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Into the night July 24, 2010

Posted by Leah in Fucking, Repeated hookups.

After a Proms concert and dinner, Frank and I retreated to his brother’s place, which is a very nice pad in Islington. Frank is housesitting for the week while the brother, who does something financial in the City, is on vacation. Four data points are enough to establish a trend. We had another outstanding hookup. The sex can only improve as familiarity establishes a greater adeptness at exciting each other’s bodies. We have the rest of the summer for play.

The best was when we fucked outside the window. It is a sixth floor apartment. The window in the guest bedroom opens onto a three foot ledge that is ringed by a wall that rises to my breasts.

Around two-thirty in the morning, after we had been messing around for several hours already, we hoisted ourselves into the open for a breath of air. We stood there talking, naked and swigging bottles of beer. When I opened his, I took the neck and rubbed it against my pussy lips before handing it to him to improve the taste. I pressed the glass of my own bottle, wet with condensation, into my cleavage. I toyed with the nipples in the cool air, pulling and pinching, making them hard as pebbles. Frank watched me touch myself. He pushed me against the wall at intervals, and we kissed. He stuck his finger in my pussy and sucked my juices from it. My clit yearned for contact — she wanted to be petted, too. I snaked a hand between my thighs and rubbed vigorously outside. Frank squatted in front and watched me play with myself up close. His hands spidered up my smooth skin, and he added kisses of his own to the insides of my thighs. Inevitably, the desire to fuck hit us both. Frank went back inside and retrieved a condom. Bending at the waist, I sucked him to hardness and slipped the rubber over his shaft. Face to face, we traded deep kisses. Frank rolled my breasts with his hand while I stroked his cock. I liked the taste of lager on the lips and tongue.

I clutched his forearm and brought his grip up from the tits to my throat. Frank kissed the side of my face, the cheeks and below the ear, while I twisted my head in the clutch of his hand, hoping that the strong fingers would tighten their hold. “Turn around. I want to fuck you,” he whispered, nipping my earlobe. His tongue jostled the earring. Though I wished for more, I liked that he was asserting himself with me.

Legs opened in a wide stance, I used my arms to push my weight off the wall, hunched my back, and thrust my ass out to him. Frank placed his hands on my buttocks and sunk his cock into my cunt. The lips parted and the muscles stretched to accommodate his entry. I moaned at the friction at the walls of my vagina as the cock rasped its way inside. The deliberately slow act of penetration caused me to whimper. After all, it must have been a full forty minutes since I last had Frank’s cock in me.

Resisting the temptation to bring my body back, I resolved to let my lover control the cadence of this fuck. I merely straightened my legs and groaned each time the cock slid deliciously into me and whined whenever he withdrew his gift, however momentarily. Glancing over the wall, I looked at the parade of buildings across the street and noticed how sparse the lights in the windows were at this late hour. In this neighborhood, few cars populated the roads. From the distance, there was the sound of voices, a siren song, laughter. The coolness of the air made me shudder while he fucked me with calculated care and slowness.

He couldn’t go slowly forever. Frank’s movements ramped up in their velocity. Instead of dragging the cock past the pussy lips, he pounded himself into me. Lifting a thigh up and flat against the wall to improve the angle of his entry, I held on to the bricks at the top of the parapet. He tugged on my hair and hauled my body backward onto him. My feet shuffled on the landing. I gasped loudly into the night and clenched my muscles. “Oh, shit!” I said. “Oh, fuck.” My fingers blurred on my clit. My breasts bounced as his penis slammed me. I was conscious of the necklace swinging and slapping below my collar. He made me sweat, and the perspiration cooled my skin and set the muscles in my shoulders to shivering. It was all heat and wetness inside though. When he hit a particularly sensitive spot, it brought me to swearing again. “Fuck me,” I implored, drawing the last syllable out.

Frank came first. His erection didn’t subside, so he continued after his orgasm. I panted heavily and closed my eyes and diddled my clit as the shaft sawed steadily in and out. More than the cock, the fingers made me come. I exploded shrieking my ecstasy to the clouds above. Frank insisted on tonguing my pussy clean.


1. Z - December 4, 2010

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !

Yet another vivid image of a very hot encounter. Can’t stop reading your blog – you’ve had me rigid all afternoon.
Please keep writing!

Leah - December 4, 2010

Thanks for the kind words. I hope you found a way to take care of that rigidity.

Z - December 5, 2010

Have plans tonight for my lovely bride of 28 years, very much along the lines of “Boyfriend, Day 2″…

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