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Eavesdropping November 10, 2010

Posted by Leah in Masturbation, Retrospective, Voyeurism.

I remember the first night in the apartment that summer in Brooklyn. It took a while to get accustomed to the sound of the darkness. The police sirens wailed on the street outside. The refrigerator eight meters away at the opposite end of the studio made a sound like waves beating on the shore.

At first the noise carrying through the still, damp air resembled the beating of an artery in my head. Thump, thump, thump, went its metronome pulse. To this sound was added a second, discordant note: the rising pitch of a girl’s voice. Baritone grunts answered her prayer.

I hadn’t realized the walls of the new place were so thin. I shouldn’t have pressed my ear against the wall to listen. It was impolite. Yet I reached below and bore witness to sacred oaths.


1. Leah - November 10, 2010

This previously appeared as a comment to “Envy” on Be rough with me. Sadly, that blog appears to be suspended or deleted. I figured I would repost.

2. Leah - November 14, 2010

Comment on “Speil, speil” on Nattbris reposted as a comment here, just so I have my own copy.

This is one of my favorite ways to masturbate. I look down and see fingers teasing my folds. I smear the juices over the clit and use my nails to tug the hood down, exposing sensitive nerves to air. Bringing myself low, I kiss the other girl with my lips and do a twist with my hips. The glass is cool to the touch. The wetness glistens. My skin flushes red as I fuck myself with vigor. Breasts wobble pendulously. I feel them below me, all heavy, and see their weightless reflection. Splaying two fingers and rubbing the clit strenuously, I describe what I see to my boyfriend so that we may share.

3. redains - January 22, 2011

Good Lord, do you read Norwegian?
The graphics on Nattbris are superb. Thanks for leading me there.

Leah - January 22, 2011

Heck no. But Google translate usually gives me the gist.

I found Nattbris because the author linked to my blog. The photograph of the woman in the mirror reminded me of how I sometimes masturbate. The paragraph is too brief to merit a post of its own, but I thought I should save it as a comment at least. Some of the other pictures are sexy as hell.

4. Leah - January 22, 2011

This is a three minute fiction inspired by Nattbris.

I like the three minute quickie. I leverage my weight against the sink and spread myself open for him.

His cock spears me to the wall. I hold on to the back of his shirt. The fingers have a tenuous grip on reality.

“Bitch,” he names me. “Slutcuntwhore.” The words merge together.

I stop his mouth with my kisses. “Please,” I whisper. “Give me more.”

He gives me his semen.

I don’t wash up. I let it spill down my thighs while I hunt the room looking for the next man.

5. Leah - February 5, 2012

These are comments that I have left on other blogs that may be of some interest. Please read the blogs.

• A comment on “The joy of sucking cock” by Pieces of Jade.
• A comment on “Mile high masturbation” by Amor Gratia Amoris.
Two comments on “Good girl” by A Feminist Sub.
• A comment on “Voyeur” by Margot la Ravaudeuse.

There are a few adventures that I have related off blog. For completeness, here are links. Unfortunately, the stories I can’t edit anymore could use revision.

Spring 2004, Chicago
Summer 2005, Brooklyn
September 2006, Chicago
January 2007, Honolulu
May 2008, San Diego
Summer 2009, Boston

I had the vague notion of scattering tales through the internet that trace my sex life back to its beginning in 2000. This project, like so many other ventures, remains unfinished.

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