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The end (for now) September 15, 2011

Posted by Leah in Gallimaufry.

A conversation with myself

“You gonna go?”




“For good?”

“Maybe. Nah. Maybe.”

“How come?”

“This semester is busy. My thesis clock is ticking. I need to think about jobs. I have been away for more than a year. I want a boyfriend. Not immediately. But soon. I’m gonna give this sex blog thing a rest for a while.”

“Was it fun?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Then why don’t you keep doing it?”

“I don’t have the hours a week to spare. For sex, yes. For writing about sex, not really.”

“You don’t have to write about every single time, silly.”

“I’m not planning to do that ever again.”

“Do you have more to say?”

“About sexuality: yeah. About D/s: for sure. About sex itself: maybe. I worry the writing will become stale. Already, I feel like I am repeating myself constantly. I would rather end too early than too late.”

“You have an audience.”

“I know. Isn’t it amazing?”

“You’re going to miss this.”

“Probably. But there’s a lot of other stuff I want to do as well. Life’s short, ya know?”

“Seriously. You’re going to miss it. London, too. Fucking crazy sinks, crowded tubes, British cuisine, the infestation of tourists in summer, pints at the pub after work with your friends, the museums, the theater, the parks, all those orchestras including your own. Everything. You will miss it all.”

“I am going back at the end of December or in early January. I’ll see Amadeo. I’ll see Frank. I will be in the UK for a couple of weeks. I will write up whatever happens. It fits the theme of the place. Leah lays London. It will be like old times. This isn’t goodbye. I am coming back.”

“And then? Is it goodbye after that?”

“I don’t know. That’s an honest answer. I simply do not know. I have been pondering another blog. Something exciting and different. Fresh adventures. New friends. I have an itch to write. But I make no promises. Right now, I need a break.”

“The curtain goes down.”

“But the show goes on.”

“It always does.”


1. aranno - September 15, 2011

Wonderful – thanks for sharing your year in London. You are an engaging writer, I’ve enjoyed every word. Keep writing, I understand you don’t have much time with other things in your life. I look forward to more (hopefully) from you, whether it is more on this blog or a new one. Please keep us updated when you can. Good luck with your thesis and studies. (Welcome back to the States.)

2. Karl - September 15, 2011

Certainly the most entertaining sex blog I’ve ever read. I wish you well in your future endeavors!

3. Aria - September 15, 2011

I will miss your posts, but I hope that on occasion you will still post something of your sexual & D/s adventures on this side of the ocean! Your writing has been inspiring to me as I explore the forntiers of my own erotic life. And I think is quite exciting that you are considering a different type of blog. Eventually, and I think you know this too, there will be a book, a very different kind of book. Keep on being you sweetheart! aria

4. Almeja - September 15, 2011

Miss you already, you silly bitch.



5. jnakabb - September 15, 2011

Bon chance and au revoir.

Thank you so much and may good fortune smile on you.

6. Anonymous - September 16, 2011

Thank you Leah.

7. J in O - September 16, 2011

You’ve made me a better human. Thank you for everything. Write back soon. 🙂

8. Anonymous - September 16, 2011

I’ll miss you.

9. Leah - September 16, 2011

I appreciate the nice comments and the good wishes. As I said, I will be back. See you around.

10. Natasha - September 16, 2011

Sad to see such an amazing blog come to an end. Thank you for the inspiration and good luck in all your future endeavors.

11. TheSalaciousStranger - September 16, 2011

Here’s looking at you, kid.

12. redains - September 17, 2011

“Already, I feel like I am repeating myself constantly.”–
I never noticed it. “…nor custom stale her infinite variety…”

13. she belongs to you always - September 18, 2011

You will be missed.

14. Mr. X - September 20, 2011

Enjoyed it immensely. Thanks, and good luck!

15. Gerry - September 21, 2011

Great job Leah, and thanks for sharing the voices in your head. They both sound smart and fun!

Good luck with your studies and future sexcapades, recorded or not. Thank you for the inspiration and for showing how to lay London.

16. MonMouth - September 28, 2011

Thank you, Leah. Your London blog has been a steady source of filthy delight and some very impressive writing. Enjoy your further adventures elsewhere!

17. Anonymous - December 5, 2011

I miss you so much.

Leah - December 10, 2011

Thank you for the kind thoughts. Sometimes I miss the habit of blogging. At other times, I wouldn’t know how to get through the week with that many fewer hours. I plan to be in the UK in a few weeks. The blog should come out of hibernation then, at least briefly.


Emma - December 15, 2011


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