bed linen. The penis slipped out of my cunt. Amadeo maneuvered it back in at once. He fucked me through the flood now. The liquid issued forth in waves and left the bedsheets sodden.

The inundation stilled momentarily. Then the paroxysms commenced again. My pussy spilled. Under such stimulation, Amadeo could not suppress his instinct to spew. The shaft convulsed, which set the walls of my vagina to quaking. The orgasm poured out of me one more time to match his eruption.