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Three hours in Zone 2 March 5, 2011

Posted by Leah in Buggery, Craigslust, D/s, Electra complex, Fellatio, Fucking.

An older man, he has a smallish prick, but he knows how to use it. He has me suck him for half an hour while he watches me and he watches porn and compares my technique to that of the girl on screen. He slouches on the sofa afterwards and has me ride his penis. I lower my breast to his lips.

He turns me around when his orgasm approaches. I hold on to the sofa back while he grips my hips and drags me over his groin. When we pause the sex again, I lick the juices from my cunt from the condom on his penis. He calls me his baby girl.

He doesn’t kiss me like I’m his baby girl. I run my fingers along his cock while I suck on his tongue.

I want him to take all three of my holes. I get on the sofa and crouch on elbows and knees, raise my ass, and present to him. He prises the buttocks open and spits. Saliva drips down the winking anus.

“I want you to—” I start.

He interrupts. “It doesn’t matter what you want. I will fuck your asshole because I want it.”

So he does.


1. thepostmanalwaysrings - March 5, 2011

I love this again…sometimes it is necessary just to be firm and use you for our pleasure Leah. Hopefully in this way, you will gain some satisfaction from knowing we are being genuine and also how much relief we can gain from using your body.

2. Jack - March 5, 2011

reading about your upturned and presented ass, craving a cock, is deliciously filthy. you belong in a pantheon of dirty sluts.

I know you are very careful and use condoms invariably, but have you ever written about a partner coming inside your pussy? or your ass?

Leah - March 10, 2011

Yes. See this post about condom usage.

3. David - March 5, 2011

Where’d you meet this guy?

Leah - March 10, 2011

I answered his CL ad. It was m4w, dominant man seeking a younger submissive. We met for a glass of wine, then went to his place where we messed around for a time.

4. SapioSlut - March 6, 2011

Second to last line is ‘nough said for an instantly slicked pussy.

Leah - March 10, 2011

There is a type of arrogance that leaves me weak in the knees. When I am naked, I want the assertiveness and the self-confidence. The sex happens the way he wills it.

5. redains - March 9, 2011

How did you meet him?

Leah - March 10, 2011

I replied to his ad on CL.

6. Leah - March 16, 2011

Thanks, Fleshbot!

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