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Craigslust June 28, 2010

Posted by Leah in Craigslust.
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I posted this ad to the casual encounters board this morning.

New to London – w4m

I moved to London from the States last week. I have had a couple of hookups in the few days I have been in town, but I am looking for more, more, more.

During the past month in the US, I have:

* Had an affair with one of my Mom’s male friends.
* Got spanked with a shoe as a prelude to a fisting.
* Been tied up by an undergraduate in his dorm room.
* Drank coffee flavored with semen.
* Called a man Daddy while he fucked me though we look nothing alike and he was only a decade older.
* Had loving sex with my boyfriend, who is aware of my activities and who I miss very much.

I like to be submissive in the bedroom. I have limits, but I enjoy new experiences. Condoms are non-negotiable in sex.

Age, race, and nationality are not relevant considerations. I have to be attracted to you though, so please include a picture in your reply. I don’t need to see your endowment.

What else? Don’t do drugs or have a venereal disease. Look healthy. Have a sense of humor. Be confident. Know how to have fun!

I am expecting a lot of responses. One liners won’t get you into my pants. Good, or at least grammatical, writing is sexy. Fascinate me. Tell me enough that’s interesting about you to make me want to continue the conversation and then meet. Chances are, if we get together and get on adequately — i.e., you aren’t a troglodyte — the clothes will come off. I don’t need to be courted for what is probably a one night stand. The meeting up will be very casual.

I am curious to discover who will show up in my inbox.