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Fingered to orgasm July 30, 2011

Posted by Leah in Cunnilingus, Fellatio, Masturbation, Repeated hookups.

I had on white denim shorts and a bright blue tank top. Thin beige bra straps left lines on my shoulders. Gi wore the t-shirt of a band he likes, an incongruously loud pair of shorts, and red socks. Neon Bible played at low volume on the speakers.

We nestled together on the sofa. I lifted his shirt and deposited kisses on his chest. I mouthed the nipples, sucked and licked until they were hard pebbles. My tongue followed the line between the ribs, up from the belly to the midpoint of the torso and back down again. The kisses were audible.

Gi had me raise my arms and removed my top. He struggled with the hook on my bra but succeeded in freeing my breasts, which he then proceeded to suck. Lips on top of the areola applied pressure while the tongue flicked over the nipple at high velocity.

I gasped at the attention.

My hand reached for the tent in his shorts. Having outlined the extension of the shaft through the cotton, I pressed the heel of my palm against the cylindrical bulge and rolled over it.

Gi continued on my breasts. I pulled his head up for a kiss. I inclined my body backward, and Gi lowered on top of me. I liked his body heat as our bare chests made contact. Our tongues fought a boundary skirmish between lips. Occasionally, one of us made incursions through the gap between teeth, only to be chased out.

I loosened the shorts and reached into the boxers to extract his cock. The head stuck out the top. I bent at the waist to lower my lips onto the swollen crown.

Gi smoothed his hand over my shoulders and back. A hand slipped through the dip at the small of my back into my jean shorts. Gi feathered his middle finger into the cleft of my ass. He cupped the buttocks possessively.

He didn’t let me suck him long. He pulled me up for a kiss. His tongue lapped at the saliva on my chin.

I undid my belt buckle and tugged the buttons of my fly open. The yellow panties I wore had a mesh panel in the front. My arousal had seeped into the fabric. Gi placed his hand on top. The fingers made a curve as he followed the depression in the center. I bent my right leg at the knee and pressed it flush against the cushioned sofa back. Hooking my left leg between his, I separated my thighs as far as the denim allowed.

The tips of the fingers tweaked my pussy lips, which were thick and swollen and still sensitive after the workout that Amadeo had administered two days before. Gi rubbed the digits along the slit. The mesh abraded lightly along the flesh. It made me squirm.

I had one arm behind his back. My hand tilted his face down to meet my lips. He gave me his tongue to suck.

The hand slipped under the elastic waistband of the panties. He extended a digit to hold a long note on my slit. The flesh of my pubis sloshed from side to side like a liquid as he shook his fingers laterally.

I moaned with the pleasure of it through open mouthed kisses.

As he stroked my cunt, I reached for his cock so that I could hold some part of him. My fingers tightened over Gi’s scrotum and massaged it through his shorts. I gripped the short hairs on the back of his head as the already intense kisses became still more so.

At moments, a finger dipped past the lips into the entrance of my vagina. Mostly, he stroked the labia and circled the clit. The movements were slow and steady, but they were firm. My leg twitched.

As my need became more urgent, I stopped kissing him. My eyes screwed shut, and my cheeks winched up. Knowing that I would come, I grimaced at the acuteness of the sensations below. My buttocks pressed against Gi’s thigh as my body shifted nearer to him. The wetness leaked from me. My pussy made soft sucking sounds.

My eyes flashed open, and I saw Gi looking down, staring intently at my face. A loud sigh escaped my lips as he touched a sensitive nerve exactly that way.

He rubbed me harder. He took hold of a tit and covered the nipple with his mouth. I squeaked and giggled with the pleasure of it. My body wriggled from my waist down to my toes.

I squeezed my breasts and compacted my legs about his hand. The clit shuddered. The pussy imploded and turned inside out. The orgasm exuded out of me. It wet my thighs and left my panties moist. His hand was slick in my spendings.

Gi kissed me once I had finished writhing. He went to the floor and removed the shorts and the panties and feasted on my cunt. Before long, his tongue and lips had me coming again. My fluids drenched the cushions of his couch.


1. max - August 2, 2011

mmm, very wet and wettening

2. reva - August 2, 2011

How does Gi feel about the bruises left over from Amadeo?

Leah - August 5, 2011

My regulars know that I am not exclusive. The ones who remain my partners accept this fact.

3. Leah - August 10, 2011

Thanks, Fleshbot!

4. Gilly - August 12, 2011

More and more, I like the sound of Gi:) Great writing, as per usual

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