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Another ad June 30, 2010

Posted by Leah in Craigslust.
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American girl ISO casual kink – w4m

I am an American, recently arrived in London. I am here as a student.

A reasonably attractive woman in her mid-twenties can find sexual partners without the assistance of the casual encounters board. It’s a bit more difficult to find casual kink when you are not a scene person, which I am not. I am very submissive sexually and am looking for adventures with creative male dominants. I am not looking for couples or group sex. Chances are, if we play, it will be a one time thing. Condoms and safewords are required. We can discuss limits over e-mail.

I would love to hear your obscene propositions. Please do not send me pictures of your cock when you answer.

Finally, I have noticed that w4m posts here get flagged very quickly. A short placeholder response is ok. If you flag to reduce your competition once you have answered an ad, please don’t. It’s counterproductive. I won’t keep fishing here if my options are so limited.

I look forward to your replies.

We will see how this one goes.

Update: 56 responses + 2 others, who posted about my ad after it had been flagged. I am gathering propositions and hoping to see some novel scenarios to play out. I am also heading out for CL date #2 based on Monday’s ad in a bit. I hope tonight’s partner gets me into bed and is more engaged than the guy from last night.

First London date June 30, 2010

Posted by Leah in Bondage, Craigslust, D/s, Fellatio, Fucking.

Once I am naked, he cuffs my hands behind my back and pushes me onto the sofa. He undresses to his socks and stands before me. His shaft is thick, the head engorged with blood, but he isn’t fully erect yet. The kissing before hadn’t made him so. His cock points downward, the head hanging to one side a little lower than his balls.

I crane forward from where I am seated, bowing my head, stretching my jaws, bringing my lips around the glans. Making a seal around the front part of the shaft, I fill my mouth with spit and swish it around the head. My tongue moves slowly from side to the side, along the bottom surface. The consistency of the flesh changes once it has been inside the warmth and wetness of my mouth for a minute. The shaft elongates. The cock straightens, and it rises.

I go to the floor. My thighs nudge his legs apart, and, balancing on my toes, I wedge myself in the space this creates. Pursing my lips, I take more of the shaft inside. My head nods over him. He keeps his pubis trimmed, I notice from up close. The weather has been warm. The scent between his legs is musky and fragrant, though not an overpowering sensation. It smells masculine. I like it.

I look him in the eyes as I suck him, rotating my face around the shaft as I take the cock fractionally deeper inside. My hair caresses my cheeks as I move. I make slurping noises. I pool the spit on my tongue and layer it over him. There are bubbles of air in the saliva that coats the top side of the cock. My spit drips from the bottom of the shaft in viscous cords that rain on my thigh.

I test whether he likes a gentle use of teeth. The tension in the muscles of his groin and thigh suggest to me that he doesn’t. I change tactics. Pouting my lips, I focus my attention on the head. My tongue presses the knob against the roof of my mouth. His glans makes my cheek bulge. I taste precome now and make appreciative moaning noises while I suck. My eyes are big and wide and constantly looking up at him. It is difficult to keep my balance without the use of hands.

When an especially long rope of saliva dangles from his shaft, I use my mouth to catch it and then spread the wetness over his balls. My tongue flattens. I drag it over the wrinkly skin. Then I slide my mouth along the side of the shaft, as though I am playing a harmonica. Lips apply unequal pressure as I blow over the skin. I use my tongue to feel out the veins that pump the blood through his penis. Capturing his head again, I alternate between sucking his cock and lipping his balls.

The man has been completely impassive throughout most of the blowjob. I would have appreciated a verbal response, feedback, encouragement, hands in my hair, a grip on my breasts, fingers stroking my back, his touch reaching for my cunt. Instead, he is content to stand there without making contact. His eyes are for the most part lidded shut, so my upward glances have little effect. But they are there if he wants them. I suck him as a duty.

Abruptly, he crosses over behind me and seats himself, then reconsiders and reclines backward on the sofa. One foot is on the floor; his other leg extends out. Does he want me to keep fellating him or climb on top? He doesn’t say. I reposition myself to the side and continue with the blowjob. I pay attention to the scrotum first, sucking each hemisphere, latching on with lips, curling my tongue, pressing its bottom against the skin, which has now tightened up. I bat the point against the testicle, flicking upward, and investigate its shape and how it moves inside the sac.

His cock swerves slightly to the left. I discover that this new angle is better for sucking. I can take him deeper now more comfortably. The head sinks into my throat. I am certain I can deepthroat his length, but because he has been so silent, I decide not to make the effort. I roll my head with his shaft embedded partway down instead. Spit runs freely now. The saliva trails along the shaft and falls over his groin. The whiteness of it reminds me of semen, of course. I let it collect at the base and suck it up and wash his glans with it.

He has a hitch in his throat. His breathing has become sharper, deeper, more expressive. I rotate my head faster in response. I fuck his cock in and out of my mouth, always keeping the front third inside while I bob over the middle. Because I want him to come, I suck hard. I make my tongue soft and level it up against the underside as a tactile counterpoint to the force my lips apply on the shaft. My breasts press against his thigh. There is a strain in my shoulders. I am glad we are nearing the end.

He tells me he is coming a moment before he does. My lips tighten at once around the circumcision scar, and I lap at the glans where it indents. The orgasm bursts out in a single liquid spurt. There are aftershocks, but these add only a little more semen to the initial jet. He tastes of salt and bleach. I hold the come in my mouth and spit it back onto the shaft. Then I press my face in it and take it up again. My tongue licks carefully at the edges and over his groin to ensure that I have recaptured all that he has given me. I swallow and crawl onto his body. He doesn’t kiss me.

In truth, this wasn’t among my hundred best blowjobs. But neither was this man sufficiently collaborative in sex. When we fuck later, I confirm my first impression. I don’t spend the night.

State of the list June 29, 2010

Posted by Leah in Craigslust.
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Craigslist used to be a great way to get laid. I’d post an ad in the early afternoon, come back a few hours later, skim through the two hundred or so responses, send out a couple of conversational feelers, and agree to meet a guy for drinks in the evening. A bit of social interaction lubricated by alcohol led 90% of the time to sexual interaction lubricated by bodily secretions. Of course, the sex wasn’t always exceptional or memorable, but even bad sex can be pretty good. It fills a hole anyway. I have been happy with my experiences. I have found more than my share of casual kink this way.

I was hoping to continue the fine tradition of Craigslust on this side of the Atlantic. London has been a disappointment, however. I posted my ad four times yesterday. Each time it was flagged and removed in less than half an hour. The propositions I received were short and generally uninformative. I don’t blame the guys. They were fighting the clock. I wrote the 23 who managed to get a message to me and asked them to try again, direct to the Gmail inbox. I have initiated a handful of conversations this morning. Well, it’d be a handful if I were a three-toed sloth. With a bit of luck, tonight, tomorrow night, maybe even on Thursday night, I will be sharing a bed with a stranger. I will be wrapping my lips around his shaft. I will suck on the heavy balls and prize his ass cheeks apart and slide my tongue between them. I will work for the reward of the man’s come shooting down my throat. If I am good, he will let me beg. I will position myself on hands and knees and plead for him to place his cock in my needy, greedy cunt and fuck me until I am in a space beyond words. I hope each man leaves marks on my body for the next one to discover. I want this. I want to show my lovers how obedient I am, how I worship cock, how well I fuck.

I expect to write about these encounters. Pseudonyms will be deployed as necessary to preserve anonymity.

Craigslust June 28, 2010

Posted by Leah in Craigslust.
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I posted this ad to the casual encounters board this morning.

New to London – w4m

I moved to London from the States last week. I have had a couple of hookups in the few days I have been in town, but I am looking for more, more, more.

During the past month in the US, I have:

* Had an affair with one of my Mom’s male friends.
* Got spanked with a shoe as a prelude to a fisting.
* Been tied up by an undergraduate in his dorm room.
* Drank coffee flavored with semen.
* Called a man Daddy while he fucked me though we look nothing alike and he was only a decade older.
* Had loving sex with my boyfriend, who is aware of my activities and who I miss very much.

I like to be submissive in the bedroom. I have limits, but I enjoy new experiences. Condoms are non-negotiable in sex.

Age, race, and nationality are not relevant considerations. I have to be attracted to you though, so please include a picture in your reply. I don’t need to see your endowment.

What else? Don’t do drugs or have a venereal disease. Look healthy. Have a sense of humor. Be confident. Know how to have fun!

I am expecting a lot of responses. One liners won’t get you into my pants. Good, or at least grammatical, writing is sexy. Fascinate me. Tell me enough that’s interesting about you to make me want to continue the conversation and then meet. Chances are, if we get together and get on adequately — i.e., you aren’t a troglodyte — the clothes will come off. I don’t need to be courted for what is probably a one night stand. The meeting up will be very casual.

I am curious to discover who will show up in my inbox.

Friday & Saturday June 27, 2010

Posted by Leah in Fucking, Random hookups.


A new city on Tuesday. Wednesday settling in to a new apartment (fortunately it is furnished). Thursday is spent under covers (naked), fighting off jet lag, allergies, and exhaustion. Friday, around noontime, I took the laptop to bed. The boyfriend and I had Skype sex. I brought myself to orgasm with a glass dildo. In the afternoon, after lunch, I watched porn. By evening, I was so goddamned horny, I was determined to bust my London cherry.

I wore the shortest, tightest skirt in my closet. Abercrombie or Fitch (one of the two) had artfully placed a hole that flashed the inner part of my left thigh. I purposely let the top of the black thong show over the waistband in front; it rode up between my cheeks in back. To complete the outfit, I went braless in a low neck, too tight vintage t-shirt that bared the lower midriff.

Dressing like a skank doesn’t make it any easier to hook up. But I wanted to feel like a slut when I did.

At the clubs, I drank pricy cocktails I didn’t pay for. I also drank much watery beer. I danced. Around 1 am, I left with the first boy I found who would do. In his apartment, we had a gin and tonic. In his bedroom, once we had stripped ourselves bare, there was perfunctory sucking of cock and licking of twat. Mostly we got down to the business. It wasn’t the greatest sex I have had. But the cock did its job. I came, feet clutching the air for purchase.

We messed around a little afterwards and shared the bed. I disappointed him by not fucking again. The boy snored, and I slept fitfully. I left his place around 6 am and made my way home.



It was the same basic plan: find a cute walking dildo and use it for sex. Last night, I wore a beige skirt that wasn’t meant for bending over and a light, white shirt with a couple of buttons fastened that would have gone completely transparent in the heat of the clubs had it not been for the darkness inside. To start, I also had on a gray mesh bra that emphasized my chest. Somehow, this morning when I dressed, I couldn’t find the bra with the rest of my clothes. The T-back G-string was still there, however! (Of the two, I would rather have lost the knickers.)

I danced awhile at the club, rubbing my body up against boys and girls — mostly boys. My ears rang with the beat. My soul didn’t. Dancing upright wasn’t my intent. I didn’t feel like going through the motions before going through the motions.

In a new city, where I am perfectly anonymous, I felt aggressive about my sexuality. I went up to two guys, who were standing next to each other at the bar. I offered to go home with the one who could kiss better. The guy I picked was brave enough to slide his hand down my back and cop a feel of my ass through the tight skirt.

I had chosen the right one. This man knew how to fuck. Each time he came at me from above, my legs opened wider for him. The muscles in his forearms stood in relief as he thrust himself into me. I raised myself from the mattress to meet him halfway. We shifted positions whenever he teetered on the edge of his orgasm. Usually, that was whenever my pussy quaked around him. The first time he came, he did so pulling my head backward by the hair while his cock convulsed in my cunt.

The second time we fucked, it was slower paced and less intense. I rode him from above, spinning my pelvis and gyrating my ass around the penis inside me. His hands on my hips guided my movements. After he filled another condom with his seed, my pussy held him as his erection diminished. I buried my face in his chest and pressed my lips over the smooth skin, licking perspiration from the hard plates of his muscles.

In the morning, we fucked a final time. Gods and men enjoy when their names are shouted in ecstasy.

Hello, world! June 27, 2010

Posted by Leah in Autobiography.
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I am a graduate student from the US who is in London until the end of summer 2011. I am here to do research for my Ph.D. My boyfriend is in Boston, Massachusetts. We have an open sex life: we are each fine with the other sleeping around. I am 24. (Born August 15, 1985 in New York City.) I like to be submissive in bed. I play with women on occasion, but vastly prefer men. I make no apologies for being kinky and promiscuous.

This blog recounts my sexual adventures in London.