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Day five September 3, 2010

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We hastily dress when the intercom buzzes. By the time she walks up the stairs, I have put on the boyfriend’s button-down shirt. It just covers my ass. I am naked below. He has pulled on his jeans and a t-shirt and is combing his hair in the mirror. I met her through Collarme. She is 20, from the south, new to her submissive identity, and still in the process of exploring the possibilities of that role. The girl — she wants me to call her Claire — has never been in a threesome before. We have been writing back and forth for about two weeks. She talked to me first on Tuesday (day four) and then to the boyfriend over the phone. I told her about my blog. She read through it and called us back. She is eager and enthusiastic to play. I want to give my boyfriend a threesome. We arranged a date. We educated her about safewords and promised her that we would go as slowly as she needed.

The photos do her no justice at all. She knocks on the door softly and stands shyly when we open. The hair falls on her face, and she blushes. She is wearing a black sequined skirt and a blue and silver top. Her legs are athletic. The muscles of her thighs have such perfect definition. I remember that she said she plays footie and runs. I want to lick my tongue along the lines and the shadows of her legs.

We get her a drink. She and I sit on the couch while the boyfriend sits in the chair opposite. We talk awhile — two of us adoring her accent — and then I ask if I can touch her body. I lower the top slightly and brush my fingers over the curves of her breasts. My hand runs along the inside of her thigh while we kiss. I undress her. I pull the tie on the halter in back and remove the top and the bra. As I help her with her skirt and panties, I notice the boyfriend rubbing his erection through his jeans. I point this out to Claire and suggest that we blow him together.

He pulls off his pants and shows us the erection. Claire goes to her knees at once. I kiss the boyfriend on the mouth and follow. My fingers raise her hand up his thigh to the snarl of the pubis. The two of us are on either side of him. We kiss around the shaft. Her tongue touches mine as we press our lips together. One of us moves up the left side as the other moves down the right. I hold her hair out of the way while she sucks my boyfriend’s cock full on. I lick his ass while she takes him into her throat. There are wet sounds front and back. The boyfriend makes noises like he is drowning.

He didn’t come at all the day before. He has semen to give. I ask Claire if she wants him to deposit in her mouth. She says yes.

I know the boyfriend has been holding back. The double blowjob might be his favorite act, at least visually. I lower my head between his thighs and use my lips to tug on his balls while Claire sucks him. When I sense the orgasm approaching, I squeeze my index finger past the sphincter, which I have made wet, and press it against the prostate. My grip tightens around the base of his cock and steadies the shaft. He spews into her mouth, convulsing between lips that have clamped down upon him. I fall on top of Claire and chase the come with my tongue. We roll on the floor, kissing as we trade the semen back and forth. I lick the white spots at the corners of her lips. I take my fair share from her mouth, show my lovers the spunk that coats my tongue, and swallow ostentatiously. After that, the three of us retire to the bedroom.

We play in many ways over a mostly sleepless night. The condom frustrates us. He can’t fuck us both, one after another. I lower myself below Claire and lick her clitoris while he slams her from behind. My legs are open. Claire contorts herself to moan into my pussy while her cunt is filled. When the boyfriend fucks me, I am on top of the shaft. She is seated beside me on the bed. She kisses my breasts and diddles my clit while I bounce my body over the familiar penis. Adding and removing condoms helps make the sex last. He chooses to come inside her instead of me. I like that he can enjoy a new girl this way.

Between his orgasms, the boyfriend ties Claire’s body to mine. We sixty-nine for his pleasure and ours. Her waters have the taste and consistency of syrup. The wetness flattens her bush. My cunt, by contrast, is waxed and polished. I suggest to the boyfriend that we shave her bare. We use his shaving cream and razor to accomplish the task. I am careful not to cut her. Soon she is smooth like me. I like licking the bare skin. I like the taste of her sweat mingled with the secretions of her pussy.

The boyfriend concludes I owe him another spanking as Claire is one more lover on my list. He has her do it with the hairbrush on my ass. Claire doesn’t go easy on me. She doesn’t go slowly. She doesn’t soothe and caress the skin between the blows she delivers. I am red and hurting when she finishes. At the end of it, she volunteers to take the same punishment from me. Claire doesn’t know what she is asking. I demur until the boyfriend demands it of me. I give a more careful spanking than what she has offered me. But I don’t pull my punches either. It hurts less to be spanked than to spank. I make a face and flinch each time she does. I am sympathetic to her pain. Fingers on her pussy help her endure it.

The boyfriend pulls a condom on and tells me to prepare Claire’s ass. He wants to come in her body in all the ways. There’s a look of trepidation in her eyes. She confesses to us that she has only ever put a vibrator in there. I reassure her with kisses and murmurs. I lick her anus so that the spit coats the entry and squeeze lube inside her asshole and smear it on the walls with my finger. Suppressing my reaction to the taste of latex, I suck the cock to hardness and run lube over that as well. Prying her cheeks apart, I place the head against Claire’s opening. She winces at the entry. The boyfriend shifts his hips and presses forward an inch at a time. When he is embedded halfway, he drags his length out and sinks it back in again. Over the span of minutes, he muscles his way deeper, until he has penetrated to the balls. It hurts her, but there is pleasure also. I hold Claire by the shoulders and kiss her while she is fucked. I support her weight and tell her to play with her pussy and her clit. Soon discomfort and pain are the lesser sensations. I am toying with her nipples when she creams. It is her second orgasm that sets my boyfriend off. He roars his semen into her and passes out on the bed soon after.

We giggle at him. The night continues for us. Claire and I huddle in the bathroom and perform our ablutions. We snuggle together on the sofa and drink and mess around some more. I show her my toy collection and have her try out assorted implements. We tongue each other to new orgasms. Eventually, the boyfriend wakes and joins us for one more go. Again, we swap the condoms on and off. He comes in my cunt this time, without protection. Claire smothers me with her pussy at the end. My nose is crushed. I breathe through my mouth while I tongue her lips. I feel her weight on top of my face. There isn’t as much semen as before, but what the boyfriend leaves leaks out. Claire licks me clean of his spendings and my own juices. She sucks my cunt and clit until I come again. I can’t get enough of her taste, so when she finishes, I start on her immediately.

The artist August 2, 2010

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She isn’t my type physically. But she has a smile and a charm, an easy way of speaking, and, oh, there’s that laugh. I haven’t been with a woman since February. I go home with her.


We have been chatting because she liked my ad on Collarme, an alternative to Craigslist that I have been exploring. Like me, she switches with women. Like me, she prefers a submissive role to men. Like me, she is in a long distance relationship. While her partner is away, she amuses herself with the girls that she finds.


Her art covers her walls. I don’t find the canvases appealing. At their best, it’s Modi on a very bad day, though, I suppose, the bulk of Modi’s days weren’t good. The erotic drawings are better. They’re scenes of orgies. A woman masturbates two men at once while she sucks off a third man. Girls are doubled and tripled up. Ariadne mounts the Minotaur. Her cunt is a labyrinth. There is a small self-portrait among her pictures. She is on her knees licking semen from a girl’s cunt. A man has her on a leash. Another man, the one who has come, stands over the two females on the ground. His cock is dripping.


In the bedroom, we strip each other and kiss. My tongue is lazy in tracing her body’s curves. I nurse at her large breasts. My lips dawdle over her belly, floating slowly down. She keeps a soft thatch of hair on top of her pussy. I swipe my fingers through, following with my mouth. Unhurriedly, I descend to her glistening cunt. I kiss the lips below as I have kissed the lips above. My fingers delve into the secret spaces, front and back. She hands me a vibrator. Slender, pink, the writing on it is worn from use. I set it to buzzing against her clitoris while I lick at the passage. Her scents are overpowering. She tastes of musk and spice and sweetness. I make her come four times in half an hour.


She has a two sided dildo that is a foot and a half long and a translucent blue. She puts one end in her cunt and has me sit astride the other. The dildo is bendy. It is a challenge to find an angle that works for both of us. We abandon the sex toy and rub our pussies together directly. Tribadism, it is called. Her legs wrap mine. I press my hard clit at her entrance like it is a tiny cock. We come this way, flooding over pubises and legs.


There are restraints affixed to the corners of the bed. I slip into them. She buckles the leather belts over my wrists and ankles. Out comes a riding crop. She uses it to slap my breasts and thighs. She asks my age and spanks my pussy once for each year I have lived. The pain sears the nerves. I scream as the world burns in agony. She kisses my tears when she finishes and offers herself for my revenge.


I fist her. The lube covers my hand like grease. It is slow going. Fingers thrust together, I make my hand narrow and muscle a way through. The back of the hand, where the knuckles jut out, is a difficult squeeze, but she is wet and my hand is small. We manage. When I am inside to the wrist, I roll the hand in her cunt and swim in viscous fluids. The pads of my fingers poke at the walls of the vagina and add a twist. I reach in as far as I am able and clench my fingers into a fist. The water issues from her pores. I see it cascading over the folds. I lap at her piquant juices.


The mouth is everywhere on me, everywhere esurient, everywhere edacious — lipping the skin, nipping and nibbling, gnawing and knowing. The point of her tongue spins, the contact a tittle, titillation. The flat of the tongue is painting in broad brushstrokes on a canvas of strained, stained flesh. I am singing. The notes are soprano. It is an aria of indecent whispers, obscene imprecations, slanderous, scabrous, scurrilous, and without shame.