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Cunnilinctus August 29, 2011

Posted by Leah in Cunnilingus, Repeated hookups.

Frank and I spent Sunday afternoon wandering the Notting Hill Carnival. I had been invited to a party in the evening to which Frank would certainly have been welcome, but I wanted to spend time with him alone. I know I will see him again before I leave, but he can’t make it to Paris next weekend, and my hours with him are so limited. I wanted to make them last. We made it back to my place before dark.

Frank pushed me into a chair when we arrived. My leg hooked about his trunk, the ankle kicking off the small of his back as he lowered. I clawed his t-shirt from his shoulders as we kissed. To keep his mouth pressed up against mine, my fingers darted through his hair and clutched the back of his head. Desperate for further contact, my hands flitted from his broad and powerful back to the valley of the spine to the rock solid shelf of his hip. Squirreling into his jeans, they gripped his muscular buttocks, dug into the flesh, and clenched.

Frank winged one leg over the armrest of the chair. His fingers stumbled over the belt and the buttons and dragged my jeans off. The panties I wore were a thin white mesh. My cunt showed through. As the kisses continued, his hand lowered to the delta of my legs and fingered my lips. My wetness seeped through the fabric. We stopped kissing just long enough to remove my top. I undid the hook of the bra and gave him my breasts to suck. Arms wrapping my back, his mouth followed the line of my throat from the chin to the shoulder. Strong hands kneaded my breasts. As he sucked hard on a nipple, his hand smoothed over the inner surface of my thigh. Finally it slipped under the leg hole of the panties. He kissed me aggressively while rubbing my pussy and clit. I breathed heavily and moaned into his open mouth.

Frank tugged the panties from my legs and placed me slouching in the chair with one thigh draped across each of the armrests. He went to ground and burrowed into my cunt.

Frank’s tongue lapped over the opening of the pussy. The moisture that escaped wet his chin and his cheeks. I had both hands in his hair, tightening on the scalp to immobilize his head between my thighs. His mouth was in constant movement, traversing the small distance from vagina to clitoris. His lips sucked hard on the swollen clump of nerve endings. The bony chin rode against the labia as he did so.

Frank looked up at me. I smiled down and tilted my head backward into the cushion of the chair. Face tightened in a grimace of pleasure, I squealed my ecstasy aloud, with volume. My hand fumbled around at my waist until it latched on to his. I tightened around his fingers and brought them to my tits. I was a river inside. The pussy was all mush. The nerve endings were so sensitive. Whenever the angle of contact adjusted or he shifted the center of his attack, new synapses activated. I screwed my eyes shut and focused on feeling. I felt lightheaded.

Frank fed on my wetness. My thighs attempted first to guillotine and then to strangle him. The pressure of his hands forced my legs apart to give him room to maneuver. His lips snapped up the labia. He tugged and twisted his face. Flattening the lips, the tongue poked inside and circumscribed the interior wall. The membranes of the vagina were slick with arousal. Salacious words encouraged him to keep licking me, to suck harder, to use teeth. “Don’t stop” became my rallying cry. This needn’t have been a worry. He wouldn’t.

Frank squeezed two fingers into the cunt and fucked them in and out while we kissed. I tasted of the Caribbean spices from lunch. It was the fingers rubbing insistently at my clit that supplied my first orgasm. I broke the kiss and shrieked exultation.

Frank dropped to the floor and licked like a dog, using the flat of his tongue after I had come. The press of fingers on the pubis stretched out the skin surrounding the pussy. His nose gave my clitoris eskimo kisses. He lifted a leg over his shoulder and kept tonguing me. Within minutes, I creamed again. His face dug into my cunt as I wrapped my legs about his back in a state of frenzied excitement. My head rolled from side to side. My heel kicked off his shoulder. I let myself go. After the incipient orgasm had shattered the dams of restraint, it was so easy. He licked. I came. Orgasm splashed on his face.

Frank barely used his fingers. It was all his mouth. He nibbled. He sucked. He lipped. He lapped. He bit. He spit. He feathered. He nosed. He tongued. As I don’t know how many more times we will hook up in this lifetime, I exerted myself to commit every touch to memory.

Frank, after all this, ate me harder, if that’s even possible. He dragged me from the chair onto the carpet. With my legs hitched over his back, he sunk to a low crouch on the floor. The iron grip of my fingers compelled his head between my legs. I must have left indentations in his skull. I wriggled on the ground, in death throes. My back arched up off the floor. The blood vessels in my neck stood in relief. My screams echoed in the room. I balled my hands into fists and beat at the floor. When I came, I seized his fingers and hauled myself partway off the ground. My knuckles turned white. I clung to him in order to remain anchored to this globe.

Frank had a smug smile on his face when I sat upright. I tugged his arm and pulled him to me. He toppled over my body. He tried to tickle me, and we wrestled for leverage. He is bigger and stronger, so he won, pinning me down. My legs scooted open, and he occupied the space they had made. As we kissed, he squeezed my breasts. His hard cock prodded my belly through his black jeans. I would do something about that next.


1. J in O - August 30, 2011

Do you think he loves you?

Leah - August 30, 2011

He doesn’t. We are close friends who have awesomely good sex.

2. jnakabb - August 31, 2011

What a memorable way to celebrate the friendship and fun you’ve had together.

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