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Truth September 9, 2010

Posted by Leah in Gallimaufry.

A reader asks: is your blog a Fiction-cum-Story or Partial Fiction/Partial Truth or Fully True?

I am not writing as a journalist or a historian or a scientist. My obligation isn’t to the truth. My intention is to tell a sexy story based on stuff that happened. I tend to write about the positive aspects of an encounter rather than the negative ones. It’s more fun to remember the bits that worked. There are omissions. Occasionally, I will reorder incidents where it serves a narrative purpose. I may also alter certain details to shade the identities of my lovers and to preserve my own anonymity. Memory is notoriously fallible. I am not taking notes while I am having sex. I am not thinking about how I will blog about it later. I am in the moment, feeling it. I am collaborating in the acquisition and the expression of pleasure. I don’t always know whether I licked my partner’s balls before or after I throated his cock. The perception of time has a tendency to misshape during periods of intense sensation. Did he fuck me from behind for five minutes or ten minutes before we changed positions? How many orgasms did I have while she tongued my pussy? I didn’t count; I was too busy writhing. I only have guesses. The account I give is a reconstruction of events.

It’s not strictly the truth. But I can’t make it more true while still remaining faithful to the stories I want to tell and the sex I want to have.

While I am bleeding below, I will entertain other questions. Add a comment or send an e-mail.


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