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The hawk November 19, 2010

Posted by Leah in Anilingus, Cunnilingus, D/s, Fellatio, Fucking, Repeated hookups.

Amadeo uses spit to keep me aware of my submissive state.

From the edge of the cushion of the couch, my fingers unbuttoned the fly of his jeans. He sent me to my knees: the place where a slut belongs, he said. The bare chested torso cast its shadow over me. Before he would let me suck his penis, he had me tilt my face up, stick my tongue out, and spread my jaws wide. I looked up at him expectantly, like a baby bird. The cord of expectorate he lowered onto my face missed. It landed on my chin and dribbled down my throat and accumulated at the hollow of my collar. The second and third time he spit, the saliva rained on my tongue just as he intended. He had me swish it around and swallow.

Later, in his bed, I sucked the cock again, this time to completion. Amadeo and I both knelt, me in panties and bra, feet crossed at the ankles, him on his shins with the thighs apart. My head bobbed slowly over him while he reached around me to curve his hand atop my rump. The grip of fingers tight on the lower part of the shaft, my lips nursed at the crown, and my tongue lapped the apron of foreskin where it wrinkled and layered below the glans. When Amadeo flattened onto his back, I twisted sideways and ran my tongue across the hairy balls and swabbed over the perineum. Pressing the side of my face into the mattress, I closed my eyes and flicked my tongue over his anus, echoing the movements of our earlier kisses. I gently mouthed the sac and then returned my attention to his asshole, leaving wet smacks over the rough textured skin. When I sucked his cock again, his hands swiped the hair out of my face so that he could watch. The pressure of his palm on my forehead tipped my mandible up. He raised himself to a crouch and spit in my face. The saliva landed on the bridge of my nose and fell along the upper lip. It was his silken caress. His come collected in a pale, milk pool on his thigh when the blowjob finished. I lapped cat-like at the cloudy waters until there was no more semen.

Amadeo had me wash his hand clean of my juices after he had licked and fingered me to a string of orgasms. When I could taste myself on his skin no longer, he cupped his hand to his mouth and filled the depression of the broad palm with his spit. He lowered his hand to me, stretched it flat, and bade me drink.

By then he had recovered his erection, and we proceeded to fuck. We shifted positions until we ended with me face down and flat on the mattress while he ejaculated in my cunt. After his penultimate orgasm, we cuddled in bed. My pussy was sated by this man. My limbs were heavy and slow moving. I pillowed my head on his chest and luxuriated in the fold of his arms, blanketed by the cozy afterglow of sex. Long minutes passed while Amadeo held my breasts and toyed with my nipples and feathered his index finger over my furrow. When he propped himself upright, he pushed my body to a sitting position as well. His hand tightened on my chin. Cheek resting against my forehead, he released a stream of expectorate to course along my nose. It rolled around my lips. He caught the saliva with his fingers and directed it into my mouth. While I sucked his fingers, his lips pecked the top of my head paternally through the hair. He called me “his good girl,” and I melted into him.

We fucked one more time in the morning before showering together and preparing for our workdays. This time, after the orgasm, he simply covered my mouth with his and filled the yawning space with his spittle. It dropped onto the roof of my mouth and caromed into my throat. The seal of our lips was tight; the saliva all went in; there was no trail of slobber anywhere outside. I tasted him on my palate all through the morning.