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Official date June 4, 2011

Posted by Leah in Cunnilingus, Fellatio, Fucking, Repeated hookups.

Gi and I went on an official date last night. In my experience having previously slept together makes a date go smoother. There is no question of how the night will end. The pressure to perform is off, and we can enjoy each other’s company.

We started in a wine bar and then went to dinner. After we had eaten dessert and lingered over coffee, we meandered the streets of the city to his place, where I spent the night.

Gi was less talkative than I remembered. Often, I had to carry the conversation. Politically and socially, our worldviews differ, so we engaged on these topics. He seems remarkably incurious about subjects he doesn’t already know well.

We messed around for a couple of hours, fell asleep, and fucked some more in the morning. If memory serves, the night went something like the following: lots of pussy eating and fingering, sixty-nine (me on top), missionary position, riding cock facing Gi, his orgasm, cocksucking to revive the erection, doggy style on the bed, which creaked under our combined weight, orgasm, orgasm, orgasm, orgasm (mine, mine, mine, his). In the morning, Gi spooned against my back and fucked me from behind. He sat on the edge of the mattress. Facing away, I settled his penis into my cunt, and feet kicking off his thighs, bounced myself over him. He stood behind me. I had one knee dug into the mattress and spread myself open by planting the other foot far apart. He held my hips and pounded into me. When we finished, he rolled on top. He fisted my hair as we kissed, sloppy and deep.


1. writingwithellie - June 8, 2011

Official date?!?!?! WIll there be a follow-up??


Leah - June 8, 2011

Maybe. It’s all very casual.

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