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A visit with Claire October 5, 2010

Posted by Leah in Cunnilingus, Repeated hookups, Sapphic, Spanking, Urine.

I have been in the UK a little over three months and didn’t manage to leave London until last Saturday. My friend Claire, who I have played with previously, lives to the south of the city. She attends a university nearby and makes her home with her parents. Their absence this weekend provided the perfect opportunity for a second meeting. I took the train down from Waterloo. Though I have mused lately about sex on the railroad, the journey was uneventful.

Flats in London, especially at my price point, tend toward the small. The apartment in Boston feels spacious compared to my present accommodation. I enjoyed visiting a proper house with a yard in back. Though it would have been nice to rub pussies in the grass and the mud, the cold rain and the view of the neighbors dissuaded us from having a romp outside. We played dirty indoors instead.

I arrived in time for lunch. After we ate, we secreted ourselves in the bedroom. The clothes came off. I beat Claire’s delightful little pussy with the back side of a wooden spoon. I opened her cunt with it and spit inside her vagina. She fucked my asshole with a dildo while she licked my clitoris. An hour or so into play, we descended the stairs to the kitchen to retrieve drinks.

When we had hydrated our parched throats with glasses of wine, I had Claire sit on the countertop between the sink and the stove. My kisses began at her mouth and fell over her breasts and belly. The tongue in her navel was a tease and a promise. She placed her feet on the counter. The legs spread apart like wings, I kissed the secret, sacred spaces between them. The lips of her pussy are thick and meaty. My teeth nipped the sensitive folds. I squeezed my tongue into the fissure. Squatting on the floor, my arms stretched up so that I could run my hands over her arms and massage her tits while my mouth worked her cunt. Claire rocked her hips and thighs at me while I finger fucked her pussy and diddled the clit. I rubbed her with the fingers of both hands. The membrane inside was slick with arousal and need. The muscles gripped my two fingers while I covered her open mouth with my lips. I loved how she moaned her pleasure, especially when I bent to have another taste of the piquant fluids that had escaped her vagina.

After she came, Claire giggled and said she needed to pee.

She had read my blog. I told her to piss in my face.

She squatted on the counter, heels and buttocks and the arms at back supporting her weight. My hands ran over the inner faces of her thighs. The pussy gaped at me. I kissed her ass where it flared below.

The urine fountained out in a trickle. Claire tilted the pussy up by flattening the skin at the pubis and angling her groin. Holding her feet for purchase, I positioned my face under the stream and let the rain fall over me. I closed my eyes and allowed the water to douse my head. It fell over my nose and my cheeks. I twisted my body as I do in the shower. The incipient trickle had become a rush. It wet my hair and drenched my skin. I spread my jaws wide and inched myself forward so that hot piss would fill my mouth. I spit it out when my lips were full. I swallowed. The piss spilled over my chin and onto my breasts. I fluttered my tongue over the pussy lips while the waters were still bursting out. The flood of urine soaked me through and through. I was drowning in the waterfall. My lips tugged hers as the flow diminished at last to a leak and a drip. As I splashed my feet in the enormous puddle on the floor, Claire kissed me, tasting her pee on my lips and tongue. Afterwards, I pressed my breasts against the folds of the labia and pinched the wet lips about my peaked nipples.

Of course, I had a turn as well, pissing into her face. I stood on the floor while Claire knelt. It was her baptism. When the urine began to flow, she slipped her body under my legs so that the stream fell over her breasts and on the joining of her legs. Claire rubbed her hands over her chest and shoulders as she bathed herself in my urine. She kissed me, mouthing the pussy while I peed. When it ended, she looked beautiful, dripping wet, her skin beaded with my pee. I liked that she pulled me to the ground and ate my cunt to an orgasm once my bladder had emptied. The piss on the floor was still warm on my back and my buttocks. I came flapping my arms over the wet floor.

We mopped up the mess in the kitchen and showered together so that we were once again clean for a few minutes. The plush towels swaddled us.


1. Pearl - October 5, 2010

Dirty but kinky !!!

2. david - October 5, 2010


3. Z - December 5, 2010

deeeeeeeeeep sssssiiiiiiiighhhhhh
How the hell will I get any work done today? Your blog has small, strong, warm hands, with a firm grip on my balls, pulling me in, pulling me in…

4. I read from Leah’s blog | - June 28, 2013

[…] you know her? She wrote the beautiful, mystical, and filthy Leah Lays London. It’s closed now, which is just a shame. But it is gorgeous, and I am savoring it little by […]

Leah - July 4, 2013

Oh, wow! Thank you for the immense praise. It’s amazing to hear you speak my words.

Jenna - July 8, 2013

Thanks, Leah! It was awesome to read them.

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