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Be rough with me September 15, 2010

Posted by Leah in Craigslust.

I have been fucking of course, but ever since the boyfriend’s visit the kink quota has been low. I miss it. I want sadistic sex.

I posted a new ad on Craigslist this weekend (below). It disappeared almost at once, so I posted it again and again with variations. None of the responses so far have impressed me.

Be rough with me – w4m

I want you to do me hard.

Throw me to the ground and rip my clothes off. Grab my head. Push your fingers into my scalp. Stick your cock in my face. Pound my throat. Set the vicious tempo that you want. Fuck my mouth like you own it. Make my lips swell at the collision when you bottom out. Twist your fingers in my hair and yank. Use the reins to control my movements. I want you to. I want my nose smashed up against your pubis and your balls pressed up against my chin. I want thick cords of saliva dangling from your shaft as I struggle to keep up with how fast and how rough you are. I want you to compel my face to your balls and ass and have me lick and suck.

Pull me over your lap and spank me. Leave your handprints on my buttocks. Turn my ass and thighs red and purple. Be brutal. I can take it. Spank my clit. Wrench my pussy lips and my nipples. Slap my breasts. Make it hurt. Make me remember you.

Fuck me in all positions. Don’t be gentle.

Drive into me from above so that I feel your weight on top, crushing me. Wrap your hand about my throat and choke me. Spit in my face. Cuff my cheeks hard — left side and right side — with stiff and unyielding fingers and also the back of your hand.

Clutch my breasts and maul them while you thrust into me from below. See how my pussy stretches to accommodate your thick penis? Feel the wetness skating down the sides of your shaft and coating your balls? Lift me by the hips and launch yourself at me. Let me squeeze your cock with the muscles of my cunt. Pinch my clitoris.

Take me from behind. Pull my hair as hard as you can. Tug it by the roots. Set your teeth into my neck. Leave bite marks over my back and shoulders. Grab my bouncing tits and haul me backward. Use your strength to impale my pussy onto your prick. Slam your cock into me. Now do it harder. I want to hear the balls smacking against my buttocks. Rub my clit diligently and aggressively. Keep going. Fuck me through my many orgasms.

Sodomize me. Take my ass. Hammer your erection into my bowels. Stick your fingers in my cunt and feel yourself moving inside my anus. Pull me back by the hips and thighs. Batter me with that cock. Split me in half with your long, thick penis. Let me know how strong and powerful you are. I want to be small and submissive under you.

Come in my mouth. Come on my body. Come in my cunt and my anus. I am three holes for your pleasure. Use me. Be strict with me. Call me the vilest names. Leave bruises behind.

I want a man with phenomenal stamina for a one night stand, a dominant lover who knows how to take charge of an uninhibited, dirty slut like me. You should be muscular and fit. Kinky is good. Intelligence is a definite plus. Condoms are mandatory for vaginal and anal penetration. Be prepared to come several times while we fuck the night away. You will host in Zones 1 or 2.

Please send a picture of your face and your body in your reply. I don’t need to see your hardware.