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Kafka on the shore July 6, 2010

Posted by Leah in Cunnilingus, Fellatio, Fucking, Random hookups.

I had intended to spend the day at the library. Instead, I have barely left my bed. I didn’t dress so that I was presentable till the late afternoon, and I expect the clothes are off again before long.

Last night, at a pub near the university, I picked up a young man, who I brought home with me. It was the first sex I have had in my own bed since moving to London.

I was impressed that the boy was sitting on the terrace with Kafka and a tall pint glass of beer, so I struck up a conversation. He is a faculty brat like me and an undergraduate at Magdalen College. To my ears, the name sounds maudlin, but it seems a cheery enough place. I know one of the senior fellows of his college by reputation. We compared educational experiences in the US and the UK. Mine are in Chicago and Boston, American cities that are dirty and modern and alive, while his university is somnolent, steeped in traditions that stretch back centuries. His college was founded before Europeans had landed on my continent. He knows pubs where the victory at Agincourt was once the latest news from across the water. Colleges, however, and college students in particular are the same everywhere, and given to the pursuits of education, libation, and fornication. We entertained each other with stories over drink and pub food before I invited him home.

I took advantage of the energy and enthusiasm of someone even younger than me and exceedingly fit. (The muscles are from rowing, he said.) I lost count of the number of times we fucked. Exhausted from the labor of sex, we finally fell asleep around five in the morning. My poor flatmate, who leaves for work at eight, must have been awake almost the whole night listening to us. I couldn’t help but be loud, orgasming as I did. The two of us woke around ten, and immediately proceeded to fuck. After that, after he had visited the toilet and emptied his morning bladder, he started gathering his clothes from the floor. I wanted to nap and cuddle myself against the warmth of his gloriously male, wondrously naked body, so I persuaded him to stay. We fucked again before eating lunch, raided the fridge for leftover takeaway, and then, since the apartment was empty, had more sex on the sofa.

Chopsticks have their utility in fellatio and cunnilingus. Because he was a dexterous hand, I asked him to use them on me. I especially liked when he tugged on my pussy lips and squeezed them with the hard plastic and licked me over the labial folds. My clitoris was sensitive to being touched and held after so much fucking, but I asked him to do it anyway. I wanted the pain and the pleasure. I wanted him to bring the pearl to prominence. I told him to bite down on the clit hard, because it hurt, because when his fingers were inside just so, pressing against the nerves from behind, and when his teeth sunk in the flesh outside, the burst of stimulation, both tender and savage, made me come explosively. He only did it the one time. Sweet boy, he was squeamish at my pain, though I wanted it and begged for it.

For my part, I had him lie on his back with his legs in the air. I ran the chopsticks down and up the shaft and pointed the cock while I sucked. I lifted the foreskin with the pincers and manipulated the balls and stooped to kiss and lick them with the broad flat of my tongue. He didn’t come in my mouth, so I have no idea how his ejaculate tastes.

We dozed the afternoon away in a confusion of limbs, reviving sporadically to fuck some more. The sex was all vaginal. I rode and was ridden. I was taken front and back and side to side and knelt over his cock while he sat on the bed supported by fluffy pillows. At this point, he has but thimblefuls of semen to give, but his cock continues to pound away at me unceasingly. He left for a few hours to get a change of clothes and promised to return with Indian food and booze. A one night stand is going to turn into a two night stand. That’s ok: my supply of condoms will last and sex beats sleep.


1. Leah - July 7, 2010

Update: This morning, after a day and two nights of sex, I am sore and elated. The boy and I exchanged phone numbers. He may make a return appearance. But not today and not tonight. I need to work.

2. Holden - July 11, 2010

you have a great ability to tell hot and sexy stories, I love reading, keep them coming!

3. Leah - July 12, 2010

Thanks for the kind words, Holden.

4. Luis Van der Veen - July 12, 2010

It’s not often that you find someone that vigorous as you are and as accepting of sex, it’s wonderful to read you and it just makes me go and explore things on my own.

Leah - July 13, 2010

Sex is fun! I hope you will tell me about some of those things you’re exploring, especially when it isn’t entirely on your own.

5. J.A. - July 14, 2010

Hmm, mental note about the chopsticks…..

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