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Alternatives to Craigslist? July 21, 2010

Posted by Leah in Craigslust.

I posted the following ad thrice this week.

NSA fun – w4m

You are an interesting guy. You live an interesting life. You have interesting friends. You crave interesting sex.

I am an interesting girl. I live an interesting life. I have interesting friends. I crave interesting sex.

We should totally get together!

I am looking for a one night stand only. You and I are both drug and disease free. We use condoms. Kink is negotiable. I am not a prostitute.

Race, age, nationality are not factors in my decision. Good looks are important to me — so send a pic. A good brain is even more important — show me that you have one. Make an intriguing proposition. I might say yes. Do not send me a picture of your cock. I don’t need to see it before we’re naked together. I prefer if you can host in Zones 1 or 2.

Admittedly, it is not the greatest ad in the world, but still serviceable. It has led to a couple of conversations, but didn’t garner nearly as many responses as I would like. The w4m ads on the casual encounters board in London are flagged almost instantly. Do any readers know alternatives to Craigslist in the UK? If so, please send word.



1. Rhayader27510 - July 21, 2010

Just curious: when you say “drug free”, what exactly do you mean? It’s clear from your posts that alcohol is exempted. What about something like cannabis or other mild psychedelics? Is the “drug free” thing more of a health concern — an understandable desire to avoid IV drug users and the associated risk of disease — or a moral requirement?

I’m just wondering because it’s something you see quite often in personal ads, and I have a hard time believing there are so many people who have a problem with a guy who likes a joint here and there.

2. Leah - July 22, 2010

I am no moralist. Immoralist is more like. By “drug free” I mean a system that’s clean of the harder drugs. You correctly guess that this is a health precaution. If you have a joint on occasion, I am cool with that. (I won’t be joining you for one though.)

3. Rhayader - July 22, 2010

Fair enough; I didn’t figure you for the moralizing type after reading your posts. I like my ganja and I’ve taken a handful of shroom trips, but that’s it for me. No powders, needles, pills, or the like for this guy.

Anyway, thanks for the reply!

4. Leah - July 23, 2010

On reflection, I should get rid of the “drug free” bit in future ads. I don’t imagine the admonition deters heroin and coke users from contacting me. Unless it happens in front of me or the guy cops to it, there’s no way for me to know.

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