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In the shower, we get dirty December 10, 2010

Posted by Leah in Cunnilingus, D/s, Fellatio, Masturbation, Repeated hookups, Urine.

— 1 —

He laid in the tub, legs extended, with his back propped up against the side. I sat over his thighs, my pussy hovering over his flaccid penis. Two fingers splayed on either side of the lips of the cunt, I pulled the skin taut, and tilted the pussy upward. The stream of urine released over his cock. It doused the shaft and ran down his balls and disappeared under his legs in the direction of the drain. I made sure to soak his skin with my pee. The fluid wetted the insides of my thighs as well. Because I had been drinking and hadn’t used the toilet for several hours, the piss stream went on for at least a minute. I was conscious of the elongation of time, the hiss of the spray, his breathing and my own in the otherwise still room.

When I had finished urinating, I backed myself down to his feet and lifted the cock from where the elephant trunk had folded over, all drowsy and droopy. I nosed him awake. Fingers curving around the shaft, I brought the foreskin down and wiped my tongue over the glans. Open lips dragged along the sides of the cock. I lapped my acidic urine from his flesh. I kissed the groin and sucked hard, vacuuming up the piss that clung to the hairs of his pubis and beaded over his skin in tiny droplets. As I brought my mouth over the penis, it stiffened agreeably between my lips. I wanted to suck him, to chase the pee with semen, but he wanted to piss over me first.

— 2 —

We swapped positions. I was recumbent in the tub with my head flat against the bottom surface and my legs stretched out over the edge. Amadeo stood, one foot precariously balanced on each side of the tub. The cock pointed down at my face. I opened my mouth, jaws spread wide, stuck out my tongue to provide him a target, closed my eyes, and waited. The water fell over me from high above. The warmth of the drops that sprinkled my body made me squirm and shiver in the cold tub.

As my mouth filled with urine, I gargled his piss and swallowed most of it down. It tasted bitter and tart. As he continued, my mouth closed and the tongue forced the piss out so that it waterfalled over my cheeks and chin and neck. I did this repeatedly. Rolling my head from side to side, I made sure that the stream would land everywhere over my face. I took it from my sternum and brought it down over my breasts as though I was using his urine for washing.

“Drink, mia cara,” he told me. So I opened my mouth again and let it fill up with piss and made a seal with my lips. My cheeks ballooned, and I took a massive gulp and knew his heat as the urine went barreling down my throat.

I held on to his calves and ran my fingers over his feet as the water stream diminished at last to a trickle and then stopped. Opening my eyes, I had a vision of the man from below, towering above me like a god on Olympus. Amadeo shook his cock, and the last of the drops splashed below my breasts. The locks of my hair had became drenched in urine as the dregs spiraled down the drain.

— 3 —

When Amadeo pulled me up, before he would let me take his cock into my mouth, he piled my hair on top of the shaft and used the ends to wipe himself off. I held the scrotum in my two hands as my head bobbed over him. While I sucked him, he pulled the showerhead down and blasted the flow, first at my face, and then at my tits and cunt.

An exploratory finger screwed past his sphincter. Its face rubbed vigorously against the prostate when he came.

— 4 —

During the shower that followed, the two of us filled our mouths with hot water and spit onto each other’s faces. I used the sponge to soap every inch of his body and followed with my lips as the water washed the suds away. I placed kisses on his feet and toweled them with my hair. I brought myself astride each of his legs and swept my pussy down. I enjoyed cleaning his penis in particular. I liked stacking the soap on top and blowing it away. I liked the fresh and unblemished taste when I mopped my tongue over the tight skin. I liked how Amadeo stooped to slap my buttocks and pinch my tits and thread his fingertips between my pussy lips while I had his cock seated in my throat.

Amadeo lowered himself down and toppled me over him. Because we hadn’t brought a condom with us to the bathroom, we couldn’t fuck. Straddling his waist, I brought the penis vertical and pressed it flat against the groin. Holding my lips open, I rubbed myself up and down the bottom of his shaft and over the face of his balls. The clit peeked out from under her hood as the cunt dragged over him. Hot water beat down on my back and shoulders. The friction wasn’t enough to make me come, but I liked the contact of skin sliding against skin. He didn’t come either, preferring to feed the semen to my pussy later.

In my turn, Amadeo’s hands soaped over me, the touch lingering over breasts and back and ass. He primed the pussy by kneeling and jawing against the cunt. He forced two of his fingers into me, fucking them in and out rapidly until I came. My legs pressed tightly together, the muscles of the vagina crushed his fingers within. The moans echoed in the narrow space. After the orgasm, he dragged his cheek over my lips. The stubble on his face felt prickly against my smooth skin.

— 5 —

In the morning, before we turned the water on to shower together again, I went to my knees in the tub. Once I had the head exposed to the air, I mouthed the knob and darted the tip of my tongue at the aperture on top. Holding my mouth open, I looked up at him expectantly with wide open eyes and touched the penis to the bottom lip. I awaited his 7 am piss.

He sighed. The pressure of the bladder sent a powerful stream at me first thing in the morning. It blasted into my throat when it came. As I closed my lips to guzzle it down, the piss fell over my neck and my breasts. Much of it, I drank. But I also rolled my face in the jet and directed the flow of urine against my forehead and across the bridge of my nose. When I clamped my lips about the shaft, I felt the movement of the piss beneath his skin. The urine tasted harsher in the early light of day, more sour than it did at night. The color was yellow instead of clear. I made noises of satisfaction as I swallowed the urine down.

Once Amadeo had emptied, I brushed the head of his penis over my face and brought my lips over the tip. My tongue swabbed him clean while I held him in my mouth. I rejoiced in the incipient hardness of the penis as my lips sunk down his length. Fingering my clit, I sucked Amadeo’s cock with his urine still wet on my skin. As part of the blowjob, I spent the longest time just mouthing and tonguing the sperm laden balls. Ropes of spit and semen dangled from my chin when he completed. This was the fourth orgasm that he gave me.


1. redains - December 10, 2010

Were you doing this while Parliament was tripling your tuition and students were rioting in Parliament Square? While Charles and Camilla were being paint-bombed and frightened in Mayfair? Tell us what you saw or did today. The news from London is unbelievable.

OK, if this is not sexy enough, what is your position on fucking in the streets as a protest against establishment stupidity?

Leah - December 10, 2010

Thanks for writing in. I am not discussing politics, at least not on the blog.

2. A.M.G. - December 10, 2010

I like how you make things I would never do in a million years sound like the sexiest thing on earth.

3. David - December 11, 2010

Pissing and spitting. just don’t get it.
Genuinely, does defecation interest you. surely that would be almost the ultimately submissive act?

Leah - December 11, 2010

It’s too bad you don’t get it. I have explained my interest in urine previously and won’t bother repeating myself. I pointed out that many of the same arguments I have made for piss could have been made for shit. Defecation repulses me. I expect this response arises as a consequence of scat play being dangerous whereas drinking from the tap is relatively safe.

4. redains - December 11, 2010

It’s true- healthy urine is sterile. Army medics are taught that it can be used to wash out wounds when there is no sterile water.

But it is not always tasty. Lay off the asparagus.

I second A.M.G. Leah is not from Venus- I think it’s Uranus.

Leah - December 11, 2010

Asparagus, brussels sprouts, garlic, and onions don’t do wonders for the taste of semen either.

5. I can't think of a clever name - February 26, 2011

Hi. I haven’t commented before but since no one else has asked I need to. Have you adn Amadeo indulged in a piss scene since?

This is my absolute favorite post. I have never incorporated urine into my sex life but reading this I feel I one day must!

I love the blog. Your site is one of the very few that I check every day.

Keep on perving Leah!

Leah - February 26, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, Amadeo spermed on my face in the shower and then blasted the semen off with his piss. The urine ran down my chin in sheets and fell over my breasts and thighs. He finished the libation by directing the stream to my pussy. I diddled myself in the tub, fingers smearing his piss over my clit.

I thought about writing about this, but I can’t narrate everything that happens in an evening.

Thanks for the comment and for the kind words about my blog. I hope you will write again.

6. Xanadu - December 9, 2016

Wonderful read Leah..I felt so connected to this post. Im someone who enjoys the pleasure of the piss fetish…I love both giving and receiving. Finally it felt so good to read the strong intimate emotions that i always feel during a session like this.I have experienced this feeling ofcourse but never had a partner be that comfortable like you. the heat of the urine, the feel of it in my mouth and all over my body and on my partner’s amazing – felt really connected..hopefully you are still writing somewhere and see this comment after so many years..

Leah - December 21, 2016

Thanks for reading and taking the time to offer such kind words six years later. I write on occasion, but mostly for my own amusement.

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