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Stairway to heaven April 3, 2011

Posted by Leah in Craigslust, Fellatio, Fucking, Public.

His fantasy was to have sex on the stairs of his apartment building. As I get off on fucking in public, the idea intrigued me. We met for a drink at his local, which was conveniently located across from the tube station, and then, once I had determined that his looks and his personality passed muster, we walked parallel to the main road until we reached his place three and a half blocks away. I followed him into the lobby of the post-war building, and we stepped into the elevator. He told me that he lived on the seventh floor. I hit the number five, and we got off there instead. The stairway was accessed through a sturdy wooden fire door to the left side of the elevator. On entering, I scanned the ceilings and the walls for CCTV cameras and did not see any.

He unfastened his belt and brought his trousers down. I went to my knees on the concrete floor and brushed my lips against the cock until it attained a state of adamantine hardness. Holding the base of the shaft, I bobbed my head over him. The man’s fingers twisted in my hair while I sucked. Leaning his weight against the wall at his rear, he pressed his hand commandingly at the back of my head and forced me to take his glans into my throat. Once I had accomplished this feat, he responded by jabbing the cock at me with a movement of the pelvis that kept three-quarters of the shaft contained in my mouth. The penis glistened with spit and my chin was sticky when he brought me to air again. I smiled up at him and mouthed his heavy scrotum.

While I stripped from the waist, he sat in the middle of the flight of stairs and stroked his phallus. Extracting a condom from the pocket of my jeans, I threw it to him, and he rolled it onto the shaft. Clutching the cylindrical steel railings along the side of the stairway for support, I straddled his body, which had inclined backward against the unforgiving stone. The pussy lips stretched about the shaft and made a taut ring at the base when I had completed my slow descent. The walls of the vagina remained tight inside. As I bounced myself over the man, he launched himself up to meet me halfway. The thighs made violent slapping noises when our bodies collided.

Because of the angle, the penis kept falling out and having to be replaced. So we switched positions. Feet planted two stairs apart, I gripped the banister. Grabbing hold of my breasts through my loose fitting shirt, he took my cunt from behind. The groin slammed against my buttocks when his cock bottomed out, and the balls followed with a softer clap. The sounds of sex, the moans and grunts, my demands to be fucked harder, and how he named me cunt — these all echoed in the stairwell.

On the landing, where the stairs turned ninety degrees, I went to hands and knees. He positioned my shins far apart and knelt in the space between them. Gripping me by the waist, he fucked my pussy with punishing severity. The cock entered and thrust with velocity. Pistoning in and out, he used the shaft as a hammer inside my cunt.

My hands rested crosswise under my head. The curtain of hair swung wildly as he fucked. He gripped the bottom of my shirt and dragged my body backward against his prick. We must have continued this way for ten minutes, silent except for fuck and pleasure. We kept going until I let out a loud wail and shattered expressively in that empty stairwell.

After that, he lay on the landing, and I mounted the penis again. My hands pushed off the floor, and, compressing most of his shaft within, I raised and lowered my pussy over the bottom part of the cock, adding twist and torque with a movement of my hips and buttocks. Bracing one hand against the wall, I ramped up in turn the intensity and the tempo of the sex and fucked the penis in my pussy harder and faster. I sucked on his fingers while I wrung myself about the cock and persisted in this ferocious grind. I wanted his orgasm, and he gave it to me, his arms wrapping my back and hunching my body over his as the rocket cock blasted off at last. We shared our first and only kisses as he was coming in my cunt.