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A sudden redness October 9, 2010

Posted by Leah in Craigslust, D/s, Fucking, Spanking.

The fourth story window opens to the street. My head is outside. The chill hits my face and breasts. It vivifies me.

I am aware of the details of my surroundings, conscious of my situation and my nakedness. Cars line the curb. Wind rustles the leaves on the tall trees in the small garden across the court. The crescent shaped cut of road itself lacks human activity. But I hear voices and the growl of automobiles on the nearby thoroughfare. The sound of laughter carries through the air. I glance up at my wrist, at the watch my parents gave me. It reads 4:30, more or less. The paint on the lintel is worn.

He views me from behind, surveying my body from every angle. His touch smooths over my back and shoulders. A finger trails along the run of the spine. He palms my ass, one cheek gripped by each hand. A shoe kicks lightly at my foot. It coaxes the legs apart. He squats and stares up at my cunt from below. His fingers graze the moist lips.

Coltrane plays on the stereo. I sway to the rhythm until a police siren breaks my reverie. I catch his eye over my shoulder and smile shyly.

He lifts to his feet. The worn leather scrapes against the denim of his jeans as he slashes the belt free. The buckle makes a jingling noise.

I stand with knees locked and legs spread. My ass juts out where I bend.

He positions himself to the side. The belt is folded in half. He brings it over his hand, catches and releases. The leather makes a soft slap. The gesture repeats.

“Ask me for it,” he says conversationally.

“Whip me,” I tell him, after a moment’s hesitation. I feel the heat in my cheeks, a sudden redness. My palms sweat. Sometimes it embarrasses me to have to ask.

I screw my eyes shut and wait to feel the movement of the air in back and hear the woosh of the belt an instant before I experience the blow in my skin and muscles and nerves. My grip tightens on the wood at the side of the window. I wonder if anyone is watching.

The anticipation and nervousness are the first pleasures of the afternoon. Though I scream through the window, the pain and the endorphins and the tears are the next, followed closely by the orgasm that his fingers draw from my eager cunt when he has finished. The cock entering my pussy while he grasps the sore and stinging buttocks and I clasp the window frame for support is the fourth. This time I scream for a different reason entirely. The last and greatest thrill is the emptying of his balls.

I like that I have given this man pleasure with my body. From my knees, I kiss the inside of his wrist. I place other kisses on the heel of his hand, on his open palm and the fingers to thank him.