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Big head vs. little head September 28, 2010

Posted by Leah in Fellatio, Masturbation, Random hookups.

Last Friday I went to dinner with a group of students, some of whom invited their friends to join. Almost twenty of us crowded around rectangular tables pressed together in the basement of an Italian restaurant. I hit it off over the meal with Joseph, who sat diagonally from me. He fences and possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of knives and swords. After the meal, half of us went to the pub next door. People began to head out a little before midnight. Discreetly, I invited Joseph home with me.

He was fabulous at kissing. His lips applied just the right amount of pressure. He gently sucked on my lips. The hands knew where to touch and how. Fingers combed my hair. He caressed my back and ass, stroked my thighs, fondled my breasts. Once we had dispatched our clothes, he pinched the pussy lips together and tugged at the labia. A finger hooked inside my cunt and brushed behind the clitoris. All the while, his tongue danced with me.

Given how good he was at kissing, I was eager to have him eat my pussy.

I had been holding his erection during our kisses. Deciding that it was time to end the foreplay, I broke contact with his mouth, bent at the waist, and took the glans past my lips.

Joseph pulled away from me. “I can’t do this,” he sputtered.

A look of bafflement flashed over my face.

“I have a girlfriend,” he explained.

“Then go.”

He hastily dressed, mumbled a cursory goodbye, and left. His footfalls pounded down the stairs.

Once he had escaped, I retreated to the bedroom, shrugged off the bathrobe I had donned, brought the purple aluminum dildo out of the toy drawer, and masturbated. Joseph’s cock was in my mouth briefly, so we technically had sex.