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Reunion November 21, 2010

Posted by Leah in Anilingus, Cunnilingus, Fellatio, Fucking, Repeated hookups.

Frank was in London for the day. He invited me to dinner at an Italian restaurant near Covent Garden, after which, buzzed from the bottle of Tuscan wine, we returned to my apartment. The roommate and her fiancé are in Paris, so we had the place to ourselves.

As soon as the front door had closed, Frank had me tight against the wall. The kisses were hungry as we struggled out of our winter jackets. Before, over risotto and bistecca, as two friends who had missed each other’s company catching up, we had the conversational intercourse of minds. Now, as lovers who had longed for a reunion, we required the conversational intercourse of bodies in places where words are superfluous. Fingers touching everywhere, lips kissing, his hardness insistent against my belly, we reacquainted ourselves. Frank reached behind me and shucked the gray sweater dress over my ass. His strong fingers gripped my cheeks through the nylon hose. Yearning for his tastes and textures, I sucked on his tongue and ran my fingers through his hair. When I raised a leg up and brought the inside face to a right angle against his hip, Frank caught the bottom of my thigh and pressed his weight into me, pushing my back flat against the wooden partition behind me. He went for my breasts. His head sunk into the cleavage in the front, and he shifted the soft wool aside to kiss and suck at the hillock of skin that the bra left exposed on top. As he did this, his arm reached between my legs. The fingers stretched up along the division of my ass, and the forearm slid against my cunt to create an exquisite friction on my pubis from below.

I knelt and extracted his penis from his trousers. After I had run my tongue through the springy curl of pubic hair to acquire his taste, I sucked him. The shaft, already thick with his arousal, assumed greater heft and elongated over my tongue as the blood rushed in to fill the vessels there. Frank hooked his hand around the back of my neck and rocked his hips at me as I collapsed my cheeks and dipped my head down and dragged my lips backward and taut over the hot flesh. Fingers twisted around the pedestal at the base of the column. No sooner had the first warm drops of precome, mixed up with the soft grain of the glans, touched upon my palate than a shudder ran through me, and I stopped, intent on the extraordinary sensation. The flavor invoked the memory of all those other times that I had sucked him off, and how I so missed having the girth and the balance and the weightiness and the substantial presence of his cock atop my tongue. I took a deep sniff of the masculine scents around me. I swiped the hair aside and placed a kiss on his groin. Moaning my contentment to him, I closed my eyes and took the glans into my mouth again, this time allowing it to sink deeper within. A steady progression into my throat yielded Frank’s own exhalations of undiluted pleasure as a second reward.

He wouldn’t let me stay on my knees forever. He pulled me upright and kissed me, his tongue flicking along the points of my teeth, chasing his taste. On the sofa, I pulled the dress over my shoulders and released the breasts from their confinement. Before I could remove the tights and finish stripping, Frank was on top of me. He pushed my torso flat on the cushions and raised my ass into the air. His fingers pressed and rubbed at the two openings through the nylon and the lacy fabric of my underwear, which dampened under this attention. Wedging the rise of the fabric between the buttocks and nudging it aside, his tongue lapped at my asshole through the stockings. While he nipped and licked, the hands massaged the curves and cambers of the flesh.

Teeth bit into the nylon and tore a hole. Frank pushed his fingers through the seams. The tights ripped apart with a loud crackle.

The sudden aggression that Frank exhibited was out of character for him, and it turned me on beyond measure. I raised my ass and wiggled it in his direction. Shifting the underwear out of his way, he licked my anus through the great rent that he had left in the hose. I spread my cheeks apart so that his tongue would follow the length of the crease. He swabbed from top to bottom. The fingers worked my pussy, petaling the lips flat, penetrating inside, pressing at the walls within, poking at my G-spot. The spendings from my stretched out cunt layered, thick and viscous, onto his fingers. He slathered it over my hairless pussy. The thumb pressed down on the clit and vibrated as though holding and extending and modulating a note on some stringed instrument. He played me. I cried out my exaltation.

When he asked me to turn myself around, I reclined on the sofa with one leg extended to my side and the other folded up and vertical on the pillow beside me. Frank went to the floor and stooped his head over my cunt. He varied the stimulation, cycling among the tongue, the lips, the teeth, the nose rubbing, the fingers outside, the fingers inside, the digits thrusting, spinning, pinching, stroking, teasing, prodding, and he kept going until I came. Evidently, he had missed my taste as well.

In the bedroom, we fucked through the tatters of black nylon. Frank entered me from behind to start.

I have bedded with this man more frequently than I have with any other in London. He knows my body, and I know his. The walls of my cunt hugged him with an embrace of welcome. They went all supple around the shaft and made room for his tenancy within. I gasped as he dragged the erection in and out. Though they tried to grip his head, the muscles collapsed behind him when he pulled his penis away from me. He held my thigh in one hand, pressed the other flat against my shoulder and backed out almost the whole way before reversing course. The motion was slow paced and deliberate. The underwear added a tightness to the movements. The hitch in my breathing was the loudest sound to my ears.

After a time, Frank picked up the pace. When he came close to releasing, he pulled back and brought himself supine on the bed. I stroked the penis. Straddling his body, I positioned the shaft upright and steadied the tip against my entrance. Lowering myself on top, I reveled in the sensation of fullness. I liked having his tall cock pointing up into me. Frank held me by the hips and thrust with his pelvis, rocketing the penis skyward with an intense and forceful tempo and letting gravity bring him down again. Because I wanted him to come, I tightened my muscles and compressed my vagina about the erection. Always the gentleman, he held off his orgasm until I had one of my own. His finger strummed at my clitoris. After I had squeaked my delight, he turned us over and pounded me from above. My feet were in the air and I held myself open for him, clutching his muscular biceps as he powered into me. An electric jolt hit me each time he bottomed out. The cock plowed me hard, and then he grunted a sequence of low, guttural sounds. His jaw dangled down. The shaft pulsed against the enclosure of my pussy as the balls expelled his semen. When his body crumpled on top of me, I kissed his collar as he panted for air. I liked being pinned by his mass.

We fucked once more in the night and again this morning. The first time was my favorite.


1. rusty bill - November 21, 2010

delicious. your lust makes my lady and I have crazy morningsex.

question: do you ever come from analingus? i want so much to make her orgasm from licking her ass, but it is difficult to pull off, as much as she loves it.

Leah - November 21, 2010

I am delighted to know that I am helping others have crazy sex.

I don’t come from anilingus alone. Coupled with fingering, it has happened a couple of times.

I have made plenty of men orgasm from licking ass, however. As long as the area is clean, I enjoy administering a rimjob. I like hearing the whimpers of pleasure while I circle over the nerve endings and prise apart the cheeks and press past the tight sphincter. I will write a whole post about kissing ass someday.

2. rusty bill - November 21, 2010

And I’d love to read it. It’s been a boundary I’ve been reluctant to cross myself however. I’ve been rimming her for years, and she comes close while she’s pleasuring me, and I know all I have to do is ask…but I haven’t been able to bring myself to request it for some stupid reason. I know I’m missing out on transcendent pleasure she’s more than willing to give me.

But you’re making it a lot harder to not just fucking do it.

Leah - November 21, 2010

Some are skittish about anilingus. Since she hasn’t taken the initiative and just done it herself without being asked, it might be that she is squeamish, too. But you should ask, maybe in the shower where she knows you’re clean.

3. Anonymous - November 21, 2010

I just have to ask. How does your boyfriend feel about your being so intimate with others and telling the whole goddamn planet about it? If it was me, I’d be jealous as hell. Do you love Frank?

Leah - November 21, 2010

Jealousy is an issue that we deal with. I have alluded to it before, but I may say more about the topic in a full post as the question seems to come up constantly in various guises.

Frank is a friend. I don’t love him. I don’t regard myself as polyamorous.

4. redains - November 21, 2010

Frank doms you naturally just by being what he is- a strong masculine guy who begins politely, and builds it gradually into a concerto played on your pleasure centers. He knows when to offer himself for your pleasure in giving pleasure, and then he again becomes your master in a wild finale with your ecstasy and his together at forte-fortissimo. This is great sex and great sex blogging.

I’m still astonished that you let lesser guys (including the boyfriend; sorry) dom you with handcuffs and switches and all that silliness. Think about it. In comparison, don’t these puny guys just make you laugh?

Leah - November 21, 2010

Frank is a wonderful lover, on the very short list of the best I have ever had. He is also a thoughtful soul. We are pals. I am exceptionally lucky to have made this friendship essentially at random. I don’t perceive him as a dominant lover, however, and he wouldn’t identify himself as such either. When we are naked, I typically direct the proceedings as much as he does.

I agree that the accoutrements of bdsm are inessential to the experience. I don’t want to play this way all the time. But they can and do enhance the sex for me, both physically and mentally. Getting tied up and fucked when I have no control of the situation, except for a safeword and my trust, is liberating. I find freedom in bondage. I as well enjoy pain. I have asked Frank to spank me, to fist me, to bite my clit. I want him to be rough with me. He isn’t. He is too gallant to strike a woman even when she asks. He is not what I consider kinky either. He would never tell me to lick his semen from the floor or piss on me. When I brush up against him to raise an erection at the museum, he doesn’t respond by reaching into my skirt and toying with my pussy because it pleases him. For all his strength and masculinity and intelligence and intuitive grasp of sex, I don’t believe Frank possesses the capacity to push me into free fall and send me spinning into subspace. Admittedly, such events are rare — possibly half a dozen times this year, most of them with the boyfriend — but this is when I feel most deeply connected with my sexuality.

Just as different foods make for a healthy and tasty diet, I think different lovers play different roles. I am delighted to have Frank in my life, but I wouldn’t be content with him as my primary partner.

5. KJ - November 22, 2010

Thank you for such a beautifully written erotic piece. This is my favorite post of yours to date. Your intelligence and ability to articulate your sexual experience are the best I’ve encountered on the web. As another highly sexual woman and hopeful writer, I so appreciate you sharing your many succulent experiences.

Leah - November 22, 2010

Thanks for commenting, KJ, and also for the kind words. The post came very fluently when I sat down to type. I’m glad you liked it so much.

6. Leah - November 23, 2010

Thanks, Fleshbot!

7. Daniel in Germany - November 29, 2010

Where’s the next story??? It has been over a week after your last update…

Leah - November 29, 2010

Thanks for being so eager to hear about my sex life. Unfortunately, the chronology is up to date. When I have a sordid tale to tell, I will surely post about it.

8. redains - November 29, 2010

She’s being a good grad student right now. Don’t worry, Daniel. It won’t last.

Leah - November 30, 2010

Indeed, I am hoping for some action before long.

9. sxul plshr - December 30, 2010

Leah, fantastic sex session described. I very much appreciate your attention to detail. Your mentioning the pantyhose is indescribably delicious for me to read. Do you participate in pantyhose sex often? I have been obsessed with having sex with women wearing pantyhose or stockings my entire life. All my ex-wives, ex-girlfriends have all delighted me in their willingness to engage in my kink. Have you ever had your cunt and asshole eaten through a very low denier pantyhose with no cotton gusset but instead sheer to waist pantyhose with all sheer nylon even at the crotch area (like Wolford) to the point you were able to orgasm?

If you could, please wear a short tight black dress or mini skirt and ultra sheer to the waist pantyhose (NEVER any panties) the next time you go out looking for a man to fuck. And then let things unfold naturally. See what happens when you are alone and start cock teasing him by crossing your gorgeous legs and perhaps letting one of your sexy pumps slide off your foot. Maybe you could ask him to examine your pantyhose clad foot (make sure you paint your toenails a pink or red color or blue) and make up some bullshit like your foot hurts a little. See if he doesn’t become so aroused that he may not be able to communicate with you in an intelligent manner. Check his bulge to see if his cock has grown to astronomical proportions. Maybe you could innocently brush his cock through his trousers at this point with your forearm while reaching for something or letting your foot rest in his lap while he looks at it. Maybe you could drop something and get down on your hands and knees and let your skirt hike up and expose your cunt covered only by a thin diaphanous layer of nylon and see how he reacts. When you get to the point of no return see if you can get him to eat your pussy through the pantyhose or see if he does it on his own. And then please, for the love of God, write about your encounter.

Leah - January 2, 2011

Stocking sex isn’t a particular fetish of mine. Your experience in this respect far exceeds my own. I will keep your scenario in mind for future play. Cheers!

10. Mindsay Mohan - March 10, 2011

Does Frank know about your blog? If so, does he read it or have an opinion?
I don’t know if this has been covered, and I’m a new reader/fan.

Leah - March 10, 2011

Hi. Welcome!

Frank doesn’t know about the blog.

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