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A farewell to Frank September 25, 2010

Posted by Leah in Anilingus, Fellatio, Fucking, Repeated hookups.

Another of the things I haven’t written about is my friendship with Frank. I believe in the buddy part of fuck buddy. I wouldn’t have bedded with him throughout the summer if our personalities had clashed. We usually have dinner on the days we play. We watch a movie on the laptop. We kiss and cuddle on the sofa, drinking beer, telling stories. He stops by my office sometimes, and we disappear for a coffee. We can talk for hours, before sex and after.

Frank leaves for Oxford this weekend. We said our goodbyes on Thursday. The university is two hours and eleven pounds away, so it’s not as though I won’t ever see him again — but I won’t see him as often, and I will miss him.

We went to bed after midnight. My body rested on top of his, pinioning him to the mattress. Eyes closed, tongues touching, lips nipping, our faces rotated endlessly. He reached up my shirt, slipped a hand under the bra, and held my breast. Legs scissored against his, I pressed my pussy at the swelling at his groin. Later, I sat straddling him, running my hands over his bare torso, fingers tracing the lines of the muscles in his arms and chest. I kissed and licked, memorizing with my lips the patterns of the plates, the way he tasted and smelled.

When I pulled off his jeans and underwear, the cock stood before me like an obelisk. I pressed it flat against the pubis and belly and kissed his balls. My tongue rasped over the light scattering of hair that covered the scrotum. The testicles were well defined in the sac. I saw them in the dim light and sucked each one. I masturbated his shaft while I swished saliva around the bulbous head.

Frank sat up. Once he had pulled my shirt off, I fed him my breasts. He unbuckled my belt and dragged my jeans down to my knees. The panties followed. He rolled a condom on his penis and fucked me from behind. His hands toyed with my nipples and my clit. I moaned in pleasure, at the tightness of my movements, constrained as I was by the denim. We didn’t cycle through a panoply of positions as we usually do to prolong the sex. He thrust into my cunt the ten or so minutes it took for my pussy to cream, rode the orgasm out, and detonated soon after. I removed the condom, finished undressing, and sucked him to hardness again, fingering my clit as I did. Another condom dressed over the erection, and I was a sky walker as he brought his weight on top of my chest.

In the end, I had him lie on his stomach. I sat on his buttocks and rubbed my hands over the muscles of his back. The kisses started at his ear and dropped to the neck. The tongue followed the line of the shoulder. I lifted his arms and sniffed his armpits and kissed along the flank, down on the left side, crossing over at the bottom, and reversing direction on the right. My nose drew zig-zag sketches on his broad shoulders as my lips pressed wetly over the soft skin. The tongue followed the ridges of the shoulder blades that stood in prominent relief on either side and swept down the valley of the spine to his buttocks. I bit his ass cheeks and soothed the teeth marks with kisses and tongue.

Positioning him on elbows and knees, legs apart, I nosed into the divide of his rump. The hair tickled my chin. The cheeks spread on either side of me and warmed my face as I made love to his anus. The tongue washed around the winking pucker, relaxing the muscle so that I could push the tip past the sphincter. My hands reached under his balls and stroked the cock while I kissed his ass. Though he wriggled beneath me, I took my time in licking and sucking him. I made sure that the climax was slow in arriving because this was something I had introduced him to and also his new favorite.


1. Henry - September 25, 2010

that was fucking hot. thanks.

2. First Great Western Employee - September 26, 2010

Or only one hour and £7 return by train if you book in advance. (Or even free after 10:30 pm). Just looking out for you Frank 😉

Your friend at First Great Western.

Leah - September 26, 2010

Much appreciated. I will let him know.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Leah - September 26, 2010

Out of curiosity, do you have any experience with train sex? I have done a car and a boat and fantasize about the airplane, but have never given the train a thought. The pistoning of a locomotive has a familiar rhythm. So too does the thunk, thunk of the train tracks. Additionally, a train looks phallic as it enters a tunnel. I imagine it’s easier to sneak into the lavatory when on solid ground.

David - September 27, 2010

Oral, yes.

Pearl - September 27, 2010

Hey, you are right,Leah. It feels ummm great. I did with my girl friend,lol.

3. Adam - September 27, 2010

Damn. I remember when Sara used to do stuff like that! Marriage changes things. Don’t get me wrong. I am happy. I love my wife. Sex is still fun after 7 years and 2 kids. Its traditional though. Missionary, doggie and oral. That’s what we do. We were adventurous in our 20’s. In our 30’s we’re borrrrring.

Leah - September 27, 2010

Talk to her. That’s all I can say.

4. Pearl - September 27, 2010

Oh,so Frank gone. Then… You may be search of one Regular Buddy (like Frank or more than Frank) ?

Leah - September 27, 2010

If I find suitable partners, they will become regulars. I don’t go in search of them. Sex does improve with familiarity, so I hope to get lucky more than once.

pearl - September 28, 2010

Indeed you will get, a gal like you,can surely get.

5. First Great Western Employee - September 27, 2010

My experience of train sex is fingering on the eurostar – you have her trying to hold in the gasps in front of the other passengers: much more fun than trying to contort yourselves in somewhere that stinks of piss. Although now I think of it, there are those new, large disabled ones on the Oxford – London route, hhm…

6. Leah - September 27, 2010

Thanks, Fleshbot!

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