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The end (for real) February 5, 2012

Posted by Leah in Gallimaufry.

Once upon a time (or two years ago) there was a young woman — let’s call her Leah, though this is not her name — who spent happy hours in pursuit of obscure bits of knowledge. Having acquired the notion that this would become her life’s work, Leah found it necessary to take leave of her family and her friends and the places that she knew. She traversed a wide ocean to live for some months in the bosom of a largish city on a small and perpetually wet island in a northern sea. This girl, it so happened, loved a boy, deeply and truly and madly. Though she kept faith with him in her heart, Leah wasn’t the type of girl who conceived of pleasure as an exclusive gift. She reasoned it thus. To lighten the spirit, in our daily social intercourse, do we not seek laughter wheresoever we may justly find it? What is an orgasm except an immense and multilayered explosion of laughter that arises from the depths, bubbles out and excites the nerves, extends to the extremities, and racks and convulses the whole body with a surfeit of pleasure, thereby exalting and elating and elevating the self while also compressing it within a timeless moment of utter and unalloyed ecstasy? Shouldn’t such exemplary delights be shared, for does not the joy that manifests in this manner magnify by means of finding its expression in the company of friends? Therefore, she concluded, having established we’re friends, let’s get naked and fuck, why don’t we?

As people do, she had contradictions, this girl who was not named Leah, and heterogeneous tastes, which included testing the limits of her experience. She thought it would be good to share the adventures she had in the place called London with the boy who remained at home with the key to her very being. Leah wrote these assorted sordid tales for him so that her London would become their city through common understanding despite the fact of a very great distance. While Leah was often lonely, she met special people, who made her new and temporary abode come to life for her, and she, in her turn, gave to them what she could spare of herself.

Just as she missed him terribly, the boy also missed Leah. He had adventures of his own as well. For a time, while she returned across the ocean, they were together and deliriously happy. Too soon, Leah flew away again for another sojourn of months on the faraway continent on the other side of the sea. Inevitably, it transpired that the three thousand two hundred seventy-five miles that separated them were three thousand two hundred seventy-five too many. They said a tearful farewell, and the lives of the boy and the girl diverged as the threads in a tapestry do. Despite good intentions and the best of wills, such things happen in this imperfectible world. It is no one’s fault.

Without the boy she had once loved as the principal intended audience for her writing, Leah persisted in committing to the pixelated page the exploits that she dared in London, which had become familiar to her as a place called home. In part, she did this to see the project she had started through. But she also enjoyed telling her stories and reliving her deeds in this way. Additionally, Leah felt she had things to say which were worth saying. On reflection, considering the readers she had accumulated, she could have exhibited a greater measure of boldness in her writing. Too late, for example, Leah essays the third person. There are as well things that remain unsaid, through neglect and indifference, or from indolence and a lack of application, or because of Leah’s inability to give expression to inchoate thoughts. She figured that there would always be adequate time to set things right.

Long ago and far away, on lazy summer afternoons when school was out, it seemed that time stretched far, and the hours in a day, though still finite in their number and their extent, were enough to read and gambol and play. It was then, in fact, that Leah acquired her first taste for setting her own words to a printed page and placing them to neatly fit. In the years that followed, she developed other interests, and the chief among these were boys and her scholastic passions. A decade and a half after those barefoot afternoons from a half remembered August, the time allotted to things on this earth, and more importantly, to its people seems unbearably meager.

Leah has loosed many words upon the world — one hundred thirty thousand of them, give or take, not including the various comments. Focused as they are on one thing only, these words sketch a monstrously distorted self-portrait. The proportions are askew. Yet it is an autobiography just the same.

And now it is time to stop.

The story continues, unwebbed. The middle chapters are still to be lived and savored. The final chapters remain even to be dreamed. With a sufficient quantity of good luck, the once upon a time with which this page commenced might pair with a happily ever after as its ideal bookend. It may be so. Who can tell?

These are the tales of many nights. After night comes the day.

We fade to brightness here.


1. Leah - February 5, 2012

The e-mail address still works. I will also check comments from time to time. If there is a future recreational writing project — and there may well be — I will link to it here. For the foreseeable future, I won’t have the energy or the time for such an effort. When I get around to it, I will make the blog available as pdf.

2. Leah - February 5, 2012

That’s all I have. I shan’t say goodbye.

I will say thank you. Take care of yourselves.

The pleasure was always mine.

Derek Ainsley - February 7, 2012

Yes, the pleasure was always yours. May it come back to you many times, multiplied by the number of your readers who felt its image inside themselves.

Someday,maybe, a securely famous writer will tell the world “I was Leah, of London”.

3. Seven_out_of_10 - February 5, 2012

Thank you for sharing your exploits. I’ve really enjoyed your stories. Best of luck with whatever the future brings.


4. J in O - February 5, 2012

Thank YOU, Leah, for showing me a Great Big Life and telling me I can have one of my own.

5. aria moore - February 6, 2012

While I am sad to learn that you will no longer weave tales of your erotic, musical and scholastic adventures, I give thanks for what you have given us. May you ever be true to yourself. aria

6. nikeofsamothrace@gmail.com - February 6, 2012

Dear Leah,

I have been lurking almost since you started the blog. I will shed my invisibility cloak long enough to say thank you! The spell of your writing has enlarged my perspective on sex.

I have loved the 130000 words you have given us. That’s more than 500 pages, ya know? You should be proud. In the next volume, maybe we will see more of the woman behind the blog and learn who is Leah Lays London when she is not having such fantastic sex. I’d like that.

I know from personal experience that the last months to doctorhood are the hardest of all. Best of luck with finishing and with everything else once you become Dr. Danby.

Much love from a total stranger!


P.S. I am banking on happily ever after for you!

7. inkismydrink - February 6, 2012

To the girl whose name is not Leah… As a relative late-comer to your blog, I’ve enjoyed reading it over the past few months, and have looked forward to new posts with eager anticipation.

The writing has been superb, the insights thought-provoking, and the mental images have been searing. This last post, however, is the winner.

I’ll miss you and your blog… Good luck!

8. Anonymous - February 6, 2012

Long-time lurker, second-time comment-leaver. Your blog has been the hottest — and more artfully written — I’ve come across in the last couple of years. Thanks for the wonderful tales, and I very much hope to a new project before too long.

Fare thee well wherever thou fare.

9. First Great Western Employee - February 6, 2012

Thank you Leah. The best I’ve read.

10. SapioSlut - February 6, 2012

And mine, dear woman who is not named Leah.

11. Shawn - February 6, 2012

have enjoyed reading your exploits and sorry that I will rarely read about them in the future. Thanks much, happy sexually fulfilling trails to you.

12. R - February 6, 2012

I came upon your blog last week and it’s been a pleasure to read. Beyond the titillation, you’re an evocative and candid writer. And, frankly, I just liked your slowly accrued impression of a city I loved living in.

Thank you and good luck with the big and small things to come.

13. Hyacinth - February 7, 2012

You will be missed. Best of luck to you, Leah. Truly.

14. Anonymous 2 - February 7, 2012

Long time lurker, second time commenter. Leah, yours has been, hands down, my favorite blog of the last few years. The combination of quality stories told through quality writing has been a true pleasure to read. And incredibly hot.

I will sincerely miss reading about your adventures. I hope that it won’t take you too long to share another project with us.

– Anonymous 2

15. aranno - February 7, 2012

Thank you Leah for allowing us a glimpse of your life, your thoughts, your soul. There is always a journey ahead with discovery and a thrist for experiences. I wish you luck, even though I suspect you make your own, because everyone could use a little luck now and then. Life is complicated and simple at the same time by the paths we choose and the people we meet. I hope you find what you are searching for and I hope it leads to even more journeys. Don’t give up writing (even though it might take me a some extra time to analyze what you just wrote) and hopefully one day we’ll see you around on the web again when you feel comfortable enough. In the meantime enjoy life, stay safe, stay sane.

16. blue - February 7, 2012

Probably the best entry, for the story-telling and the emotion.

Thank you to the girl not named Leah.

17. Anonymous - February 7, 2012

Ahh but you decided that sharing was the right thing to do with that pleasure … and it was! Thank you and may you have many happy adventures along the road!

18. TheSalaciousStranger - February 7, 2012

What a fitting end. Your blog is a remarkable oeuvre and a testament to the exuberance with which you live your life. That energy will carry you through the acts still to come. I wish you well.

19. Leah - February 8, 2012

I go away for a couple of days and the lot of you say such nice things. Thank you all. I appreciate the comments, and to those who e-mailed, I promise a reply soon. I am delighted that you have enjoyed the blog.

20. Michael - February 9, 2012

Love your work, wishing you lots of the good stuff. x

21. Anonymous - February 12, 2012

I am someone else who found your blog too late. Let me also express gratitude for sharing. One thing I appreciate is that you DON’T comment on the race of your partners. I know you have fucked a wide spectrum of men. The names are a giveaway. But some names can be almost anyone. You don’t go on and on about big black cocks. There’s no IR tag off to the side to show how openminded you are. You don’t condescend. You get on with it. Thanks for that.

22. Gilly B - February 16, 2012

Much like everyone else, I say thank you and wish you all the best for a happy and fulfilled life beyond our gaze through these pages.

And like ‘J in O’, I also thank you for unwittingly becoming something of an inspiration for me- setting my own rules, exploring my preferences and always redefining my boundaries. You and your writing really have been a treat 🙂 x

23. bill - March 31, 2012

50 shades of Leah

Leah - April 1, 2012

Are they dark or bright?

24. Anonymous - April 5, 2012

How’ve you been Leah? I hope you’re happy. I miss your blog so, so much.

Leah - April 6, 2012

I am well. Thanks for checking in.

25. Anya - April 10, 2012

I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog, and it helps me understand why I want to be tied up too.

26. alice zero - April 18, 2012

leah: could i ask some advice? i slept with a guy i met on the internet. it was really good. but i want to leave it as a one night stand. he keeps emailing and chatting and calling and asking for another meeting. do you have this problem? what do you do?

Leah - April 21, 2012

Some guys are exceptionally persistent. Block his e-mail and phone number. Responding encourages continued communication. If he doesn’t get the hint, tell him that if there’s any further contact, the police will be informed. If he gets back to you after that, call the cops. Regardless of past history, no one deserves to be harassed for sex.

27. will - May 6, 2012

Do you check your email anymore?

Leah - May 9, 2012

Yes, about once a week.

28. Anonymous Man - August 24, 2012

50 Shades. What do you think?

Leah - September 2, 2012

I have no opinion. I haven’t read it.

Rodney F - September 16, 2012

Don’t bother. It’s weak. You’re a much better writer and the fantasies are real. It will only infuriate you. I read it to keep up with pop culture and found the writing at the 10th grade level. The author’s voice is neither authoritative nor mature.

Leah - September 28, 2012

Thanks for the review.

29. shane - September 16, 2012

any thoughts on a cameo blog? – I certainly miss reading your stuff…. past that I hope you’re well.

Leah - September 28, 2012

I am well, thanks. I miss blogging, too. There’s only so much time, however.

30. Ariza McIntyre - September 28, 2012

Your writings never failed to invoke some primal, carnal craving within me, and in that convalescing ether I revelled. I find your tales exhilarating, and your lasciviousness as enticing as whiplash dipped in syrup and was real sad when I discovered the blog closed. We’re all hoping that you’ll take up your mantle sometime soon. I, for one, would be eternally grateful if you decided to grace us with accounts of your escapades again. Hopefully all’s well on your end of the rock and you’re still getting a magnificent fucking from time to time. My dearest nightcat, my sweetest wordvixen, all there is to say is thanks, and goodbye for now.

Leah - September 28, 2012

Thanks for the kind words. I am flattered that people check in from time to time. There is much I could say about my fucking experiences. Sadly, I don’t expect I will be reviving the blog in the immediate future. Life is busy. I am learning a new city and having fun exploring!

I hope the days and nights are ravishing, for you and for all my readers.

Anonymous - February 9, 2013

i thoroughly enjoyed your posts and have many great ejaculations to them. i hope to see you write in the future again. which city are you having your adventures in now?

Leah - February 20, 2013

Thanks for the kind words. I am glad you had a blast.

I live in a big city on the west coast now. While there are adventures, sadly, I don’t have the time to write about them.

31. Anonymous - April 8, 2013

ah…. stopped in to see if there were any new updates – nope… Hope you’re doing well… if that city happens to be SF… look us up…

Leah - April 17, 2013

Alas, I have no time for blogging.

Shawn - April 17, 2013

donno how you pulled it off before – but it was certainly enjoyable to read…. I can only imagine the participation was off the charts:-)

Be well.

32. Zeitgeist - April 22, 2013

My dearest Leah,
I still check in from time to time on this cyber space of yours in the hopes of it being transformed into something more brilliant than what it was before. Aside from sex, you are a fellow zeitgeist whom has a lot to share with this world. Someday, I am hopeful that you’ll publish or do something that will have the readers here say “Yes, Indeed, that everyone, is Leah of London.”

Miss you Darling!

Leah - April 23, 2013

Thank you for the generous praise and kind thoughts for the future. I am grateful.

33. Mike - August 6, 2013

I have been astonished by your blog and degree of your sexuality. While obviously missing the on-going titillation, I am curious how one goes from extreme sexual experimentation to “back to normal” living/sexuality. Have become monogamous?
Miss you sweetie!

Leah - August 19, 2013

I am grateful for the kind words and constantly delighted to know that LLL continues to be read. Sex and everything else are great these days. Thanks for checking in.

34. Anonymous - March 7, 2014

I miss your blog. I hope that you are well.

Leah - April 25, 2014

I am doing well! Thanks for checking in.

35. Anonymous - November 3, 2014

Hi Leah, hope wherever you are is inspirational and healthy. Miss hearing about your shared adventures. How are you doing? Anything new?

Leah - December 19, 2014

I am doing well. Thanks for checking in.

36. Evan - June 21, 2015

Hi. It is good that recently (and randomly) I discovered your blog. And it is bad that I “arrived” so late. Your stories are strange and interesting.

Leah - July 31, 2015

Thanks for writing. I am astonished and pleased that the blog still gets read!

37. Jay - January 7, 2016

Is the email address no longer active, and if so, is there an alternate?

Leah - January 11, 2016

The e-mail address leah.danby@gmail.com is still active. I check around once per week.

38. Anonymous - February 28, 2017

Beautifully written and a gem to find. I hope you are doing well in whichever you decided to do. Have a great year!

39. Anonymous - January 20, 2019

Still love the blog! So many fun stories

Mike Grenander - February 3, 2019

Sadly, I understand, yet there is a lovely avocation you may choose to visit in the future.

Mr Panda

40. Me - May 19, 2020

Discovered this blog through a FB post.
You hedonists are funny (or should I say “unfunny”?).
Extreme promiscuity, pee/semen fetish, gangbanged by strangers, abortion – everything is normal, let’s deconstruct all taboos & blablabla.
Ok: let’s talk about race differences, preferences on appearance and STD risks – noooo, this is horrible!
(Is this allowed? Does your comment section work beyond the “compliments-only” policy?)

Leah - December 3, 2020

Thanks for reading.

41. Udem - November 25, 2020

Have you ever read Italian author Alberto Moravia? He was very popular in 20th century. His stories are mostly sad suburban dramas (he wrote a few erotic short stories). Strangely, his style remembers me some of your texts.

Leah - December 3, 2020

I haven’t. Thanks for the pointer!

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