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Half a dozen snapshots November 11, 2010

Posted by Leah in Anilingus, Bondage, Breath play, Buggery, D/s, Fellatio, Fucking, Masturbation, Repeated hookups, Spanking.

1. Amadeo stopped me on the winding staircase again. He squeezed my buttocks and placed his hand between my legs. I liked the contact of the fingers on my pussy. The friction through the layers of cloth made me wet. This is apparently a standard move of his as he had done it before. I enjoyed the attention from below and behind. I whispered that I wished he had touched me this way on the escalator at the underground. At the top of the stairs, he wrapped his arm around my waist and pressed himself against me. He told me to suck in my breath, and when I did, his hand slipped under the waistband of my jeans and into my panties. The back of the hand made a visible bulge as he tugged at my lips. Amadeo asked me how long it would take me to come from masturbation. When I answered that it would take ten or fifteen minutes, he glanced at his watch and chose the first number and instructed me to come. He rolled his digits over my clit. Three other apartments opened onto the staircase. I leaned my weight backward into his body and bit my lips to keep myself silent while my pussy sucked greedily at his finger. Ten minutes later, when he removed his hand from my jeans, I had not achieved orgasm. I was disappointed with myself. I felt I had let him down. Once we had entered his apartment, I apologized. He said I deserved a punishment, and I agreed. He cuffed me on each side of the face. Afterwards, I brought his fingertips to my lips and kissed them.

2. In the bedroom, he bade me to strip. As he lowered the lights, I offered to put on a show for him. He declined. Once he had dispatched his clothes, he threw me on the bed and thrust into me from above. My pussy hadn’t been fucked in a week. It was a snug fit for the cock. This was not gentle loving he offered. I had reminded him over dinner that I enjoyed breath play, so his hand squeezed my throat. Instinctually, my arms flailed at him. I clawed at his forearm ineffectually, swatting at the muscles corded in relief. While I squirmed and writhed under him, the cock slammed into me. His spittle landed on my face as he called me names. The sex didn’t last long. He pounded me brutally for about five minutes before coming. Once again, I didn’t. But the constriction of my throat left me panting for breath. My pussy was drenched.

3. Amadeo chained me to the radiator. My hands were cuffed to the sides. He found a rattan cane in his closet and angled my ass up in the air. His hands ran over the flesh of the buttocks and heated them with a deep massage. When he was satisfied at my preparation, he told me that he would administer five strokes and directed me to count them aloud. The hits came hard, light, medium along the backs of the thighs, HARD, and MASSIVELY HARD on top. I yelped at the blows. The flesh stung fiendishly when he finished. He released me and had me look at myself in the mirror. Red stripes ran along my ass, perpendicular to the crease. Though he smeared ointment on my skin, the next day, the welts remained. I felt echoes of the final two strikes when I sat.

4. We had whisky in his kitchen, both of us naked. I touched my fingers to the drink in my glass and anointed it over his cock. Bending at the waist, I sucked, tasting the Talisker from his skin.

5. In his bedroom, he cuffed me to the radiator again. He prised apart the cheeks, which were recalcitrant and raw from the caning. I recoiled at his touch, but he gripped me tighter and licked at my asshole. Once it shone with his saliva, he squeezed lube inside and layered it over the condom as well. He held the buttocks open and touched the knob against my sphincter. Amadeo ordered me to place his cock inside my anus. I shifted on my knees and clenched my teeth as I brought my asshole back against the glans. It felt as though I was being ripped apart on the entry. My grip tight on the restraints, I took a deep breath and forced myself to take the cock in partway. He held himself steady, but otherwise let me do the work. Swallowing back the pain of penetration, I seesawed like a rocking horse, sodomizing myself until I had the penis embedded to the balls. His praise was my reward. He used my hair for reins, and he fucked me. This time I also came. The wetness from my cunt splashed his carpet. I had rug burns on my knees.

6. In the end, we spooned on his big bed. I raked my nails through the hair on his chest and pressed his hand against my tits. The wet and sloppy kisses sustained me. He raised his shin against my pussy and asked me to masturbate myself by humping his leg. I obeyed. I peeled the lips flat and rubbed my clit from the knee to the bony midpoint of the lower leg. It took me a while, but I had my second orgasm of the night. After that, we went to sleep, me on my belly, with my sore ass pointed in the air, covered by silk sheets and a woolen blanket, but warmed by the man beside me.


1. rusty bill - November 12, 2010

A wonderfully satisfying read. i almost don’t need to masturbate (but of course I will).

2. Leah - November 12, 2010

Thanks, Fleshbot!

3. redains - November 13, 2010

I liked the Talisker flavored cock in #4. You are beautifully inventive.

Otherwise, I don’t think I like Amadeo. But then, I’m not the consenting adult, am I?

Leah - November 13, 2010

Hmmm. What don’t you like about Amadeo?

4. redains - November 13, 2010

I’m an American. For me caning and chaining is a really weird British thing. I don’t understand how you can like it. But in Rome, do as the Romans do.

But you have me fantasizing now. I want to alternate between brief dips in ice cold Scotch and long luscious dips in your throat. I’ll bet you have really good tongue technique.

Would you want me to cum in the Scotch or in your throat? If I cum in the Scotch, I would want half.

Maybe this weirds you out.

Leah - November 13, 2010

I am just as American, and I find it exciting. I wouldn’t like a caning every day. I am sore for a long while afterwards. But the endorphin rush and the pain and the activation of all those nerves during — that’s a sensory experience better than sex. So I indulge from time to time.

I have always found prolonged oral more intimate than vaginal or anal. I like to believe that by now I qualify as an expert fellatrix.

I don’t know if the taste of come would work with the taste of whisky. I’d love to find out. It is an incontrovertible fact that semen improves a breakfast. I like men who aren’t afraid of their own come.

5. redains - November 13, 2010

We could try a lot of different whiskies until we hit on the right one. My cum is pretty mild; a little on the sweet-salt side. I think it would nicely soften up a harsh Islay malt.

What kind of breakfast do you have in London? Bangers and Mash, with Spotted Dick? I’m having trouble envisioning this menu.

Leah - November 13, 2010

It’s usually cereal, juice, coffee, a banana, and a bagel. Trade eggs and toast for the bagel if I am hungry or have the extra time.

All I am saying is that a spray of come in the coffee or semen spread over the toast enhances the taste.

6. redains - November 13, 2010

As a connoisseur of good whisky, personally enhanced food and good writing, I think you might like


It is on whisky, by Belle de Jour, before she adopted that pen name, and before she began her famous brief stint as a call girl. She just signs herself as Brooke here.

It is about whisky and a lover who introduced her to it when she was very young. It is sensual but not sexual, down to a single sentence near the end. She just throws it in, totally unexpected and amazingly hot, changing your whole understanding of the story she has been telling.

(The Omnivore archive has a bowdlerized version that omits this sentence. It’s like knocking the cock off a statue of Apollo.)

Leah - November 14, 2010

Thanks for the pointer. I admire Belle de Jour’s writing. It’s a joy to discover more of it.

7. Bill - November 14, 2010

You are a dirty whore, and I love that about you.

Leah - November 14, 2010

Funny. Someone else called me that last night.

Thanks for the love.

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