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Slut wear December 18, 2010

Posted by Leah in Masturbation.

My roommate’s little brother is visiting from France. He slept on the fold-out bed in my living room. I came home last night with a girl I picked up at a bar. We had sex and weren’t remotely quiet about it. This morning, the roommate asked with a smirk whether I’d had a good night. I stuck my tongue out at her. Though he is twenty, the boy blushes like an adolescent.

At the moment, the two of them are off exploring London in the snow. They invited me along, but I had to say no. I have a long checklist of things to take care of before I depart for the US and a flute to practice before the evening’s concert.

As I sat down to work around noon, I noticed Jean’s boxer shorts balled up underneath the sofa. There is an enormous come stain over the crotch.

I am wearing the boxers now. I have pressed Jean’s dried up semen over the lips of my cunt. I have slid the flannel past my opening. I have touched my clit with it. The caked up come is abrasive against my skin. I fucked my pussy with my fingertips pressing through the cloth. My flood has soaked the fabric.

I intend to masturbate again, fucking my dildo — the one with a suction cup base — through the gap in front. I will wear Jean’s boxers awhile, then dry them on the radiator, and replace the underwear as I found it.