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Loose ends September 11, 2011

Posted by Leah in Blogroll, Gallimaufry.

Belated Blogroll

In addition to the ones I have highlighted, I wish I had the time to explain why I like these blogs so much.

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Maybe you will have the time to explore on your own.



There is a page.

I thought about adding pictures to accompany the writeups of the various adventures that I have had. Posting photographs of myself and thereby committing them to the internet forever is not something I am comfortable doing. Finding a photo that works with a story is also not easy. I have tried looking a few times. Even if I were to succeed in finding a picture, I am concerned about copyright. Calling this fair use strikes me as a dubious proposition. So this is a project that never went anywhere. Perhaps one day, having made my fortune, I will commission the 122 illustrations that I need.



I am no longer updating. The e-mail address still works. You can send questions there. I expect I will answer eventually.

A bdsm love story September 11, 2011

Posted by Leah in Blogroll.

Words are a power. They are one of the powers of the earth, in fact. I might be submissive in the bedroom, but in front of my keyboard, I have all the dominance. I sculpt the experiences as I relate the assorted sordid tales. Much abides, but much is taken. The stories are filtered through the prism of my perceptions. They are shaped by my memory. I edit the events in the telling. I don’t remember all the details. After all, the best encounters exist for me only in the moments of supreme bliss. I don’t record all that I remember either. There isn’t time to tell everything. Some of it is unimportant. This is how I write. It is fascinating to see how someone else, who shares many of my kinks, presents her experiences.

SapioSlut has a blog. Her adventures appear in a book. As well, there is a sequel.

As an undergraduate in Chicago, I learned about submission in sex clubs. I was taught by two dominant men in particular, one in his late twenties, another in his middle thirties. SapioSlut’s D/s awakening arose via the agency of SapioSir, who, she relates, changed sex from being something nice and fun to something that reaches right through me, turns me inside out and upside down, and whose limits we have yet to reach. I hope those limits are always on a distant horizon. The journey to the edge of the world has its rewards.

SapioSlut ejaculates in orgasm. I do, too, but only rarely. For her this happens with desirable frequency. She says: I can’t come on command yet, but I can certainly squirt on command. She does so in creative ways: When he invited me to hump his leg it meant that in a few seconds I was squirting all over him and the bed. Towel time! And a good thing too, because the towel was soaked after a few more squirts.

SapioSlut also has more orgasms in shorter periods of time than anyone I have ever heard of. She once had 124 in one hour. I wrote to her to ask about the physiology of these hundred orgasms, the shapes they take. She answered me: I think there is a core set of muscles that spasmed with most if not all the orgasms (in my abs and minor glutes — these were the ones that were extremely sore for a few days) as well as the pure struggle of processing the sensation. You are correct, there [are] definitely different types of orgasms through that lot — some comparatively superficial (for me those are the clitoral only) through to deep cervical ones that happen for me with high intensity directly on my cervix which also tend to deploy an intense emotional response as well. I remember musing about whether this ability can be trained. I still wonder that. I should practice.

There are a wealth of other experiences that SapioSlut has that extend far beyond my knowledge. The force of her narrative wants me to try these things out. When SapioSlut said that SapioSir turned her upside down, she meant this quite literally. Under inverted suspension, a small amount of squirt dribbled down my tummy with the first orgasm, but the large rivulets that came gushing down with the second and third were new indeed. Normally my squirt goes straight into a towel, but this time gravity was pulling it down my body and right through my hair. I have only given a blowjob upside down. I wonder about electroplay. I may not try it out. But I admit to curiosity.

What is refreshing about SapioSlut and SapioSir is that they are obviously in love, and the dominance and the submission and the kinky sex happen within a context. Reading the book and reading the blog, we see glimpses of the depths. Some of the short passages are the most expressive. She writes on January 14: Riding in the car this morning I thought about the bruise on my shoulder. Thinking about how it got there gave me an almost instantaneous moment of arousal. His presence, his touch, his growl, his teeth were all there in my mind again. I wanted more. I was instantly lustful. Deliciously so.

In the long run, I want what SapioSlut has. I hesitate to term my feelings envy because I am not at all begrudging. Rather, I am happy to read what she shares about her life with SapioSir. I find myself moved by the pervasive and palpable joy. The way she plays — adventurous, bold, and oh! so sexy — arises organically, nourished as it is by love. I am still picking my way through the frontier, whereas she has built a homestead there. I hope I can thank her someday for providing a peek at the years ahead. For now, I thank her for sharing a bdsm love story with voyeurs like me.