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Arjun July 31, 2010

Posted by Leah in Fucking, Random hookups.

Yesterday evening, after a productive day, I went for drinks with Arjun, a graduate student in the department with whom I have been chatting. He is a serious guy, so there’s not much flirtation per se, but we are friendly, and he has helped me navigate my way through several logistical issues during my first month here. He is significantly more voluble once he has had a few beers, so it was a fun night out. We had dinner at a small Lebanese restaurant, then went for several more drinks, and finally wound up at his place, where we watched a superhero movie with a couple of his roommates.

Afterwards, predictably, we went to bed. It was around 3 am when our clothes came off. The sex isn’t anything to blog about. He warned me beforehand that he doesn’t have much experience. “Shhh,” I told him. “It’s ok. Kiss me.” His body was tense. I ran my hands over his chest and stroked his cock to relax him. We fucked twice, missionary each time. He came. I didn’t.

I come from being fucked vaginally and anally. I come from being eaten and fingered. I can come from enough breast play. I have come from being spanked. But I don’t always come. I didn’t here or here, for example. Usually, I can force myself to orgasm in less than ten minutes by fucking a dildo or playing a vibrator against my clit. Sometimes I do this when I Skype with the boyfriend. Sometimes I do it while I watch porn on the laptop. Sometimes I just diddle myself in the shower under the water stream. In the middle of my cycle, when the heat burns me, I climax in around ten minutes under a steady, deep penetration by a cock. At other times of the month, it may take slightly longer. Typically, I will need direct clitoral or vaginal stimulation to climb the peak. Often, cunnilingus is the quickest, surest way. Sometimes the first orgasm is huge. Sometimes it is small. It depends on my level of arousal and the circumstances, whether I hold it back or let myself go. After getting past the initial barrier, subsequent orgasms flow more smoothly from my cunt. Partners say I hit double digits easily. In a prolonged session, I will run out of fingers and toes. I have never counted how high I can go. I have fountained, but this happens infrequently, during periods of extreme day-to-day stress, when the sex is a much needed release, or when my gratification is deferred — with, say, orgasm denial during D/s play.

An orgasm isn’t necessary for me to have a good time, but, of course, it’s always nice to achieve. I enjoyed being with Arjun. I am glad I could give him his orgasms. I was happy when we spooned after sex. I fell asleep with my breasts pressed against his back and my arm draped over him. We are friends. Sex may or may not repeat, and I was honest with him about that in the morning. I do like him, so I hope this doesn’t become awkward.