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The death of Craigslist January 22, 2011

Posted by Leah in Craigslust.

Slut for cock – w4m

I’m a submissive woman in search of no strings attached casual kink. I want a sexual adventure. Most likely, this will be a one night stand, but depending on how things go, a fuck buddy arrangement could be possible. I am uninhibited in bed. I enjoy rough sex and get off on pain. You should try to break me. You should use my body. Treat me like a rag doll. Play with your new fuck-toy. Put me through my paces. Exert your power and dominance over me. Claim each of my three holes for yourself. They exist for your pleasure. Make me work for my orgasms. In the process, have me believe that I am every inch your slut. I want to be taken. I want to be shaped. I want to be fucked.

Please send a scenario for a play date. If you have a fantasy you want to accomplish, tell it to me. Be specific. Be literate. Bad writing is a turn-off. If your indecent proposal resonates, I will be in touch.

I am looking for a partner who is intelligent, witty, and creative. To get into my pants, first you must get into my head. Impress me with your mind. It helps if you also make me laugh. Age, race, and national origin are not relevant considerations. Physical attraction matters. Include face and body pictures in your reply. You should be clothed. While I may want to see your genitals in my inbox, I don’t need to see them there right now. I will assume the plumbing works as it should.

I posted the ad with minor variations to the casual encounters board several times. Each attempt ghosted. Craigslist said the ad had posted and gave me the url, but it never appeared in the listing. I changed my dummy e-mail address and login and tried again. This time the ad appeared and stayed up for nearly two hours. I received fifteen replies in this time.

My post provided a template for a response. A third of the guys didn’t follow directions and either attached no photo at all or a penis picture. Two of these asked if I was for real. Another five were too brief to convey intent. Two more were form letters that I had seen before. One recognized me from the blog and offered good luck. The two semi-legitimate replies didn’t interest. I considered them briefly only because the other options were so much worse. I could have reposted, but instead I abandoned the effort.

An ad yielding no dates would have been unthinkable one year ago in Boston. Craigslist has been on a precipitous decline for many months. I am not imagining this. Liz Doherty, Amber Alert, and Bareback Grrl have also documented the sorry state of the list.

I suspect that some of the flagging is due to men attempting to kill a post in order to stave off competition after they have responded. It’s a counterproductive strategy, but at least there is a rationale. I think this is an effect at the margins, however. Possibly readers might mistake my ad for a professional service and report it. But I don’t expect this to be the case as the tone of an escort ad is quite different. By far the largest problem seems to be men who flag ads to prevent w4m classifieds from appearing at all. I don’t know whether this is some disgruntled guy who isn’t getting any and acts to prevent others from enjoying success. I don’t know if it is some moralist. London is certainly awash in m4m ads. Maybe the men looking for this are also the ones flagging w4m posts. I have heard anecdotally that the better written m4w ads suffer the same fate. This could be an instance of Gresham’s Law in action.

The fact is that I am being driven out. Other women are as well. And so too are the partners who we seek.

I am an opportunist. I can find casual sex without much difficulty. I employ Craigslist to acquire kink. This tactic is no longer effective. I need to try something else. But there isn’t an alternative that occupies the same niche. So I am at a loss. Advice is appreciated.