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Simon says December 30, 2011

Posted by Leah in D/s, Fellatio, Repeated hookups.

I saw David before I left for the Xmas holiday, and I saw him again before heading out to the UK. He and I played Simon Says last night. The penalty for each transgression of the rules was one drop of candle wax on a sensitive place. From experimentation, we knew that it would hurt like hell but would not leave marks on the skin. I would be bound while he administered the penalty.

It started easily enough: “Simon says strip.” I did.

David stood and undressed and sat naked on the easy chair in his living room. “On your knees,” he instructed, and I properly ignored the command. He smiled and repeated it with the appropriate preface. I complied. His cock was hard. He stroked it. I began crawling to him.

“Simon didn’t say come here, bitch,” remarked David.

“I am sorry.”

“Simon didn’t say you could talk either.”

I froze and waited. David was a bastard sometimes. His students must hate that he was a stickler for rules.

“Come here.”

I didn’t so much as blink.

“Simon says wash my feet.”

I walked to the kitchen, soaped up the sponge in the sink, and went to him. On my knees, I scrubbed his feet clean and dried them with the dishtowel. Clearly, this wasn’t what he expected, but the rules had been followed. My aspect was smug in consequence.

David thrust the sole of his foot at my closed lips. “Lick,” he said. I turned my face to the side. The foot swatted at my cheek.

He pointed his penis upright. “Cunt,” he said. (It was wet.) “Simon says lick my balls.”

This I happily did. My lips applied suction to the hemispheres of the scrotum. I tongued the sac as I held each testicle between my lips. I spread my jaws and took both of the balls inside together. The tongue lapped at the coarsely textured skin. He kept me at it for long minutes. Thick saliva coated the balls. Because it pleased him, he fingered my nipples. He pinched them tight and dug his nails in. I winced at the abrupt jolt of pain, but I continued my oral ministrations on the scrotum without interruption.

“Suck my cock.”

I looked up at him. My lips steadfastly munched on his balls.

“Good girl. Simon says deepthroat.”

This was patently unfair. I yawned immensely and lowered my mouth on the shaft as far as I could manage in the absence of preparation. Suppressing the gag reflex, I filled my mouth with spit and made a concerted effort to reach his balls. I had three-quarters of his length inside.

“That isn’t deepthroat,” he said. His hand pressed on the back of my head and compelled me down. By instinct, I resisted, pulled away, and coughed.

“That counts as three and four.”

I took the crown into my lips again. I made my throat loose and forced myself to take the cock in to its root. By sheer effort, I accomplished the feat. My eyes were watering when I had the knob seated in my throat. My lips kissed the lip of his sac. The hand on top of my head held me down longer than was comfortable. Tears escaped the corners of my eyes when David let me surface for air.

“Now suck,” he said. I did. I realized that this was my fifth infraction a microsecond after I had commenced the act of fellatio. David noted it, too. He slapped the side of a tit.

He glanced at his watch. “Simon says make me come. Simon says you have exactly five minutes.”

David has stamina. I pulled out all the stops in the time allotted. I tried but failed. Even the index finger pushed up against the prostate didn’t do the trick.

“Six,” he intoned.

I nodded.

“Well, keep sucking.”

I didn’t.

“Simon says suck me slow.”

I kissed the crown, tongued around the glans, took the head inside, and glacially slid my lips down the shaft. I took the penis in by degrees. To begin, I had the top half of it contained in my mouth on the downstroke, then two-thirds, then three-quarters. He sighed expressively and let me suck him slowly, softly, and with intent. I rotated my face and collapsed my cheeks and lifted my tongue against the underside of the rigid cock. The spit leaked from my lips and trailed to his balls. I scratched the insides of his thighs. His eyes were shut in contentment. Though I kept mine downcast for the most part, once a minute or twice, I tilted my head up, which lifted his penis, and glanced upon his countenance with enormous eyes that blinked slowly closed. My face lowered and twisted on his shaft. The constitution of the cock flesh altered minutely between my lips. It went on. I don’t know how long I sucked him this way. I felt the solidity of the hardwood floor in my knees and the balls of my toes. The discomfort enhanced in me the sense and the quality of my submission.

Suddenly, David’s hands grabbed the sides of my head. He fucked my mouth as though it was my cunt. The pelvis flared out, and he lifted from his seat to penetrate deeper and harder. He was suspended in air when his musculature tensed. An iron grip obliged me to keep the glans inside my throat.

“Swallow,” he said when he had finished his spasms. The shape of the orgasm and the geography of our bodies left me no choice. It was done already. His semen barreled directly into my esophagus.

He cast me back and chuckled softly.

“Salmon says clean me off.”

I licked the sides of the shaft and curled my tongue at the pearl of come lodged within the aperture.

“I said Salmon says, not Simon says,” David observed, pointedly.

I hadn’t noted the first word. He may have slurred it. This was surely cheating. I laughed at his audacity. To avenge myself, I took the skin of the right half of the scrotum between my teeth, bit down, and tugged. I persisted in washing the cock.

“Game over. Simon says game over,” David announced, after I had finished. “Let’s call it nine.” His fingers swept over my slit and brushed against the clit.

Cocksucking had aroused me. I wondered how long it would be before David fucked my pussy. I wanted him to dominate me. I wanted to rut on hands and knees. I wanted to compress the walls of my cunt about his shaft. I wanted to come for him repeatedly, at his word, and be the agency of his pleasure. I nosed at the balls and kissed wetly where I had a moment ago nipped. The penis folded over the scrotum. It reminded me of an elephant’s trunk. The head hung below the testicles. I sunk low and mouthed the glans. Kisses led to his feet. I licked above the toes.

“Leah says ten.”


1. feministsub - December 31, 2011

That is a brilliant idea!

2. TheSalaciousStranger - December 31, 2011

You seem to very much enjoy protocol. I enjoy the psychology of Dominance/submission immensely but this kind of protocol has never been a part of my ritual because for me it would distract from the visceral nature of sex, though as usual you write exceptionally well about the passion shared between you and your partner.

By the way, sentences such as

“I licked the sides of the shaft and curled my tongue at the pearl of come lodged within the aperture.”

are beautiful, tender and expressive in ways that convey how much you love sex, cock and submission. They are one of the things which set your writing apart and I look forward to more.

Leah - December 31, 2011

Thank you for the kind words about the writing.

Rituals develop in any relationship. It might just be cuddling after sex. I don’t think it diminishes the spontaneity of the act, or its visceral nature. The rituals arise from comfort and familiarity. We know what makes a lover happy. I don’t view Simon Says as being about the protocol. It’s a children’s game. We have adapted it to a D/s context so that it’s now an adult game. But it remains fundamentally a game. If it wasn’t fun, I wouldn’t play. The rules aren’t serious. The various infractions supplied an excuse for the wax play that followed, but we would have done that anyway.

I view protocol in D/s more as the Sir/Master, capitalize his pronoun, wear his collar, genuflect at all times and obey thing. This isn’t me. I don’t take sex or myself that seriously.

TheSalaciousStranger - December 31, 2011

It seems like a natural expression of your tender/playful side. It is interesting that you appreciate such a wide variety of styles of Dominance/sexual partners, from Amadeo’s “total” control to Yoshio’s apparent enjoyment of being cuckolded. I always gravitate towards being in control, regardless of the partner or context.

Leah - January 2, 2012

The different lovers are unique. They have distinct kinks. I am more omnivorous than most. In part, the submissive mindset I bring to sex involves accommodating the desires of my partner and amplifying his responses. I enjoy the sexual variety I experience from proceeding in this way.

3. adissolutelifemeans - December 31, 2011

Gorgeous. I sucked a ridiculously lovely cock last night and suckled him dry, as well. Your fellatio description brought it all back. My pussy pulsed. Thank you.

4. nina - December 31, 2011

OMFG. It’s so great to see that you’re blogging again. You have a knack for making me so fucking wet. How do you find a David?

Leah - December 31, 2011

Check OkCupid. I will say more about how we met at some point, but, as I don’t want to spend all afternoon in front of a computer, it will have to wait.

5. Anonymous - December 31, 2011

Great Leah love to buy you a drink when you come back to the UK.

Leah - December 31, 2011

Thanks for the offer, but unfortunately, I am not meeting up with my readers.

6. Derek Ainsley - January 2, 2012

Your words are the most powerful aphrodisiac I know. My cock starts responding as soon as I see the long scroll of your words, even before I start to read. I am your Pavlov’s dog. I think that means you are domming me by your exquisite tales of submission. So glad you are back-

Leah - January 2, 2012

Thanks for the comment. I am glad you like the scrolls of words.

7. N. Likes - January 3, 2012

Lovely. The words are great, the concept even better. The greatest joy of dominance and submission for me is playfulness – when people make it all serious, it loses its excitement. I love laughing when dominating, hearing a laugh from a submissive….


Leah - January 4, 2012

My feeling is that if you aren’t laughing during sex, you’re doing it all wrong.

N. Likes - January 4, 2012

Well, unless you’re gagged. In which case a little giggling is o.k. Or screaming, or crying. I guess. But still, I like the laughing sort best of all.

8. Leah - January 4, 2012

Thanks, Fleshbot!

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