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Unspectacular sex February 8, 2011

Posted by Leah in Cunnilingus, Fellatio, Fucking, Random hookups, Repeated hookups.

Friday night, my roommate persuaded me to a party. Tipsy with drink, I left with a guy around one in the morning. In his early thirties, he wasn’t particularly cute, but he told entertaining stories about Kenya, where he works for an NGO. At his place, I sucked, he licked, and we fucked. I no longer remember the sequence of events. I no longer remember whether I came that night. The cock was functional. The sex was serviceable. The hours we spent naked together were insignificant. It was like a meal that filled the belly, but failed to excite the palate and wasn’t memorable for the company. Going through the motions yielded only a diffuse pleasure. We sweated. We grunted. We slept. Details of the assignation were forgotten by morning.

After the concert on Saturday, several of us went for drinks at a pub. Following a couple of rounds, I went home with Daniel. I had brought condoms this time, and so had he. Foreplay was brief: kisses, his hand in my pants, lips mouthing his erection through the dressy black trousers, a hasty undressing. In the bedroom, he was on top of me the first time. For the second fuck, I rode Daniel from above. In the morning: an interlude of doggy and then cocksucking. My hand twisted on the main part of the stem as he came. Semen dripped on my lips and tongue. Again, sex existed as a utilitarian exercise that satisfied a body’s needs.

Amadeo is in Bonn this week. The usual mid-week date on a Wednesday night is deferred. I must amuse myself otherwise.


1. thepostmanalwaysrings - February 8, 2011

Many thanks for sharing that with us…again a great read, and says it all about ‘unspectaculor sex’ for sex’s sake…thank you.

2. Just curious - February 8, 2011

Was Mr. Friday black?

Leah - February 8, 2011

I am not saying he is. I am not saying he isn’t. What difference could it possibly make?

3. Lady - February 8, 2011

I love this entry.
Though not as graphic as your usual entries, it’s still sexy in it’s simplicity and really showcases your writing talent. I particularly enjoyed the last paragraph.

Leah - February 8, 2011

Thanks for the comment. I am grateful.

4. elsiewrites - February 9, 2011

Call me perverse (!), but sometimes mediocre sex is more fun to write about…

I agree with Lady, the final paragraph is very nicely written. I think I would have actually liked you to expand on the so-so sex a little more, though not necessarily in a graphic way. And don’t get me wrong, I certainly enjoy reading (in a graphic way, yes!) about all the good, hot sex you have.

Leah - February 9, 2011

Though the latter may yield the better story, I prefer no sex at all to bad sex. Mediocre sex serves as a stopgap measure, the good enough in contrast to the good. I don’t derive any special pleasure in writing about the so-so encounter, however. I find it an uninspiring subject.

The first time with a partner always presents a surprise. One doesn’t know what to expect. Having had a nice initial encounter with Daniel I encountered disappointment at the unremarkable quality of Saturday’s sex. I expected better. When one is promiscuous, there are bound to be extra ordinary nights along with the extraordinary ones. The hope of experiencing the extraordinary keeps me going.

5. thepostmanalwaysrings - February 9, 2011

I agree with what Elsie and Lady have said about the last paragraph…however I must say that often after ‘mediocre sex’ I often wonder if I would have been better with just masturbation and a wonderful fantasy. At least with masturbation you do not then have to go through the stages of saying farewells to someone and any politeness…which is basically just a way of saying ‘thanks for the okay sex, but now I’d prefer to be on my own’.
Toss up between ‘mediocre meaningless sex’ and masturbation and my mind would always say masturbation. Sadly however, the body doesn’t always follow the mind.

6. Lacey Kay - February 9, 2011

Going-through-the-motions sex. No fun 😦 Wishing you much better adventures in the weeks ahead!

Leah - February 9, 2011

Thanks for the good wishes!

7. A.M.G. - February 10, 2011

Sorry to hear the sex isn’t great every single time. Considering all the spectacular sex you have given me, you deserve spectacular sex every single time you screw.

Leah - February 10, 2011

Thanks for the good wishes. I am a bit confused though. What spectacular sex have I given you?

A.M.G. - February 10, 2011

Sorry for the confusion! We have never met.

I read your blog aloud to myself and masturbate.

8. oldgringo666 - February 10, 2011

I wonder if Daniel thought the sex was mediocre. You should offer your partners a guest blog spot to tell us what they thought of you. Maybe you blew all of Daniel’s fuses too early and left the poor man helpless.

Leah - February 10, 2011

Maybe. I do wonder what my lovers think.

9. oldgringo666 - February 12, 2011

Is Daniel a good flautist? I have a theory that musical and sexual artistry are the same at the deep brain level. You should try him again and take it easier and slower.

Leah - February 13, 2011

He isn’t good enough to make a career out of it, but he is very good — better than me anyway. We have been e-mailing this morning, and I may be heading over to his place in the afternoon to mess around.

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