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About David January 3, 2012

Posted by Leah in Bondage, Cunnilingus, D/s, Fellatio, Fucking, Repeated hookups, Spanking.

A reader asked about David. This is how we met.

David contacted me on OkCupid, where both of us list casual sex among our interests. We traded a couple of messages on the site, then moved to e-mail. In the course of the conversation, I explained that I was a bedroom submissive in search of kink. I was seeking a relationship in the best case scenario, but would be happy to have a regular play partner. He preferred the latter arrangement. Like me, he had learned the ropes of bdsm on the scene, but indulged exclusive in private play these days.

On our first date — drinks and dinner — David and I hardly spoke of sex at all. As such meetings often are, it was a tad awkward to start, but we warmed to each other in time and lingered over dessert. I appreciated his intelligence and lightning wit. We took a walk along the river, and he saw me to the T and gave me a kiss on the cheek at our parting.

He called me on a Sunday night that weekend, and we had a two hour conversation about D/s. His views are compatible with mine. It’s a fun way to play but isn’t a lifestyle. It arouses me beyond measure to submit to a strong man. I’m a pain slut, who enjoys the powerlessness of bondage. The psychology of submission appeals far more than the paraphernalia. Safeword and condoms are mandatory impedimenta. He and I ended up having phone sex.

When we met up a second time, David and I negotiated boundaries over coffee and cake and proceeded to his bedroom. He undressed me and tied me up. My forearms were bound to my lower legs just above the ankles. My head dangled off the edge of the mattress. He had me arch my back off the bed and separate my knees as far as I could manage. David slapped my breasts and spanked my pubis. He beat me with a wooden spoon and with a riding crop. He stood on the mattress straddling me and dripped candle wax down from a height. With his weight on top of my body, he tit fucked me. With a vibrator inserted in my cunt, he ate my pussy to orgasm. I screamed pleasure through the panties that were stuffed in my mouth and the bondage tape over my lips.

David ripped the tape from my mouth, extracted the panties, and replaced them with his cock. As he throat fucked me, his hands mauled my tits. I was upside down, and the blood rushed to my head. I took his come shot over my face. He spanked my pussy again with the riding crop and made amends for the pain by fucking me to a state of euphoric senselessness. I came repeatedly and begged David to deliver his orgasm to me.

We have been quasi-dating ever since. When I am tied to his bed, he kisses me softly and whispers a promise to hurt me, and I whimper at the thought, but by the end of the session, inevitably, I am the one asking him for more pain because the accompanying pleasure is so much greater that way. Our friendship is not exclusively based upon bdsm. We go to old movies together. He is a professor — different subject, different university — and was helpful and encouraging during the job application process.

I met his other lover once. She’s a social worker, in her thirties. They were at a cocktail lounge. David saw me at the bar and waved me to their table to join them for a drink. She and I didn’t compare notes about our common dom, but I saw the rope burns on her wrists.


1. Genius - January 3, 2012

I really enjoy reading your blog and am happy that you are updating it again. This is literally the most fascinating and insightful blog I’ve ever read.

Happy New Year.

Leah - January 4, 2012

Thanks for the kind words. Happy new year to you as well, and to all my readers.

2. TheSalaciousStranger - January 4, 2012

It is extraordinarily sexy to share D/s with women who are intelligent and independent yet seduced by strength and competence as opposed to those interested in the “lifestyle” and aforementioned protocol. That’s one reason your writing is so appealing.

Congratulations on finding a suitable, sexy partner. Lately I have also enjoyed gagging women with their own panties so the image made me smile.

3. David - January 5, 2012

Shouldn’t professors in a university be a bit more discreet than meeting strangers for d/s?
Just curious. Think I’d be terrified at my reputation being ruined

Leah - January 5, 2012

His profile doesn’t say that he is a professor or mention kink. I found that out later in conversation when I volunteered that I was a graduate student and said that I was open to various possibilities. Perhaps it is a bit indiscreet to list casual sex along with a picture. But single university professors also date, and at least these days, there isn’t a stigma associated to sites like OkCupid in the US. In any case, given his field, I think it’s less likely to be a problem.

4. David - January 5, 2012

Thank you for your reply. It is most appreciated. I read on as I have from the beginning with interest and intrigue, more than anything, from someone who is by his own definition, quite conventional.

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