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Striking out December 14, 2010

Posted by Leah in Masturbation.

I wasn’t desperate to get laid, but I wouldn’t have said no to an appealing proposition.

I spent the afternoon at a café near the university, laptop and books on the table, reading and working. I was by myself, busy, but amenable to company. No one thought to bother me.

I spent the evening at my local. I went alone. After a few minutes of conversation, I judged every man who hit on me supremely uninteresting. Every man I considered cute enough to hit on myself, I also thought tedious to talk to.

The dildo will have to do me at bedtime. I plan on cock tomorrow. I will wear a buttplug to ensure I spend the hours before squirming in anticipation.


1. David - December 15, 2010

Do you know many other girls as forward as yourself?
I seem to have had the misfortune of not encountering many!

Leah - December 15, 2010

I tend to be more forward than most. As long as one isn’t needlessly crude or grabby and takes a lack of interest at face value, it doesn’t hurt to say hello, make conversation, and see what develops. With luck, fun stuff happens. At worst, one goes home alone, which is totally fine.

I have found that many guys don’t know how to respond when a girl takes initiative and makes the opening moves. Such men typically aren’t the ones I am most interested in knowing.

2. A.M.G. - December 15, 2010

Meeting with Amadeo I am guessing? Do you have the plug in?

Leah - December 15, 2010

Yes to both questions. I placed the buttplug inside before lunch.

3. Innocent Loverboy - December 15, 2010

How, exactly, does one proposition a lady, though? It’s hardly easy to say hello to a stranger, much less so to offer sex.

Leah - December 16, 2010

There isn’t a formula. If there is chemistry, then you ask. Many times the answer will be no, in which case you shouldn’t keep pressing. Sometimes the answer will be yes.

If you’re having difficulty saying hello, work on that first. Talk to strangers in a friendly way and see if you can spark a conversation. Proceed from there.

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