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It never hurts to ask September 20, 2010

Posted by Leah in Cunnilingus, Fellatio, Fucking, Random hookups.

As I wandered the Southbank area yesterday afternoon, I stopped at the booksellers in front of the National Theatre. I wore denim shorts with black hose underneath, a purple top, and a jean jacket. It was nothing sexy: I had dressed for the weather. A man in his early thirties came up to me as I leafed through prints of birds from old books and maps. “Can I hit on you?” he asked. The candor was refreshing. I laughed.

He had the geek chic going for him. I liked his glasses. “Please do,” I answered.

We sat on the riverfront, drank beer, people watched, and talked. Forty minutes later, we were on the Northern line heading to his place. As we stood on the crowded tube, my back slanted against his chest. Leaning into his arms, I placed his hand over the fly of my shorts. In his bedroom, I undressed him and he undressed me. He carefully tugged my nylons off, kissing the exposed skin inch by inch as he did. He sniffed my panties after he had removed them. Once we were both naked, he sent me flat on my back and ate pussy like a champ, licking and nibbling and fingering till I came. He waved his cock at me after that and had me straddle him. I pushed off his chest with my arms and rode the penis, then spun around so that I could ride him the other way, with hands gripping his thighs as I rose and fell. He held my hips while I gyrated my ass atop his groin. When his orgasm approached, he pulled out of me and shifted my weight off. Sending me sprawling, he stood on the bed, tore the condom away, and ejaculated over my breasts. The side of a finger swiped his semen from my tits. His come tasted salty and brackish.

He recovered his erection during an interlude of sixty-nine. I mouthed his balls and let the cock elongate against my face. I liked the heat of it against my nose and cheeks. The smell was a potent, masculine musk. The second time, he was on top of me. He stuck his index and middle fingers in my mouth. I sucked them, squeezing my tongue in the spaces in between while he thrust into me. Primed by the pussy licking, I came with his penis moving within. It is lovely to clench myself around a new cock.

He made pizza for dinner. We ate sitting on blue wooden chairs, him in a pair of boxers, me wearing bra and panties. I bundled the silky pink fabric to one side and swept my fingers over my slit.

I had work to do. I couldn’t afford to spend the entire night on sex. Going to my knees, I sucked his cock to hardness, replaced the condom, and bent over the table, where the plates and the glasses of wine had been. He moved into position behind me and entered my cunt. He grasped my hips and hauled me backward, driving his pelvis forward as he did. My breasts dragged along the wood of the table, which was cool to the touch and resolutely solid. I shivered. He stuck his thumb in my asshole as he worked my pussy. Fingers strummed my clit as I moaned. It only took him a few minutes to achieve orgasm.

We exchanged numbers. He is a guitarist in a band who does odd jobs to pay the bills. He suggested a weekly hookup. I don’t know whether I will see him again. But as Frank leaves for university in a week, I do need a new fuck buddy in the city.


1. Leah - September 20, 2010

Public service announcement: While it never hurts to ask once, please take no for an answer and move on.

2. Pearl - September 23, 2010

New buddy. Good. I guess,we will come to know,who is that lucky guy.

Hey,have u gone threesome kinda ever (u,Frank & other Male or u and any MM).

Leah - September 23, 2010

The guy in the post and I have traded a few texts and talked on the phone once since the incident described. I still don’t know if I want a sequel. It was a nice time, but the sex didn’t reconfigure my universe.

I have been doubly and triply penetrated, though Frank was never a participant. These things happen at sex clubs and parties.

3. Concerned - September 23, 2010

By your own count you have slept with 17 men and 2 women in the past 3 months. You have sex with someone less than an hour after meeting them on the street. Aren’t you ashamed? What would your parents think?

Leah - September 23, 2010

By your own count you have slept with 17 men and 2 women in the past 3 months.


You have sex with someone less than an hour after meeting them on the street.

Including the tube ride, it was more than an hour before the tube ride. Still, the point stands.

Aren’t you ashamed?

Not a bit.

What would your parents think?

My parents are sex positive. Pity yours weren’t.

Thanks for the concern.

4. Pearl - September 24, 2010

Hahaha,Good reply, you have given, Leah to some Conernd People.

Keep you postings up……

5. Pearl - October 16, 2010

Hey Leah,

As you mentioned above “…Forty minutes later, we were on the Northern line heading to his place…”.

Can you give some tit-bits of such talk,so you got so much impressed that you headed to ….

Leah - October 16, 2010

We mainly chatted about music. His directness in attempting a pickup impressed me. I wasn’t looking for scintillating conversation or to be blown away by his brain. I wanted to assure myself of his normalcy. The first time we had sex, it had been two weeks since I had fucked anyone besides Frank. Two nights ago, I was just plain horny. I don’t intend to play with Gavin with any frequency. The sex is good, but it isn’t amazing. He had a convenient cock when I wanted one.

Pearl - October 18, 2010

As Frank is not near,I can understand.
Hey,Does Gavin get hard instantly or his tools size is long or any other speciality !

Leah - October 18, 2010

Gavin is good at eating pussy.

I don’t have a size fixation. I enjoy big, but other sizes do the trick also. Many of the most fun experiences I have had in D/s were with a lover who didn’t have particularly large endowment nor tremendous stamina. He made up for it in loads of other ways.

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