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I chose poorly September 5, 2010

Posted by Leah in Fucking, Random hookups.

I went to a party last night and went home with the minute man. We were naked and making out. I put a condom on his cock, and he entered my cunt from above. Almost as soon as he was in me, his balls had emptied. He rolled over and fell asleep after that.

Generally, it takes me at least ten minutes to come from a steady, deep fucking. Some guys don’t last that long before they spew. That’s ok. Not everyone has got tremendous stamina. Inventiveness, humor, playfulness, pussy licking skills, human warmth — these all make up for the lack of endurance, or for that matter, endowment. But when there’s nothing positive to counterbalance the negatives, it makes for one hell of a miserable experience. Masturbation is more satisfying than an irredeemable fuck. So is doing the laundry.

The tube had stopped running, and I didn’t know the bus routes, so I spent the night at the guy’s place. Wouldn’t you know? He also snored.