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The not quite freshman July 28, 2010

Posted by Leah in Fucking, Random hookups.

I picked him up, or he picked me up, I am not sure which. He is an American, Rich from San Diego, fresh out of high school, all of 18, looking forward to college, backpacking his way through Europe first. The two of us spent the evening talking about bad movies and drinking, which is legal for him in this country. As he made his bed in an upper bunk at a youth hostel, we stumbled to my apartment when the pub closed up.

He sprawled on my bed and brought me over him. Pushing the penis down flat so that the head pointed to his belly, I rubbed my pussy along the long and slender shaft. One pair of lips kissed his throat and shoulders while the other kissed his cock. I enjoyed the contact at both places. My slit leaked onto him. Sticky fluids escaped my cunt, wetting his underside, spilling onto his balls. He held my breasts, one in each hand. Sitting up partway, he nursed and tongued the nipples. My fingers combed his hair. I clasped his head to my chest and let him suck.

Biting the wrapper open, I extracted a condom and drew it over the cock, then reached between my legs and placed him inside. The penis filled me. My jaw dropped open. My head rolled back. I closed my eyes and groaned.

Straightening, I lowered my cunt to the lip of his scrotum, stretched my legs apart, and squeezed his cock, which was snug within me. And then we were moving. He thrust up, buttocks launching from the mattress, and I pumped him with my thighs, using gravity to spear myself on the way down. My pelvis did a grind when his whole length was implanted. We were most of the way drunk and not much in sync with each other: the cock kept slipping out and needing to be replaced. But it was good.

He came, hissing his pleasure. His arms wrapped my back and folded me over his torso as he released. I constricted my muscles about his twitching. My kisses left hickeys on his collar.