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Final audition February 14, 2011

Posted by Leah in Cunnilingus, Fellatio, Fucking, Repeated hookups.

Daniel and I exchanged flirtatious e-mails in the morning. He invited me to his place for afternoon tea. We have had sex twice before. The expectation was that this would be our third time. I am looking for another fuck buddy to supplement time spent with Amadeo. This suited me.

I showed up at his place around three in the afternoon and stayed till five. Tea foregone, we proceeded to the bedroom immediately upon my arrival.

In bed, we spent time kissing. I liked how his hands explored my body as the kisses deepened. He applied a light touch to my shoulders, then followed the line of my spine. The fingers smoothed along the curve of my buttocks and the extension of the thigh. He cupped my breasts softly. He spread his fingers over my cheeks, just grazing an ear, while his tongue fluttered in the space beyond my lips.

My fingers made deft work of the buttons on his shirt and continued to his trousers. Once I had him naked, my fingers wrapped his shaft. Lips and tongue mapped the precise borders of the muscles of his chest and abdomen. My fingers traversed each of his ribs as I descended the ladder.

Swiping the hair on the pubis aside, I accepted the shaft into my mouth. My head was positioned at a sideways angle. My lower lip dragged along the side of the erection. I lifted the tongue against the cock. My mouth filled up with saliva as I gave him suck. Sliding along the roof of my mouth, the glans fell easily into my throat. I breathed carefully through my nose and swallowed with the muscles in the back. Suction on his balls made him groan.

He gathered the curtain of hair that shadowed my face and held it out of the way so that he could enjoy the visual experience of the blowjob. Through my black t-shirt, Daniel unhooked the clasp on the bra. He reached down and rubbed his hand between my shoulder blades.

When I surfaced from fellatio, I kissed him again. He brought my arms up. I crossed them and tugged off the shirt. I slipped off the bra and hung it from his cock, which made us laugh.

He pulled me against him. I laid on my side with his arms wrapping me.

Daniel ran his fingers over the apex of my legs. His hand gripped my cunt through the blue jeans. I felt the moisture that escaped my pussy collecting against the cloth.

He reached inside my pants. The back of his hand made the denim bulge as he stretched his fingers and rubbed them against the grain of the cunt.

I loosened the belt and pulled my jeans off. The tips of Daniel’s fingers padded lightly over the gusset of the thong underwear. He discerned the silhouette the lips made in the fabric and pressed his thumb down hard into the indentation in between and rotated it. I twisted my hips and gyrated my pelvis against his hand.

Before long, my knickers were off. My hand curled around his erection. The fingers stroked up and down. I bent to taste the precome that had beaded at the cyclops eye.

We cycled through a series of sexual poses. He held his cock upright for me. I sucked on the crown while my thighs straddled his head. His tongue reached into my cunt. I squatted over his face while he licked my pussy. I sat on top of his cock after that. The penetration transpired inch by inch. I kept my hands behind me and held his thighs for balance as I bounced my cunt over him. Then I leaned over so my breasts would drag across his chest. He sat me on the edge of his desk and took me from a standing position. After this, he squatted on the carpet and towed me to the ground. I brought my hands up over my shoulders and pushed my weight off the floor, arching my back to him. Daniel supported my thighs over his. The penetration of his cock was maximal this way. In the next iteration, I kicked my feet off of his shoulders while he fucked me from above. He lifted me from the carpet and propped me up by the back and the ass while his cock hammered into me. I laid on my belly while he fucked me from behind. I orgasmed as he pounded me on all fours. He came shortly thereafter. I licked the semen from his penis and tipped the condom over so that I could drink that, too.

Daniel’s second eruption arrived unexpectedly during a footjob. After having been eaten to a sequence of starburst orgasms, I teased his cock. I kissed the semen where it pooled on his thighs and groin. I licked the spot of come that had landed on my foot and sucked it from the sheets as well.

I enjoyed the encounter with Daniel. In the end, the foreplay and the oral sex were better than the fucking. We also didn’t talk enough. He may continue as an occasional lay, but he won’t be promoted to full fuck buddy status. I still seek a regular.