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Breathing exercises February 24, 2011

Posted by Leah in Breath play, Cunnilingus, D/s, Fucking, Repeated hookups.

I met Amadeo through Craigslist. He answered a submissive for dominant ad with a fantasy about breath play. He wanted to hold my head under the water in the bathtub while he pummeled my cunt from behind. We haven’t done this; we may never — the scenario is so far out of my comfort zone that it orbits a distant star.

Controlling my breathing during sex is, nevertheless, a favorite game of his. I enjoy it, too, because of how it makes me feel: I surrender myself to my lover. The oxygen that fills my lungs enters the bronchi through his agency and consent. Amadeo clutches my throat as he fucks me with his cock. The pressure his fingers apply to my windpipe leaves me wide-eyed and aroused. He covers my mouth and nose with his hand and smothers me with an iron grip. He gags me with my underwear and has me wear the discarded black stockings over my head. He tugs at the frayed ends and tightens the winter scarf around my neck while I scream at him to pound me harder.

Often, the impulse to panic elicits an automatic response. My arms flail. Fingers clutch at his forearm while I struggle beneath his mass. I gasp. I pant. He has me drowning for air.

I feel light in my head.

I feel vertiginous.

I am floating above myself.

I am euphoric.

Last night, Amadeo wrapped my bra around my neck. The cups folded about my throat, and the elastic wound around. He slipped my hands through the arm holes and had me pull at the bra straps, constricting the passage of air through my trachea. I choked myself while he squatted on the bed. He grasped my feet, pulled my legs over his thighs, and dragged my cunt down the length of his prick.

He cuffed my cheek playfully. He kissed me amorously. His tongue took possession of my mouth. He ate my pussy and fucked me some more. My cunt detonated all around him.


1. Almeja - February 24, 2011

Leah, you take my breath away!

Leah - February 24, 2011

Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed.

2. David - February 24, 2011

Does he design a nice house?

Leah - February 24, 2011

I haven’t seen his architectural work. I am curious.

3. David - February 24, 2011

I wouldn’t trust someone with my sandwich never mind my air supply

Leah - February 24, 2011

Trust is crucial to D/s play. By now, Amadeo and I have known each other long enough that there is a reservoir from which to draw.

4. Anonymous - February 24, 2011

You say that the breath play is way out of your comfort zone but you also let him choke you. What makes choking so different and what make the breath play so out of bounds for you?
Wonderfully post as well.

Leah - February 24, 2011

Having my head dunked underwater is beyond my comfort zone. Having a hand on my throat during sex excites me. I think the eye contact makes a difference.

5. Z - March 1, 2011

and I need a dictionary for this one…

Leah - March 1, 2011

Which words did you need to look up?

6. elsiewrites - March 1, 2011

This is a VERY hot fantasy, and obviously, potentially quite dangerous. I wonder if you can envision this ever being inside your sphere of comfort?

Leah - March 1, 2011

I have had sex in a swimming pool. It’s not the water itself that frightens me. The scenario of being dunked and fucked has the Guantanamo vibe to it. I enjoy the pain/sex fusion. But the punishment/sex, coercion/sex, torture/sex boundaries are clear, and I am inflexible about them. The lack of eye contact depersonalizes this kind of submission. The fact that it makes my palms and the soles of my feet sweat means that the fantasy has an impact. It doesn’t shut down my libido. It is a possibility one day. But I am not ready for it now.

7. S - March 3, 2011

were there many situations that required the use of the safeword? could you post someday an example on the blog?

Leah - March 3, 2011

I have used a safeword twice that I can remember during play: once during a spanking/paddling scene when the guy I was playing with simply didn’t have any clue whatsoever and once during a rather intense session involving fire play and wax that was burning my skin. I have often said “I need to slow down,” or “could we stop,” or “let’s talk about this,” or just said “safeword” to various partners including my boyfriend and Amadeo. In such instances, though I didn’t technically use the safeword, the effect was the same. One of the things I do in vetting potential partners is to go over safety and boundary issues. If it’s a first scene, I generally know what’s coming as we have discussed it beforehand. I will write about this more someday.

8. Leah - March 10, 2011

Thanks, Fleshbot!

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