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How the night unfolds July 10, 2010

Posted by Leah in Bondage, Craigslust, Cunnilingus, D/s, Fellatio, Fucking, Masturbation, Spanking.

1. After drinks and flirtatious conversation at his local pub, he persuades me back to his place. It doesn’t take much effort to convince me: I am an easy lay. On the way to his building, he stops to kiss me against the facade of HSBC bank. It is a warm night, but the stone is cool to the touch. I lift a leg to improve his access below while his tongue becomes familiar in my mouth. He turns me, arms wrapping my waist and hands climbing. He lifts my top and manhandles my breasts through the bra. He murmurs filthy words in my ear. I am wet. I slant my ass at the erection in his pants.

2. Once the apartment door closes, he leads me to his bedroom and directs me to undress and kneel. He sheds his clothes briskly and makes a circuit of me, inspecting my body from all sides, considering the possibilities that are available to him. I keep my hands on my thighs, palms facing down, and straighten my back so that my chest juts out. My head is canted floorward. I sit on my heels and point my gaze submissively at the patterned rug. The man brings my arms above my head and tells me to steeple the fingers together. I lift them in prayer, in supplication, in grace. He wraps his belt around my forearms. Extracting a slender blue vibrator from a box at his bedside, he sets it to buzzing in my cunt and has me fellate him. The man is a foot taller when I stand on my toes. He simply towers over me now. With his penis in my lips, he scratches my head as though I am a dog. I moan around the cock at the praise I am given. I make my eyes wide, take a long blink, and cast my glance up at him while I work. Fingers clutch his shaft, creating friction at the base as I wash the crown with my tongue. The vibrator falls out as I bob my head over him. Though I would have happily continued awhile, he doesn’t let me suck him long.

3. He has me lie on the bed with my legs in the air and tells me to masturbate myself with a rubber dildo. The toy is an unrealistic black color with a thick scrotum at the base. I work it into my cunt and stab it in and out by the balls. He sits on the bed and observes, first to my side and then from below. He drags me upright by the hair and tells me to squat myself over the dildo and bounce. I fuck the false cock with the muscles in my legs. The man places his head between my wide open thighs and tells me that he likes the way my pussy looks with the lips stretched around the dildo.

4. He removes the belt from my arms and threads it around my throat. He has me suck him again. This time, he wants my head dangling from the bed. The blood rushes to my face. His hands maul my tits while I stick out my lower lip and take the glans inside. He rocks his hips and gives me more of the cock. His grip on the sides of my face tilts my chin in the direction he prefers. He thrusts his pelvis at me and forces himself deeper. The crown muscles into my throat. He holds position and presses down harder, angling my head up so he can get himself embedded fully. His balls press against my lips and nose. The breath comes to me in heavy gasps when he withdraws the shaft partway. He hammers me with the penis, using my throat for a cunt. Saliva sheets over my face. Most of his cock is in my mouth the whole time he skull fucks me. The glans jabs in and out of my throat. My lips are heavy and swollen when he ceases.

5. He watches me pee.

6. I sit on the bathroom sink and wrap a condom over his penis. He stands between my legs and penetrates me. Anchoring one leg to the floor, I push off the counter with the other. I fuck him in the near darkness of the room. The toiletries on the shelf behind me clatter to the floor. He kisses me while he fucks me. He stops himself before he comes and eats me to an orgasm. His tongue licks spirals around my clit. He whisks his goatee over my pubis. The bristles are coarse on the smooth skin. He presses his chin down on my labia and uses his facial hair as a brush on my cunt. It’s prickly. I like the circular movements he makes when he digs down. He clamps down on the clit and sucks. I lick my juices from his face afterwards.

7. In the bedroom, he asks me to do something dirty for him — my choice, anything at all. I urge him onto the bed supine and clamber on top, knees straddling his waist. I lift his left arm up and tongue the armpit. The odor is strong. It fills my nose. I shrug it off and deposit kisses along his underarm. I lap where the muscles bend. I repeat on the other side, nosing into the hair, licking wetly. He tells me no one has done such a thing for him before, not his ex-wife or any other woman. I smile.

8. Pulling me by the lead, he drags me from the bed, makes me stand in the center of his bedroom, and instructs me to brace my neck with my hands and stretch my shoulders apart. Again he opens the toy box, this time extracting a leather cat-o’-nine-tails. Pulling the belt around so that it falls down my back and hangs between my buttocks like a tail, he proceeds to whip my breasts. The first blow takes me by surprise. The impact of the leather smarts upon my skin. I cry out involuntarily. Successive blows are timed about two seconds apart. I count them silently as I flinch. My breasts wobble in response to the whip. By the twentieth hit, I am whimpering in pain. By the fortieth, I am conscious of my tears. He swings the whip harder and harder at the end, stopping at seventy-six. I look down at myself once he has finished. My skin is flushed red. There are stripes above and below my tits, where the falls of the whip have fallen. The nerve endings sing. My body aches.

9. He fucks me after that. This is simple missionary sex. He is on top pounding away while I am beneath him, writhing. My hands clutch at his shoulders. I moan. I wail. My head rocks from side to side. There is no finesse here, but neither of us need it. We are animals rutting. Fingers clutch at my throat, their grip tightening on my windpipe when he comes. I orgasm twice. The first time is explosive. It has me shrieking. The second time is softer. It radiates from my cunt in waves and resonates deep in my bones. Coupled with how he shudders inside me, the sex leaves me euphoric.

10. After he extracts himself from my pussy, he pulls the condom off and turns it inside out. He smears the semen over his palm and offers it to me. I bring my head down obediently and lick it up. The condom may have been lubricated on the inside. The semen has an unpleasant taste. I swallow quickly. I know he won’t come for me again. The man is in his late forties. He told me earlier that he can generally orgasm only once in a night. This is why he has been careful till the end. The underground, I know, is still running. I reach for my clothes. The man helps me dress. I go down on my knees and thank him for the evening with my lips encasing his penis. I stroke his balls. Hauling myself to my feet, I leave kisses on his chest and collar. He embraces me. The grip of his fingers is strong in my hair during our last kisses. It is time for me to go.