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State of the list June 29, 2010

Posted by Leah in Craigslust.

Craigslist used to be a great way to get laid. I’d post an ad in the early afternoon, come back a few hours later, skim through the two hundred or so responses, send out a couple of conversational feelers, and agree to meet a guy for drinks in the evening. A bit of social interaction lubricated by alcohol led 90% of the time to sexual interaction lubricated by bodily secretions. Of course, the sex wasn’t always exceptional or memorable, but even bad sex can be pretty good. It fills a hole anyway. I have been happy with my experiences. I have found more than my share of casual kink this way.

I was hoping to continue the fine tradition of Craigslust on this side of the Atlantic. London has been a disappointment, however. I posted my ad four times yesterday. Each time it was flagged and removed in less than half an hour. The propositions I received were short and generally uninformative. I don’t blame the guys. They were fighting the clock. I wrote the 23 who managed to get a message to me and asked them to try again, direct to the Gmail inbox. I have initiated a handful of conversations this morning. Well, it’d be a handful if I were a three-toed sloth. With a bit of luck, tonight, tomorrow night, maybe even on Thursday night, I will be sharing a bed with a stranger. I will be wrapping my lips around his shaft. I will suck on the heavy balls and prize his ass cheeks apart and slide my tongue between them. I will work for the reward of the man’s come shooting down my throat. If I am good, he will let me beg. I will position myself on hands and knees and plead for him to place his cock in my needy, greedy cunt and fuck me until I am in a space beyond words. I hope each man leaves marks on my body for the next one to discover. I want this. I want to show my lovers how obedient I am, how I worship cock, how well I fuck.

I expect to write about these encounters. Pseudonyms will be deployed as necessary to preserve anonymity.


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