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Once more December 21, 2010

Posted by Leah in Anilingus, Fellatio, Fucking, Repeated hookups.

I lowered the curtain on the blog too early. Thanks to the snow and the ineptitude of British Airways and the airport authority, I’m stuck in London. With luck, I fly on Friday morning.

Laying London continues. Amadeo made it back to Italy before the winter madness hit. But Frank is in town. We had dinner, and he spent the night. We fucked, but mostly we cuddled.

He and I shared the shower in the morning and returned to the bedroom wrapped in our towels. As I put on my bra, I noticed Frank, still naked, bending in the mirror, drying the backs of his legs and his feet. The cock swung from side to side. I needed to have him one more time, so I went to my knees. He hardened between my lips.

He sat on the bed and spread his legs for me while I sucked him from the floor.

I pointed the penis vertical and licked the underside of the shaft with zig-zag swipes. Frank reached into my bra and rubbed his fingers across a nipple. Today, his glans was especially sensitive, so I focused my attention there. I filled my mouth with saliva and swished it around the crown. I darted my tongue at the foreskin and circled the glans. My hands tugged at his balls. Nose nudging at the sac, the lips described the shape of his testicles.

When he laid back and positioned himself lengthwise on the mattress, I joined him on the bed. He propped his back up with pillows and pushed stray locks of hair behind an ear. He watched and sighed as I continued a slow and methodical exploration of his cock and his balls and the insides of his thighs. The lips pecked softly at the pubis, which he keeps trimmed. I squinted one eye, then the other down the length of the erection. The crown and scepter filled my vision. I signed my name with the point of my tongue.

Frank unfastened the bra to touch my breasts. While I sucked him, he reached between my legs and stroked my lips, and having coaxed the waters from my cunt, brought his hand out to pinch my nipples with pussy wet fingers.

Fingernails scraped over his muscular thighs. I took him into my throat.

I don’t know how long I fellated him. Whenever the tone of his breathing changed, I slowed the tempo or shifted my attention someplace else. He had his legs swaying in the air while I rimmed his anus. I took his toes in my mouth and rubbed my pussy against the soles of his feet. I used the moistness that escaped me to lubricate the twisting movements of my fingers along the shaft. I gripped him hard, like I do the rail on the tube when I can’t find a seat. I squeezed the shaft between my breasts.

In the end, I let the come blast onto his belly, below the navel, where the scattering of hair is more dense. Tongue swiping through, I placed kisses over his abdomen and lapped the semen from his skin.

Frank curved his hand around the shaft and stroked it. Taking it from him, I deposited tiny kisses along the bottom surface. Nose following the shaft to the pubis, I breathed over the erection. I cooed to the cock and spoke to it, thanking the penis for the semen that it had given me.

There was a bit of the whiteness to the side of my mouth, on the left half of my chin. I smeared it over my cheek and my lips, used it for moisturizer and lip balm. As I write, I wash my tongue over the upper lip and taste him still, the smallest touch of salt on the skin.


1. Mr_X - December 22, 2010

I had already wondered if you could even leave Europe with this terrible weather. I saw some photos of Heathrow Airport and all planes where… grounded.. Anyway, have fun when you do get to cross the ocean.

2. bill - December 22, 2010

i hope you make it home okay. thanks for all the wonderful content. my wife and I would both do awful, beautiful things to you. i hope when you make it home you can get fucked to satisfaction (it’s what we all need over the holidays).

3. redains - December 22, 2010

You always amaze me. If you were a restaurant, you would be the first to win four Michelin stars. Exceptional apéritif, pièce de résistance beyond fantasy, unforgettable dessert, impeccable service.

So to hell with airlines. Merry Christmas and a Happy Fucking New Year with the boyfriend. Give him your most elegant New Year feast. I’m sure Frank was just a warm-up.

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