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Bedroom games February 26, 2011

Posted by Leah in Masturbation, Retrospective.

We masturbated in bed, racing to see which of us would come last. I laid on my back, thighs spread open, feet close together, and dragged my fingers through my lips. Fingertips pressing into the pubic bone, I made circles in the flesh. I pinched my nipples. I pulled at the clitoris. He watched me, and I watched him watching me. He hovered, flashing his cock with my pink underwear, and collected the semen in the cup of his hand when he finished. I lapped up his ejaculate, licking the palm until it was clean. The taste got me off.

Breathing exercises February 24, 2011

Posted by Leah in Breath play, Cunnilingus, D/s, Fucking, Repeated hookups.

I met Amadeo through Craigslist. He answered a submissive for dominant ad with a fantasy about breath play. He wanted to hold my head under the water in the bathtub while he pummeled my cunt from behind. We haven’t done this; we may never — the scenario is so far out of my comfort zone that it orbits a distant star.

Controlling my breathing during sex is, nevertheless, a favorite game of his. I enjoy it, too, because of how it makes me feel: I surrender myself to my lover. The oxygen that fills my lungs enters the bronchi through his agency and consent. Amadeo clutches my throat as he fucks me with his cock. The pressure his fingers apply to my windpipe leaves me wide-eyed and aroused. He covers my mouth and nose with his hand and smothers me with an iron grip. He gags me with my underwear and has me wear the discarded black stockings over my head. He tugs at the frayed ends and tightens the winter scarf around my neck while I scream at him to pound me harder.

Often, the impulse to panic elicits an automatic response. My arms flail. Fingers clutch at his forearm while I struggle beneath his mass. I gasp. I pant. He has me drowning for air.

I feel light in my head.

I feel vertiginous.

I am floating above myself.

I am euphoric.

Last night, Amadeo wrapped my bra around my neck. The cups folded about my throat, and the elastic wound around. He slipped my hands through the arm holes and had me pull at the bra straps, constricting the passage of air through my trachea. I choked myself while he squatted on the bed. He grasped my feet, pulled my legs over his thighs, and dragged my cunt down the length of his prick.

He cuffed my cheek playfully. He kissed me amorously. His tongue took possession of my mouth. He ate my pussy and fucked me some more. My cunt detonated all around him.

Morning quickie February 20, 2011

Posted by Leah in Craigslust, D/s, Fucking.

Though I spent much of yesterday fucking Frank, I woke up horny and wanting. Breaking with my usual modus operandi, I answered an m4w casual encounters ad at 8:44 in the morning. After a flurry of e-mails, I met the man who had posted the ad at a café across the street from his place for a once over. It was 10:30 when I arrived; forty minutes were spent on travel. He was thirty-two and — a rarity — really as fit as his photo had indicated. The conversation was clumsy and inelegant, but I decided that as he was earnest and genuine, he would do for a one-off liaison. We agreed upon condoms and a safeword (lemonade).

In his living room, he had me strip and kneel on the small coffee table in front of the couch. Reaching over me, he carefully undid the plait of my hair, and then, reaching under me, he purposefully slapped my tits. He wrenched and contorted the nipples until my breathing became labored and I shrieked at the intensity of the pain. A thwack over my buttocks with the flat of his hand served to focus my attention below. Two fingers muscled their way into my pussy. He rotated them at the knuckles and fucked them in and out. I swayed on hands and knees. The incessant supply of degrading chatter lubricated my vagina. I agreed that I was a dirty slag for letting a stranger touch me this way after barely a quarter hour of acquaintance.

“Do you want me to slide it in?” he teased, showing his erection following the great reveal.

I looked at the cock, the solidity of it, the size, and I moaned over my shoulder in anticipation and desire.

“Tell me,” he insisted, the cock sliding between the cheeks of my ass.

I enunciated the words carefully: “I want you to fuck me with your rigid, thick penis.”

He entered from behind and slammed his length into me in an easy and fluid movement. His hand twisted in my hair, and the sharp tug of the reins arched my spine from the small of the back up to my throat. He gripped my shoulder and threw me around the room like a rag doll. My body weight was insignificant in comparison to his strength. I laid on the sofa with my head dangling off the edge while he splayed my legs apart with his powerful arms and stabbed downward. He compelled my knees about my ears until I was an upturned fuckpot for his penis. He half-crouched above me and used my cunt for his pleasure. I had told him that I wanted to be taken with force; he obliged, and I adored him for it.

“This is why you are here, is it not?” he stated, in awkwardly precise diction. “You came to be fucked.” His grip mangled my breasts.

“Harder, harder, harder,” I pleaded, and he made a herculean effort to comply.

He fucked me only the one time: the encounter lasted about as long as the tube ride — but, crucially, I was in a submissive place when he finished. Once we had dressed, I bent to tie the laces on his shoes, and he walked me to the elevator and buzzed me out of the building.

The man and I shook hands upon meeting. We never kissed or hugged during our time together. We didn’t have oral sex. He didn’t invite me into his bedroom. There were no endearments exchanged. We fucked on the table and the sofa, and then he let me use his bathroom to splash water from the sink over my face and pee. Though I didn’t come, I am nevertheless wearing a silly smile of satisfaction at this very instant.

So much sex February 19, 2011

Posted by Leah in Fucking, Repeated hookups.

Frank was in town briefly during the weekend. He called and suggested that we meet up. We had a four hour quickie in the afternoon, paused for dinner, watched a movie, then fucked some more. We shared a long bubble bath afterwards. He left only twenty minutes ago.

I am still clad in my bathrobe and naked underneath. My body is sore. My legs are unsteady. I am sated by the spectacular sex.

I will sleep beautifully tonight — just as soon as I masturbate and come one more time.

Volition February 17, 2011

Posted by Leah in D/s, Fucking, Repeated hookups.

I had intended to go into work early. Often I reach a peak efficiency in the hour before my officemates arrive and disrupt my rhythm. I woke before Amadeo, showered, and dressed.

Before departing, I leaned over my lover’s naked, slumbering body and kissed him on the cheek.

“Stay,” he said sleepily, tugging at my arm.

I sat on the edge of the mattress. Reaching a hand under the sheets, I cupped his balls, and, ignoring the taste of morning breath, kissed him on the lips. His tongue slipped easily into my mouth.

A sigh escaped me when I broke the kiss. “I should go,” I stated. My fingers held his penis. As usual, because of a full bladder, he was mostly erect at daybreak.

He fondled my breast. He sucked on my bottom lip.

I directed a look at the clock on the nightstand and sighed again.

“I want your clothes off,” he whispered. The voice had steel.

“I want you to fuck me,” I responded. “But I need to go.” I kissed him once on the chest, above his heart.

He brought me horizontal and straddled me. “Safeword or strip,” he challenged. The penis rode against my belly.

I like it when a man asserts his will over me.

I looked up at him. He released my wrists from the pillow where he had pinned them.

I turned to glance at the clock and met his eyes once more.

The choice was mine.

My fingers stumbled over the buttons of my shirt. We had sex by Amadeo’s demand, but by my volition.

Search terms summarized February 15, 2011

Posted by Leah in Gallimaufry.

“exert your power and dominance over me” yes, please!
do me rough
choke me with your cock
fuck my mouth slap my face spit on me
fuck me rough and pull my hair
“spank my pussy”
spank slap smack pussy cunt clit whip crop
be rough with me

i opened my legs for his cock 2010 not just in 2010

leahlayslondon guy at the gym Stephen or this guy?
“my panties” came “into me” “my clit” orgasm “under the table”
“blowjob without hands” not my best effort
xmas sex

“on her knees” “licking his feet”
“marked me” cock
my vulva on his thigh
“my stretched out cunt”
“i masturbated” “my skirt”
“i straddled him”
i pushed a lit candle in my cunt
candle wax on my clit HOT
spank my breast stories
“i worship cock” I so do!

leahlayslondon pics there aren’t any

her pee down my throat was drowning me it tasted lovely
“fill my pussy with urine”

how to deal with promiscuous women you fuck us

he would reach forward with one hand, cupping my crotch
he pushed his finger inside my butt
he placed a dental gag and face fucked me this hasn’t happened yet
he plunged his cock into me
he asked me to open my mouth and he spit down my throat during sex
he thrust his penis in my anus and i loved it always!

“minute man” shitty sex wordpress
kafka on the shore foreskin I miss Frank

i like sperm in my cunt

boyfriend takes his girlfriend from behind and pounds her in the kitchen
my boyfriend wants a double blowjob which guy doesn’t?
my boyfriend licks me clean I wish

london kinky and willing slut
pornographic scenes of sexual ecstasy

he gave me his powerful cock and made me his

Final audition February 14, 2011

Posted by Leah in Cunnilingus, Fellatio, Fucking, Repeated hookups.

Daniel and I exchanged flirtatious e-mails in the morning. He invited me to his place for afternoon tea. We have had sex twice before. The expectation was that this would be our third time. I am looking for another fuck buddy to supplement time spent with Amadeo. This suited me.

I showed up at his place around three in the afternoon and stayed till five. Tea foregone, we proceeded to the bedroom immediately upon my arrival.

In bed, we spent time kissing. I liked how his hands explored my body as the kisses deepened. He applied a light touch to my shoulders, then followed the line of my spine. The fingers smoothed along the curve of my buttocks and the extension of the thigh. He cupped my breasts softly. He spread his fingers over my cheeks, just grazing an ear, while his tongue fluttered in the space beyond my lips.

My fingers made deft work of the buttons on his shirt and continued to his trousers. Once I had him naked, my fingers wrapped his shaft. Lips and tongue mapped the precise borders of the muscles of his chest and abdomen. My fingers traversed each of his ribs as I descended the ladder.

Swiping the hair on the pubis aside, I accepted the shaft into my mouth. My head was positioned at a sideways angle. My lower lip dragged along the side of the erection. I lifted the tongue against the cock. My mouth filled up with saliva as I gave him suck. Sliding along the roof of my mouth, the glans fell easily into my throat. I breathed carefully through my nose and swallowed with the muscles in the back. Suction on his balls made him groan.

He gathered the curtain of hair that shadowed my face and held it out of the way so that he could enjoy the visual experience of the blowjob. Through my black t-shirt, Daniel unhooked the clasp on the bra. He reached down and rubbed his hand between my shoulder blades.

When I surfaced from fellatio, I kissed him again. He brought my arms up. I crossed them and tugged off the shirt. I slipped off the bra and hung it from his cock, which made us laugh.

He pulled me against him. I laid on my side with his arms wrapping me.

Daniel ran his fingers over the apex of my legs. His hand gripped my cunt through the blue jeans. I felt the moisture that escaped my pussy collecting against the cloth.

He reached inside my pants. The back of his hand made the denim bulge as he stretched his fingers and rubbed them against the grain of the cunt.

I loosened the belt and pulled my jeans off. The tips of Daniel’s fingers padded lightly over the gusset of the thong underwear. He discerned the silhouette the lips made in the fabric and pressed his thumb down hard into the indentation in between and rotated it. I twisted my hips and gyrated my pelvis against his hand.

Before long, my knickers were off. My hand curled around his erection. The fingers stroked up and down. I bent to taste the precome that had beaded at the cyclops eye.

We cycled through a series of sexual poses. He held his cock upright for me. I sucked on the crown while my thighs straddled his head. His tongue reached into my cunt. I squatted over his face while he licked my pussy. I sat on top of his cock after that. The penetration transpired inch by inch. I kept my hands behind me and held his thighs for balance as I bounced my cunt over him. Then I leaned over so my breasts would drag across his chest. He sat me on the edge of his desk and took me from a standing position. After this, he squatted on the carpet and towed me to the ground. I brought my hands up over my shoulders and pushed my weight off the floor, arching my back to him. Daniel supported my thighs over his. The penetration of his cock was maximal this way. In the next iteration, I kicked my feet off of his shoulders while he fucked me from above. He lifted me from the carpet and propped me up by the back and the ass while his cock hammered into me. I laid on my belly while he fucked me from behind. I orgasmed as he pounded me on all fours. He came shortly thereafter. I licked the semen from his penis and tipped the condom over so that I could drink that, too.

Daniel’s second eruption arrived unexpectedly during a footjob. After having been eaten to a sequence of starburst orgasms, I teased his cock. I kissed the semen where it pooled on his thighs and groin. I licked the spot of come that had landed on my foot and sucked it from the sheets as well.

I enjoyed the encounter with Daniel. In the end, the foreplay and the oral sex were better than the fucking. We also didn’t talk enough. He may continue as an occasional lay, but he won’t be promoted to full fuck buddy status. I still seek a regular.

Amusing myself February 11, 2011

Posted by Leah in Masturbation.

I came home from the gym to an empty apartment. The roommate had taken the train down to Paris in the morning, so I knew I had the place to myself. Not having enjoyed the usual midweek ration of sex, I felt particularly horny. Masturbation at bedtime the night before wasn’t enough.

I stripped to panties and bra, went to the bedroom for a blanket, and threw it over the dilapidated chair in the living room. One foot planted to the floor, my calf lowered over the cushion of the seat. Straddling the armrest, I pressed my chest against the back of the chair. Through the layer of cotton covering my crotch, through the thick woolen blanket, through the leaf patterned upholstery, I felt the unyielding hardness of wood. Sliding my cunt down, raising and lowering my pelvis, adding torque with my hips, I dragged my pussy against the arm.

A hand covered each tit. I held the swells of my breasts. I squeezed the flesh. The pressure of hands deformed their rounded curves. I compressed and flattened the tits against the harder muscle beneath.

I bit my bottom lip. Friction peeled apart the lips of my cunt. The moistness between my legs had darkened the gray fabric. The wet spot spread as I moved. I felt the incipient stickiness over my pubis.

Arms wrapping the chair, I pushed my body mass against its rising back. My pelvis gyrated.

I unclasped the bra. The straps fell over my shoulders. I cupped my breasts and pushed them together, narrowing the cleavage. The areolae had assumed a deep blush and were several shades of pink darker than the surrounding skin. I used my nails as pincers: pinching, gripping, pulling, twisting. The sharpness of the painted fingernails excited the nerve endings. Blood vessels inside the spongy nipples filled up. The nubs thickened, the integument pebbling over, acquiring the texture of leather. I tightened my grip. I plucked at the hardened protuberances. Hands rolled in circles over my tits.

Closing my eyes, I pumped my hips. Hunching down, rotating the pelvis, adjusting the touch of pussy, I improved the angle of contact. The panties had bunched. Looking down at the imprint of the labia in the cotton, I saw the shadow of the cunt as well. Reaching in, I pressed a finger in the space between the swollen lips.

I licked the nascent arousal from my index finger and spun my hips down faster. I ran my hands over my thighs. I gave my buttocks a loud spank. My breath became shorter as I moved.

Five minutes in, I paused long enough to whisk my panties off. My fervor had soaked the fabric, leaving the cotton drenched. My sexuality had a sharp odor. It filled my lungs and widened my eyes.

Naked now, I reverted to the previous positioning. My hand rubbed across my pussy. Fingers undressed the clit. The pads of the fingers held a long note there. I shrieked out a desperate moan.

I folded my arms and lowered my elbows against the back of the chair. My breasts dragged against the coarse wool, as did my cunt. My back made an acute angle. Pelvis pressing against the rounded edge of the wing of the chair, I drove the cunt against the face of the arm where it flattened, the clit climbing on top of the rest and sliding down again. The rise of the chair nestled into the pit of my arm. My hand lowered along the upholstery in back as far down as I could reach. Holding my chest to the chair in a rough embrace, I swiveled my hips forward, halted abruptly, reversed direction, and then pivoted forward again. I fucked the shabby, rickety chair as though it were a long sought lover.

To masturbate, I could have touched my pussy, fingering the cunt, fingering the clitoris. I could have produced a vibrator or a dildo. I could have affixed clothespins to my lips and my nipples. I could have wadded the underwear in a ball and stuffed it into my vagina. I could have brought ice from the kitchen and let it melt over my flushed skin. I have done all of these things. But not today.

Today, I humped the chair like a bitch dog in heat. I rutted my cunt over the arm.

Eyes squinched shut, jaw hanging down, my forehead creased with the ascending pleasure. I wheezed for breath like a long distance runner at the end of a race. My pussy drove against the scratchy wool.

The clock on the wall tolled the minutes: two, three, five, seven, eleven, thirteen.

First my back stiffened and elongated. Then I experienced a cramping in my toes. My feet arched down. My neck stretched out. The muscles in my thighs tensed up. An enormous intake of air turned my belly concave. My breasts stuck out. The jaws clamped shut, and the teeth bit down. The nerves in my clit had electrified. The muscles inside my cunt convulsed. The waters splashed from my pussy. Droplets of ejaculate beaded over my upper thigh. I squealed in my ecstasy.

The breath returned to me after the orgasm in heavy gasps. I held my head in my hands. My body shook in convulsions of laughter.

Hauling myself to my feet, I dried my thighs with paper towels. I retrieved a fresh pair of panties from the dresser in the bedroom and selected a t-shirt that fell to my hips. Padding into the kitchen in my bare feet, I boiled water for tea. Opening the small refrigerator there, I contemplated dinner.

Unspectacular sex February 8, 2011

Posted by Leah in Cunnilingus, Fellatio, Fucking, Random hookups, Repeated hookups.

Friday night, my roommate persuaded me to a party. Tipsy with drink, I left with a guy around one in the morning. In his early thirties, he wasn’t particularly cute, but he told entertaining stories about Kenya, where he works for an NGO. At his place, I sucked, he licked, and we fucked. I no longer remember the sequence of events. I no longer remember whether I came that night. The cock was functional. The sex was serviceable. The hours we spent naked together were insignificant. It was like a meal that filled the belly, but failed to excite the palate and wasn’t memorable for the company. Going through the motions yielded only a diffuse pleasure. We sweated. We grunted. We slept. Details of the assignation were forgotten by morning.

After the concert on Saturday, several of us went for drinks at a pub. Following a couple of rounds, I went home with Daniel. I had brought condoms this time, and so had he. Foreplay was brief: kisses, his hand in my pants, lips mouthing his erection through the dressy black trousers, a hasty undressing. In the bedroom, he was on top of me the first time. For the second fuck, I rode Daniel from above. In the morning: an interlude of doggy and then cocksucking. My hand twisted on the main part of the stem as he came. Semen dripped on my lips and tongue. Again, sex existed as a utilitarian exercise that satisfied a body’s needs.

Amadeo is in Bonn this week. The usual mid-week date on a Wednesday night is deferred. I must amuse myself otherwise.

A night at Amadeo’s February 3, 2011

Posted by Leah in Breath play, D/s, Fellatio, Fucking, Repeated hookups, Spanking.

I am behind on a couple of projects. I telephoned Amadeo in the afternoon and explained my situation. I suggested that we share a quick dinner, then spend the evening in each other’s company, but working, and proceed to sex nearer to bedtime. He said he had deadlines as well and a trip to Germany next week for which to prepare. So he agreed.

It was a domestic scene. Amadeo sat at one end of the sofa with his laptop perched on his knees, while I curled myself on the cushions, propped my head on a pillow, and read. He idly stroked my foot through the black stockings. Just before midnight, he closed his laptop and set it on the table in front of us. He poured the dregs of the wine bottle into his glass and drained it. An enormous paw lowered over my breast. We kissed as lovers do.

He stood me up and undressed me, tongue and lips painting over the skin as he removed my clothes. Once naked, he sent me to my knees, lifted to his feet, and undressed in his turn. He looped his belt about my throat and led me crawling to the bedroom behind him, a girl on a leash. Amadeo sat on the edge of the bed with his legs spread open. I knelt on the floor, hands holding his calves and feet, and I sucked his cock the way a submissive slut should.

Amadeo controlled the tempo of the blowjob. My head fit easily into his palm. He gripped my scalp. Fingers twisted in my hair. A thick stream of saliva spilled from my mouth and streamed down his shaft in alluvial flows. The saliva left streaks in his pubis. The expectorate dangled from his balls and swayed like rope. My eyes rolled backward in my head as the cock imposed itself into my throat, withdrew partway, and stabbed in again. Using my ears as handles, he fucked my skull. Fingers forced my jaws to open wider. The heel of his hand pushed at my forehead and angled my head up to enforce eye contact. A wad of his spit landed on my nose. He slapped the bulge his cock made in my cheeks. The back of his hand clipped across my face. He manhandled my breasts. Though I gagged over his cock, though tears welled up in my eyes, he pounded my throat, fast and remorseless with his penis. It was Amadeo’s prerogative to mistake my mouth for a cunt. I was left to my own devices, to accommodate the erection as best I could while he used me for his pleasure.

At the close, he wrapped the belt around his hand and tugged so that the leather tightened about my throat and constricted. He held me down against his groin and came explosively in my throat. The semen bypassed my tongue completely; I didn’t taste any of it.

When he let go of my head, I surfaced for air. I gasped for breath. My lips were bruised and swollen.

Amadeo wrapped the belt about my wrists, which he held behind my back, and blindfolded my eyes with a scarf. While I hunched over on the bed on shoulders and knees, he spanked my defenseless pussy from below. Retrieving another belt from the bedroom closet, he whipped across my shoulders and back. The belt slashed at my buttocks. I couldn’t see any of it, but a shift in his weight on the mattress and a hitch in his breathing allowed me to anticipate the blows.

I cried into my blindfold. My nose became runny. Still, I begged him for more. I begged him to fuck me. Bound though they were, my hands stroked his erection.

Amadeo refused my entreaty. His hand cupped under my pussy. He insisted on having my orgasm before he would place his cock inside me.

For a quarter hour, while he whipped me sporadically and spanked me with his right hand, I rutted myself against his left. The friction of clit and labia sliding on his fingers sent me to delirious convulsions.

Amadeo loosened the blindfold then. I rolled onto my back and separated my legs as wide as I could. Pausing briefly to cover himself with a condom, Amadeo threw himself on top of me. Still secured behind me, my hands dug into my back. My shoulders protested at the weight on top. It didn’t signify. It was the desire in my cunt that mattered. I used the muscles in my thighs to launch myself from the bed.

His tongue fucked my mouth. Amadeo bit my shoulders and neck. He squeezed my tits. He had come once already, so he could go on and on. He took me in different positions, having me as he willed the sex. My pussy shuddered around his shaft throughout.

He came finally, wrenching my shoulders from behind as he pulled on the belt wrapping my wrists, and collapsed on top of my back. We kissed gently.

Sometime after one in the morning, I laid in the crook of his shoulder. I held his arms over my torso and stroked them. He caressed my breasts. His fingers combing through my hair — this is my last memory of evening.