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The future August 5, 2011

Posted by Leah in Gallimaufry.

I just bought plane tickets. I am leaving London on Saturday, September 10. For the most part, the blog ends then. There may be a few more stories when I return to the UK in the winter. I plan to catch up with friends, and that may lead to sex, which I will report. But that’s it. I won’t be laying London anymore.

I don’t know about a new blog. If it happens, it probably wouldn’t start before 2012. The next semester looks to be quite rough; I don’t want the distraction. I expect also that a future effort will have a different shape than Leah Lays London. I don’t intend to document every instance I have sex the next time I do this. I may write more about sexuality and my views on D/s and less about fucking. There are a number of essays regarding these themes that I had planned to commit to pixels on a screen but never got around to doing. I will advertise any new blog here so that you, dear reader, can find me.

There is still a month and a bit of adventures to be had. Thank you for reading. I am grateful for the audience.


1. Anonymous - August 6, 2011

We’ll miss you!

2. 1eyedman - August 6, 2011

Are you on fetlige?

3. 1eyedman - August 6, 2011

Fetlife, rather

Leah - August 10, 2011

I have an account, but I haven’t been there much. I may poke around a bit when I am back in Boston.

4. shane - August 6, 2011

wow – that bums me out – but I also understand how much effort it is to write about, do it, and still go to school. I have enjoyed it much thanks so much for sharing

5. Michael - August 7, 2011

And we were grateful to have such amazing prose to read. Thank you!

6. jnakabb - August 7, 2011

Thank you for sharing so many of your entertaining stories and the vicarious pleasure I’ve gained from them.

Best wishes for your future. I’m sure you’ll be able to apply your creativity, ability, commitment and determination to your continued studies, performing arts and life as a whole.

I look forward to any snippets you manage to toss our way.

7. Allie - August 8, 2011

Leah, I stumbled on your blog not long after you started posting, so I’ve been following you for nearly a year now. It’s been great to have the sexy readings, and even more wonderful to hear from a woman who is strong, independent, intelligent, confident, promiscuous, and submissive (in bed only).

I’ll miss your blog. I’ll miss the regular reminders that it’s possible to be a happy and ambitious slut. I wish I knew more people like you in real life.

Like you, I attend university in Cambridge. It’s odd to think that maybe someday I will pass by you in the streets, or maybe even on-campus, and not even know it; should i look for fading whip marks and a freshly-fucked scent? 🙂

Leah - August 10, 2011

If you do bump into me by purest chance, please say hello!

8. Anonymous - August 8, 2011

I enjoyed reading and thanks for sharing. I hope to read more of your writing in the future beyond this blog – you certainly are a good writer.

9. M. Spagler - August 8, 2011

You write beautifully. Your prose is succinct and stimulating. I am grateful to you for sharing so intimately, such titillating encounters in your young life.

Your time in London has been healthy for my libido. As an older man, I simply wish to express my gratitude for your blog.

Good luck, good fortune and sunshine happiness,

10. Mike - August 9, 2011

Rest assured, the audience is extremely grateful for you. Personally, were I to have a folder with links to all of my favorite smutty sites, this one would be go on top.

11. Leah - August 10, 2011

Thanks to all for the kind words. I have been off blog for a few days. It’s gratifying to receive such nice compliments.

12. Brian - August 11, 2011

Hey Leah, I thought you might find this link interesting…


I definitely agree with what this guy is talking about. I’ve certainly found your blog much more exciting than the average porn site.

13. Gilly - August 12, 2011

I’m a late comer to the blog, but I return because of your openness, analytical take and the erotic sauciness of the encounters. You’ll be missed but best of luck with everything when it does end

Leah - August 12, 2011

Welcome and thanks!

14. Rachael - August 12, 2011

I definitely will miss your blog when you leave! How do your repeat encounters feel about you leaving? x

Leah - August 12, 2011

It was no secret that I was only here short term. I think Amadeo and Frank will be sad to see me go. I will miss them also. But, hey, it’s only a six and a half hour flight. I expect to see my friends again.

15. Gerry - August 16, 2011

Well done for making the best of your time there, and a (belated) Happy Birthday. Yes, it really isn’t hard to cross the pond when the incentives are aligned – I think you will see them again, and I hope we’ll hear about it!


Leah - August 16, 2011

Thanks for the birthday wishes.

16. feministsub - August 16, 2011

I will really miss this blog but I understand the desire to take a break and start fresh.

“I may write more about sexuality and my views on D/s and less about fucking. There are a number of essays regarding these themes that I had planned to commit to pixels on a screen but never got around to doing.”

I’ve loved the few things you’ve written on these topics, so yes, please! Write more!

Leah - August 17, 2011

I appreciate the vote of confidence. The essays are challenging and fun to compose, but I get less feedback about them than about the various sexperiences.

feministsub - August 19, 2011

>>> I get less feedback about them than about the various sexperiences.

I wonder if it’s partly about your current audience and what they expect? I’ve found that when I write more personal stuff, unless it’s something that resonates with a lot of people (like the “good girl” post) I get less response then when I write more analytical stuff. And I think that’s because my readers (not that there’s a lot of them, but you know what I mean) have come to expect that from me, and I attract readers who are interested in that.

I do think, however, that while erotic stories might get more traffic (and yours are very well-written!), the more philosophical stuff can have a really deep impact on the people who do read it. There are a few blog posts that I read about female submission and feminism, for instance, that had a huge impact on me when I was just coming to accept my sexuality.

17. KFS - August 18, 2011

Leah, this note of gratitude has been a long time in coming. Thanks for all the hotness you have captured and rendered during this year. I’ve read every single word. Many times I’ve come away with a pounding heart and a swollen cock as your words came to life in my mind.
You’ve also inspired me. I really admire how you do what the fuck you want. And that you’re so literate and observant and write so well, and that you blog about doing what I always wished I could do more of: fucking strangers and enjoying it so much. So thanks for that as well.
Your blog has been a real pleasure and delight to read. Thank you for sharing and putting yourself out there.

Leah - August 18, 2011

Thanks so much for the kind words. They are appreciated. I am glad the blog has been enjoyable for you.

18. tazsis1 - September 8, 2011

Good luck in love, keep safe in your adventures and prosper. I have enjoyed reading hugely. The combination of fine writing, a filthy mind and oodles of courage is very… arousing. Safe travel on 10 September.

Leah - September 9, 2011

Thanks for the generous thoughts. They are appreciated.

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