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Intermission December 19, 2010

Posted by Leah in Gallimaufry.

Weather permitting, I return to the US this evening. I fly back to the UK on January 14th. Over the next weeks, I’ll visit family in New York, then go home to Boston. During the Massachusetts period at least, I expect to fuck around, with the boyfriend for sure and probably with others as well. I don’t intend to relate the various exploits, whatever they may be. The title of my blog, after all, is Leah Lays London. More to the point, I need a break. I need the hours away from a computer. I need to decompress and recharge.

I hope my readers stay safe during the holidays. I hope the winter nights have their compensations: a bed bespeaking home, warm blankets, someone to share them with, and a massive wet spot in the center of the sheets. I hope 2011 is an excellent year for us all.

Take care of yourselves.

Be brave.

Make love.

See you in the New Year!


1. redains - December 19, 2010

Good luck getting out tonight. Our TV says the snow is appalling. Have a GREAT break, so well deserved. We look forward to your return…

Leah - December 19, 2010

Thanks. I have been placed on a flight out of here tomorrow. I hope it gets off the ground.

2. Anon. - December 20, 2010

Dear lord, I can only hope I run into you at random when I’m in Boston in a couple of weeks.

I won’t, and I don’t know what you look like, and you wouldn’t hook up with me anyway (not your type, physically nor sexually though perhaps mentally), but it’d still be awesome.

Enjoy your time back in the US.

Leah - December 21, 2010

Thanks. I look forward to getting back.

3. Jeff - December 27, 2010

i found your blog over christmas and have been enjoying reading while home from college. i hope you’ve been enjoying your break too.

you know what i hope you will do when you continue with the blog? give more description about yourself. you haven’t once said how tall you are or what your how big your breasts are. maybe post some pictures of you in one of those tiny clubbing outfits. i’d love to see you dildoing your pussy too. i wish you would also say more about the guys you’re fucking, even just the basic stuff like race. i’m koren-american so a story about an you’re meeting an asian man would be something i would especially relate to. maybe throw yp some pics of your bruises after a night with amadeo. so far it’s just words. though very good ones.

Leah - December 29, 2010

Thanks for commenting.

I am not posting pictures or changing the way I write. The omissions you note are deliberate. I find statistics uninteresting. I generally don’t mention race because it is not a relevant consideration.

4. Jeff - December 27, 2010

one more suggestion. tell us about some of the things you think about sexually during the day. what gets you hot when you aren’t fucking your way through the phone directory?

Leah - December 29, 2010

I will take the suggestion under advisement. Thanks for the input.

5. Jeff - December 27, 2010

if i come to london for spring break, will you show me around? i’d love to be your fuckbuddy for a week.

Leah - December 29, 2010

Thanks for the offer. I am not interested in meeting you.

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